Pizza recipes for the summer

Pizza recipes. Summer pizzas: the best pizza recipes for the estate

Pizza recipes
Pizza recipes

Pizza recipes. The pizza is not affected by the climate, you know, but despite the unchanged passion of millions of Italians and not, during the summer are recommended pizzas full of fresh ingredients and light, perfect for a climate so “hot”!
For those whose accompany it with an iced drink, in fact, maybe a diavola with spicy pepper and salami for lunch can be fine … but in general the pizzerias’ menus tend to offer light novelties on the summer pizza, which are popular in the kitchen of the masters pizzaioli, both among those who do it at home, maybe after a pizza-maker course.

Seasonal ingredients for summer pizza

Pizza recipes

The condiments in the pizzeria can always be the same, if you think of the classic mozzarella, but also “rotate” according to the season, for those who follow a menu that in turn follows the climate cycles, perhaps with organic ingredients or local products for pizza.

In the summer heat evenings, therefore, can easily be found on the table suitable for the pizzas with ingredients added raw on pizzas with white bases, to give a fresh taste to the palate and make  the pizza in a rich way even in summer!
Fresh and colorful pizzas will require grilled vegetables, cherry tomatoes, olives, fish, light cheeses such as stracchino and cured meats not too fat, such as bresaola or raw ham.

Pizza recipes

Among the summer pizzas to try, some seem very fanciful for home-made recipes as well as to be ordered in pizzerias – whether they are round or sliced ​​pizzas.

Rocket and parmesan pizza
Pizza onion and zucchini
Pizza with rocket and stracchino cheese
Pizza with grilled vegetables
“Tricolor” pizza with cherry tomatoes, buffalo and basil
Pizza with cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives
Pizza with tomatoes, oregano and buffalo raw “stracciata”
Pizza with cooked fiordilatte, stracciatella pugliese, raw or cooked ham
Pizza with burrata, dried tomatoes and pepper
Pizza with sliced ​​figs

Pizza with cooked sliced ​​figs, fiordilatte and raw ham
Pizza with mozzarella and Gaeta olives, dressed with Greek feta, spinach and oregano
Cold stuffed pizza with squacquerone, rocket and bresaola
Pizza with Genoese pesto, seasoned with seasoned pecorino cheese
Pizza with buffalo ricotta and olives
Pizza with zucchini, dressed with swordfish and pecorino carpaccio.
Pizza with mozzarella, potatoes, seasoned with cod carpaccio
Pizza with strips of smoked salmon and yogurt
Pizza with salmon and rocket
Pizza with salmon and Greek feta
Tuna and onion pizza.

Pizza recipes

The suggestion of these summer recipes comes from a tradition such as that of pizza and figs, for example, or from creativity given by cooking with mozzarella and vegetables, on which it is  seasoned with a “to dust” ingredient.

Many star-studded pizzas also offer mixtures of wholemeal flour or soy, to lighten even the dough, or to harmonize the base of the pizza with different flavors from the traditional ones. Among the most innovative recipes, those with grated fresh lemon on vegetables and anchovies, to create summer notes on pizzas and  to be revisited, such as those that include carrots, zucchini, onions, zucchini flowers and even a sweet raisin.

For lovers of pizza with hot peppers, they can be enjoyed well on cheeses such as provola and aubergines, but they are really suitable for all seasons, except in the summer they can be refreshed with celery, olives and cherry tomatoes. Some recipes, then, include the use of pistachio grains  together with basil and oregano, creates a mix of intense flavors but not too enveloping as in winter pizzas.

Pizza and figs with ham, a must of the summer

Pizza recipes

Very famous in Rome and in the central south, this pizza has however become a typical summer specialty. If at one time it was mainly present in September, today at the center of the summer it is found in many pizzeria menus, ready to be tasted.
The ingredients are simple but create a fresh and unique taste, which can also be enriched with other nuances of taste, in particular with the ham that goes well with the taste of very ripe figs or with the crescenza, fresh cheese ideal for seasoning this pizza.

Pizza with mozzarella, stracciatella pugliese and ham

Pizza recipes

Even this pizza is often seen, ready to be enjoyed with its load of intense taste and flavors that are optimal in a summer evening. It is prepared with the fiordilatte out of cooking, and then garnish with the stracciatella di bufala pugliese and the ham, which can be cooked or raw.

Stracciatella is practically the inner part of the burrata, the most tasty part that can season pizza with a strong taste. It is used to make the fresh cream and the buffalo mozzarella. Better still if stracciatella derives from the milk cream, the fattest part obtained from fresh milk by spontaneous surfacing during the resting phase.
It will not be a “light” pizza but this is definitely a variant that in the summer is tempting for many!

Pizza with salmon, yogurt and chives

It starts from the base of the pizza to add this second course, the salmon with yogurt sauce and chives, which is light and tasty in the variant with smoked salmon. The Greek yogurt sauce is flavored with chives and lemon (as already said great summer protagonist), then combined with salmon, divided into strips.
A light and nutritious summer pizza, which can have as an alternative pizza with salmon, ricotta and spinach!

Pizza recipes

The variant with the Greek feta, continues the tradition of combining a fresh cheese with this fish, which is suitable for a nutritious but light diet, for those wishing to taste the flavor of the fish without renouncing the base of the pizza and the garnish with the cheeses.

Pizza recipes

Among the pizzas with pesto, however, in addition to the Genoese, there are variants with Sicilian pesto or with zucchini pesto, which is accompanied by raw ham.

For those who love pumpkin flowers and can not give up the cold cuts, you can add mozzarella a beautiful flower and a few slices of salami, alternatively the ricotta cheese or cheeses with a decided tone, which contrast the sweetness of the pumpkin flowers.

Of summer pizzas, in the end, those who have more more than prepare … for every taste, as always once at the table, there will be creativity and skill of the pizza chef to advise us!

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