Top 10 restaurants in Liguria

restaurants in liguria

Restaurants in Liguria. The Ligurian cuisine is inspired by its recipes from the Mediterranean diet, consisting to the combination of seafood and products of the earth, but simple dishes are enhanced by the use of the many aromatic herbs that grow spontaneously throughout the territory, typical of the Mediterranean . Among the local products that have  great value there is olive oil, base and seasoning of the main dishes of the Ligurian gastronomy.

Restaurants in Liguria

The gastronomy of Liguria is characterized by the   wild herbs of the area (marjoram, sage, rosemary, laurel, thyme etc.) and the products of the home garden (onions, potatoes, basil, aubergines, etc.), the first fruits of the crops and of the woods (basil, ox heart tomatoes, courgette trumpets, asparagus and Albanian artichokes, mushrooms, truffles from Valbormida, fresh fruit and dried fruit), olive oil, farinaceous products (focaccia, farinata, savory pies, etc.) ), the wide range of dry and fresh pasta, the catch of the sea (anchovies, shrimps, octopus, octopus, cuttlefish, muscles, mullet, etc.) and game (given the high woodiness).

Restaurants in Liguria

Vegetables used in Ligurian cuisine are very popular, as in the Torta Pasqualina, a savory pie filled with many vegetables mixed with eggs, marjoram and cheese. The most famous olives are the Taggiasche, brown, very used to flavor fish dishes and white meats like the “Ligurian Rabbit”. Pesto is definitely the symbol of Ligurian cuisine and is prepared with the stone mortar and pestle, a tool used to grind the basil with the garlic and Sardinian pecorino cheese, crushing everything until a very thick cream is obtained which finally softens with olive oil.

For a snack or aperitif are often used, the farinata made with chickpea flour, water, salt and oil and cooked in the iron pan called “tian” in the stone oven and the Genoese focaccia, made with a common dough to which is added the oil. Panissa is a chickpea porridge without oil that is boiled and, once solid, cut into cubes and seasoned with oil, lemon and pepper.

Restaurants in Liguria

Among the typical sweets of Liguria we find the Canestrelli, the Lagaccio biscuits, the Castagnaccio, the amaretti di Sassello, the baci di Alassio, similar to the baci di dama, the Genovese Pandolce rich in raisins, pine nuts and candied fruit. Canestrelli biscuits are very brittle in the shape of a daisy with a hole in the center and sprinkled with powdered sugar, made with a lot of butter, flour and sugar.

Now we show you below The top 10 restaurants in Liguria:

The Cook – The kitchen, managed by Chef Ivano Ricchebono, awarded with the Michelin Star offers both gourmet dishes and simple dishes of the territory linked to tradition. A wide selection of colorful finger foods, carefully prepared by the Chef awaits you.

Restaurants in Liguria

La Conchiglia Restaurant – is an elegant and very refined environment, located in a 19th century house near the sea and with a beautiful view. The cuisine is research, creative, specialized in pasta dishes and fish dishes.

Restaurants in Liguria

San Giorgio – Cervo (Imperia) – Dishes consist of Fish, Crustaceans, Seafood and Seasonal Vegetables. The kitchen is attentive to new trends: Molecular, Deconstructed, Fusion, but if we want to savor a dish and distinguish the ingredients that compose it, the rule is a good use of the raw material and simplicity.

The Agrodolce Restaurant in Imperia – led by Chef Stellato Edoardo Ferrera. The products are top quality and its dishes are distinguished by the finesse in the preparations and for the strong flavors.

The Sarri Restaurant in Imperia – The peculiarity is in the fish cuisine with unusual but balanced combinations. The style of Chef Andrea Sarri, draws partly from tradition, but is open to gustatory exploration and surprising combinations. The root is in the research of raw materials, of great freshness and quality.

The Paolo & Barbara Restaurant in Sanremo – located inside a 19th century building, reserves an intimate setting of only 30 seats. The quality of the raw material and the enhancement of the products of the Ponente Ligure have always been at the base of the philosophy of the Chef.

Mauro Ricciardi at the Locanda dell’Angelo – led by the Stellato Chef Mauro Ricciardi, attentive to the research of raw materials to aromas and flavors. It is a place to feel at home and be pampered.

The Claudio Restaurant –offers a cuisine that respects the flavors of the raw materials, aromas and herbs of that blessed land that is Liguria. The protagonists are the noble fish and crustaceans.

La Locanda dell’Angelo – cooking is a mixture of tradition and innovation, between sea and land, between Liguria and Piedmont, but with a careful eye also to the techniques and the avant-garde tendencies of the moment.

The Vescovado – simple and local recipes, Ligurian and Mediterranean, are transformed into sublime masterpieces of haute cuisine. Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono works with local ingredients: fresh fish from the Ligurian Sea, herbs  has harvested in the first hinterland and vegetables from Albenga.

You just have to choose which one to try !!!

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