Restaurant : what are the future trends?

Future trends. The restaurant is undoubtedly one of the working sectors that works best in Italy and the motivations are simple enough to understand. In our country, first of all there is a great interest around food as our cuisine is one of the most famous and appreciated in the world and has a great history and tradition behind it.

future trends

Future trends

Even the many television broadcasts focused on the kitchen like Masterchef, have contributed to accentuate the interest in a world so different and so fascinating.

Furthermore, another aspect must not be neglected, namely that of conviviality. For many people, therefore, eating together becomes an opportunity to establish new relationships or to cultivate friendships. But food can sometimes also be an opportunity to start new and profitable professional collaborations, taking advantage of the climate of harmony and friendship that is created among people in front of a tasty dish.

According to some statistics, Italy is one of the countries in Europe where we eat more away from home for many different reasons. For example, especially in the South, it is a well-established tradition to organize family gatherings to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions, eating out in places such as agritourisms, trattorias or restaurants that are characteristic of the place.

Future trends

Restaurant is therefore one of the sectors in which entrepreneurs are more motivated to invest, despite the economic crisis and the tax conditions that, as we know, in our country are not favorable and that usually have the power to discourage anyone who wants to get in touch discussion as a freelancer.

In this article we are going to discover together what are the future trends in the field of Restaurants a topic that is of great interest both for those who love cooking and for those who have the dream of setting up their own business and want to understand what to point from the point of view of marketing.

Catering: the spread of street food

Future trends

In the last 5 10 years a trend that is spreading like an oil stain is definitely linked to the street food that has  main characteristics: the speed with which you cook food and the fact that you consume in the street.

The foods are varied and range from tortillas, sandwiches, chips or even international stuff and this formula like about 30 million Italians because you can eat while you are walking with family or friends and at reasonable prices. It also gives the opportunity to know foods related to the place where you live or a place where you are on vacation.

Future trends

Every year more and more shows dedicated to street food are organized and for this reason the most popular products are usually local ones to the detriment of food coming from abroad. But sometimes unfortunately the quality of food is very low and that’s why we often talk about junk food.

What is certain is that from the point of view of the business, it is a market that is increasingly gaining ground in our country and demonstration of this was born in 2008 the Italian Street Food Association, which has the function to bring together the best of craftsmanship of taste in Italy and training and information around the theme of street food and its traditions.

Future trends

In 2012, thanks to the publishing house specialized in Lonely Planet travels, the first guide to the best street food in the world was born and the year after an Italian version was also released by Gambero Rosso, which soon became an App.

Finally, it is good to emphasize that for those who have a traditional activity, street food can represent a winning promotional idea, to be proposed perhaps during some important event or city review.

Fashion and the diffusion of vegan and vegetarian cuisine

According to the Eurispes data this year about 8 percent of Italians have chosen not to eat more meat and to embrace the vegetarian diet and between these more or less 1/3 has then moved on to the vegan cuisine and then in addition to giving up meat and fish, does not consume meat derivatives.

The increase in this phenomenon has various reasons ranging from the ethical factor to the food, both important for those who make a choice that is not easy. All this has obviously also affected those who work in the catering sector, as they had to adapt to a request for dishes different from those that are typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

The change has been slow and has caused some practical problems for vegetarians and vegans, who have often found themselves in situations of discomfort, when they could have dinner with friends or family and could not find the food suitable for their food journey.

Things are significantly changing and a virtuous circle has been created that has led in recent years to an ever-increasing presence of premises dedicated to vegans throughout Italy: shops, trattorias, bars dedicated to smoothies and extracts, but also gourmet restaurants and haute cuisine.

But now also many local vegans that do not have a vegan or vegetarian offer some vegan dishes and have a part of their menu dedicated to alternative cuisine, to the delight of some chefs who can get crazy in experimenting with new things.

The weight of oriental cuisine in catering

Future trends

In Italy we have the great fortune to have one of the best kitchens in the world and one of the most envied by many European countries. In fact, dishes such as pasta or pizza are loved everywhere and many Italian entrepreneurs have over the years positively invested abroad opening up Italian restaurants and bars, which are frequented by both Italians and locals.

A nice thing about Italian cuisine is that it is very varied and different, depending on the region where it is located. But to the great defect of our country, until a few years ago, was to be very closed towards of oriental food.

Future trends

Things have luckily changed and more and more people are passionate about the oriental cuisine that is very varied, tasty and refined. As a consequence of this, many Japanese, Chinese and Thai restaurants were born, but above all, many sushi bars were born more or less throughout Italy.

Some of these rooms offer lower quality products and formulas such as the famous all you can eat that allows you to eat little and focusing on quantity, while other oriental and ethnic restaurants are definitely more expensive but at the same time more varied and refined .


Future trends

The trend of restaurants in the coming years, as we have seen in this article, will move in two directions: on the one hand there will be a continuous re-evaluation of the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine, which has been part of our culinary culture for many years and can not be abandoned, but it needs to continually renew itself.

But on the other hand it will be important to open up to new worlds, such as that of oriental and ethnic cuisine and vegan and vegetarian dishes, with a view to integrating two very different traditions, but which can find points of contact and offer alternatives to those who love to change and experiment continuously.

Moreover, many entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to invest and obtain good results both from the point of view of credibility and of the business.

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