Top 10 restaurants in Sardinia

Restaurants in Sardinia. The typical Sardinian cuisine is divided between marine cuisine and pastoral and peasant cuisine. This division is due to its territory characterized by coastal areas and mountainous areas. There are many typical products, among which we find cheeses, fish, wines and desserts.

Among the most important cheeses are the “Callu de crabittu”, a product that is made starting from the residues of the last breast milk, which are closed directly in the fourth stomach of the kid, so do it before curd and then season . It is a very rare preparation, which still makes only a few shepherds. The most particular cheese of Sardinia is the “Casu muchidu”, that is cheese with worms. A peculiarity that is due to the cheese fly, which lays the eggs inside the form, leaving the larvae. These feed on cheese and change its flavor. Impossible not to know the “Pecorino sardo”, one of the most famous cheeses, made with pasteurized Sardinian sheep’s milk, rennet, salt and lactic ferments.

Restaurants in Sardinia

Among the first courses of the Sardinian tradition there are the “Malloreddus”, a type of gnocchetti flavored with tomato, spinach and saffron; they are seasoned with a full-bodied sausage sauce or with cheese. The Fregola is produced by “rolling” the durum wheat semolina inside a large earthenware basin: this way you make balls between 2 and 6 millimeters which are then roasted in the oven. It is a very versatile product: it can be eaten in a dry version, seasoned with tomato sauce and basil, or in broth, usually prepared with clams and cooked in a fish sauce.

The second dishes, however, are characterized by the presence of meat. The most popular dish is the Porceddu (pork), cooked on the grill. Usually it is preferred to use a milk pig. Myrtle and rosemary are often used to flavor the pig and are served with roast potatoes or other vegetables. The Boar is an alternative to roast suckling pig. Wine is often used to cook it.

As for desserts, we find the Seada, prepared with a form of cheese typical of the inland areas of Sardinia. The real Seadas are prepared with a lard based pastry and an acid cheese filling; they are cut into discs and then fried in boiling oil. After cooking, they should be served with honey, or with granulated sugar, according to taste. Other Sardinian sweets are the Pardules, that is to say pasta dough filled with ricotta cheese, orange peel, saffron and sometimes raisins, Sardinian zeppole, Amaretti, Gueffus and Candelaus.

To taste all the delights mentioned above, here are the 10 best restaurants in Sardinia.

Restaurants in Sardinia

Restaurants in Sardinia

Restaurants in Sardinia

Su Carduleu – Abbasanta (Oristano) – At the head of the kitchen we find Roberto Serra, who enhances, revisiting the local cuisine. Attention in cooking meat is another salient feature in the Serra kitchen. From the cooked loin at low temperature, to the plate that enhances the quail, passing through the marinade.

The Locanda Dei Buoni E Cattivi of Cagliari – The cuisine is a journey through the taste of fresh and genuine products, of the land and the sea. They use fruit and vegetables from farmers. Every day, home-made bread and pasta are made with durum wheat flour made from stone mill and wooden sieves.

Su Tzilleri And Su Doge of Cagliari – trattoria and family tavern that offers typical Sardinian cuisine, characterized by a careful study of the ancient Sardinian recipes, prepared according to the original methods. The protagonists of the dishes are the fine, fresh, seasonal ingredients from small Sardinian agro-pastoral producers who boast the excellence of their Sardinian products with a unique and genuine flavor.

Restaurants in Sardinia

Santa Rughe – Gavoi (Nuoro) – the ingredients are sought in the wild territory of Barbagia, the heart of Sardinia, and in the surrounding area. The dish is always the result of a strong culinary passion and the excellent quality of the raw material. The menu follows both the season and the availability of fresh and genuine ingredients. There are some strong and always appreciated dishes such as ravioli with wild boar ragout with delicate gnocchetti with fresh ricotta, saffron and mint. There is no shortage of typical dishes such as s’erbuzu, a variety of wild herbs typical of gaviese and barbaricina cuisine.

Restaurants in Sardinia

Su Recreu – Ittiri (Sassari) – The cuisine has its roots in the Sardinian tradition and in the recipes of the local area and of Logudoro, embracing innovation and creativity, thanks to which new dishes are always proposed

Il Portico di Nuoro – The specialty is to turn every meal into an experience of rediscovering taste. The flagship are the ingredients, which are always strictly fresh and seasonal.

Il Rifugio di Nuoro – An authentic cooking workshop between art, passion, study and research that has always been celebrated among connoisseurs. The exquisite hospitality, combined with the highest gastronomic professionalism, in addition to the genuineness of the products used and the skillful presentation are the only ingredients.

Restaurants in Sardinia

Antica Dimora Del Gruccione – Santu Lussurgiu (Oristano) – The restaurant is prepared exclusively with the quality products of Montiferru and on a selection of the best regional PDO / DOCG products.

Sas Benas – Santu Lussurgiu (Oristano) – is a village full of typical products of excellence, a symptom of a strong link with tradition. The secret lies in the rich pastures, in the presence of rare plant species and communities and in the abundance of water.

S’Apposentu at Casa Puddu – Siddi (VS) – is a laboratory of experience and dedication to the great kitchen. The flavors are transformed into new creations and it is understood that the elegance of the kitchen comes from authenticity.

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