How to make mini lasagna meatloaf

Mini lasagna meatloaf. If you feel like lasagna, this mini meatloaf lasagna is the right thing. It really tastes like lasagna!

Do not you have the time to make the mini meatloaf? This recipe can be cooked like a regular meatloaf.

Mini meat loaf lasagna

If you fancy lasagna, this mini meatloaf lasagna is the right thing. It really tastes like lasagna, but it’s smaller and there’s meat. It may not seem like a typical Southern dish, but that’s the basic idea.

Don’t have time to make mini meatloaf? This recipe can be cooked like a regular meatloaf.

It is a super rich dish that can strike straight to the heart both lovers of stuffed pasta, both meat loaf lovers.

The recipe is quite simple and the preparation requires only a little attention to detail. This is a real restaurant dish, but it can also be made safely at home, all you have to do is organize yourself to the fullest.

Mini lasagna meatloaf

Mini lasagna meatloaf

mini lasagna meatloaf
mini lasagna meatloaf

This is a dish that can be easily made at home, but it is also one of those dishes that you really want to try if you are in Italy. Get organized!

One of the most popular dishes in Italy is lasagna. It is made with layers of pasta, meatballs and tomato sauce in a baking sheet for an afternoon meal or an appetizer!

Lasagna is one of the classic dishes in Italy. It is made with layers of pasta, meatballs and tomato sauce for an afternoon meal or an appetizer
The most famous dish of all Italian cuisine could be the lasagna! This delicious focaccia contains various ingredients that vary from region to region, but often include items such as mushrooms, ricotta, spinach leaves – or any combination of these – depending on what sounds good on hand when preparing this comforting food. Sometimes even other cheeses can take its place depending on personal preferences.

This dish is perfect for anyone who loves Italian cuisine. The combination of flavors in pasta and sauce will make your mouth water as soon as it hits you, with an aftertaste that persists long after eating until the last bite!
I’m sure we’re not alone in saying how much better life would be if only our taste buds were always satisfied in this way: rich but light at the same time.


– 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
– ½ cup of finely chopped onion
– 2 cloves of garlic, minced or pressed
– 2 cups of minced frozen spinach
– 1 3/4 pounds of ground beef or bison
– 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
– 1/4 cup of fresh minced basil
– ½ teaspoon of dried oregano
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– 1 cup of shredded / grated mozzarella

PREPARATION mini lasagna meatloaf

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Heat the oil in a small pan. Cook the onion and garlic until soft for at least 5 minutes.

To defrost frozen spinach, put frozen chopped spinach in a fine strainer and run hot water on it until the spinach has thawed. Press the spinach with your fingers to release as much water as possible. Scrape the spinach out of the filter in the middle of a thick paper napkin (or two thin paper napkins) and fold the paper napkin over the spinach as a package.

Squeeze over a sink to remove all the remaining water (unlike a cloth towel, spinach does not stick to paper towels).

In a large bowl, use your hands to gently combine the onion and garlic, spinach, minced meat, eggs, 1 cup of marinara sauce, breadcrumbs, basil, oregano, salt and 1 cup of grated mozzarella.

Mix the mixture in each cup of the muffin pan, pressing with your fingers to flatten and level the tops.

Spread the remaining marinara sauce on top of each (about 2 teaspoons for each meatloaf) and then sprinkle the remaining grated cheese on top (this is optional and makes it look more beautiful).

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