Interview with Chef Enrico Bartolini

Chef Enrico Bartolini. In the world of cooking is constantly growing and in Italy more and more chefs have conquered the palates of the Michelin Guide critics. Precisely for this reason, today we are pleased to share with you the interview that the multi-starred chef Enrico Bartolini has released to us.

For centuries, Italy has been a land of pizza and pasta. Yet in recent years it seems that even these humble foods have been transformed into something new by exciting chefs across the country for their creativity with flavors, while still making them Italian enough to satisfy any palate!

Chef Enrico Bartolini

The Michelin Guide is a series of rankings that help respectable restaurant owners and chefs identify which restaurants should be featured in their menus. To create this list, inspectors examine various aspects such as food quality and service; they also take note if there has been any mention or publicity about the activity in question – good or bad!

How to get Michelin stars?

Becoming a successful chef is not an easy task. However, with a little hard work and determination you can do it! There are many factors that contribute to being accepted in this competitive industry such as: having a good look or charm; wearing stylish clothes that show your figure well (don’t forget heels!), invest money in fashion tips how to own multiple outfits for every occasion; have confidence in yourself while cooking so that customers feel intimidated by you – especially themselves are famous! You’ll want to introduce yourself soon, before any other chef, because everyone will see who gets served first.

Chef Enrico Bartolini

Chef Enrico Bartolini

Where did your passion for cooking come from?
I started as a child. I was passionate about many things, especially the craft ones. I always attended the kitchen constantly and today I feel like a real fan.

What was your professional path?

Chef Enrico Bartolini
After hotel school, the first internship in London. Later I stayed in Paris for a few years. In Italy I worked closely with Massimiliano Alajmo. Finally, I opened Le Robinie. Star in 2009, then Devero two stars in 2013 e. from 2016 the current news.

You have received several Michelin Stars. What is appreciated most about your work to be so successful?
Success equals the pleasure guests have at the table. We must find the balance between our proposal and the cultural typology of the clientele. Generosity and capacity for expression require an extraordinary sensitivity that an entire team must express.

You have several restaurants, both in Italy and abroad. Will there be other new openings in the future?

Chef Enrico Bartolini
In the future, we must first improve the restaurants we have already been opened, and then there will undoubtedly be new opportunities that will be conducted if we have the right people around at the right time.

What feelings do you feel in receiving so many awards?

Chef Enrico Bartolini
It is a great emotion. The awards are needed to have authoritative confirmations on the work, after which, they must be confirmed every day continuing to seek the upgrade of their abilities.

In terms of technology and restaurant management, in your opinion, what can not miss?

Chef Enrico Bartolini
A restaurant is made up of many details, nothing can be missing. The funny thing is that sometimes the restaurants that miss something are the biggest hit.

Enrico Bartolini, born in 1979, reaches four Michelin Stars over the same year. It boasts 5 restaurants in Italy and 2 in the world. The most important is the MUDEC Restaurant, located on the third floor of the Museo delle Culture in Milan.

A curriculum of all success in his path and we do nothing but wish him much more and we thank him warmly for giving us the opportunity to be able to exchange a few words.

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