How to open a successful tavern

Open a successful tavern: If you think about where to drink a good glass of typical wine of the area, it is certainly one of the first places that come to mind.

open a successful tavern

We are talking about the osteria, one of the oldest restorative formats that, even in modern times, manages to find increasing appreciation from the public, even among the youngest. Accomplice in a constant search for Italianness on the table, of quality and genuineness as well as a growing interest in typical and local products, opening a tavern can be a successful and profitable entrepreneurial activity.

Let’s take stock of the situation with our guide.

Requirements and bureaucracy to open a successful tavern

open a successful tavern

Nothing new: they are the usual requisites required for the administration of food and drink and for the opening of an activity.

Mandatory moral requirements are required to open a tavern, ie you must not have been declared bankrupt or previously banned. Otherwise, you will not get the go-ahead and the necessary authorizations for the opening.
In addition, the SAB certificate (or equivalent title for food handling and administration) will be required. Alternatively, 2 years of experience in the sector and the hotel or similar diploma are sufficient.

open a successful tavern

It will also be necessary to look for a place that is well suited to opening a tavern and therefore has all the safety and hygiene requirements required by law.
If the place does not have it, you will not be allowed to open. To remedy this, you could make the rooms compliant with renovation work, so be sure to inform yourself about the standards and quality of the premises before renting or buying.

Other mandatory requirements for opening a tavern are:

  • the opening of a VAT number and registration in the Business Register;
  • have all the mandatory permits for the opening of an activity, such as the ASL certificate (which certifies the safety and hygiene of the premises, the ASL is requested through a specific form, the ASL will send personnel for the checks) and the registration to INPS and INAIL;
  • receive permission to display the sign and pay the relevant fee;
  • obtain the HACCP certificate for food and beverage administration;
  • declare to the municipality the beginning of activity and obtain the permit;
  • pay SIAE in case you think you will be transmitting music to your club.

The 4 secrets of the success of an inn

open a successful tavern

1) The business plan makes the difference

In addition to the requirements, which are virtually identical to those for opening a restaurant, it is essential to carefully prepare an accurate business plan.
This document will allow you to clearly define your goals, a fundamental step for the success of your tavern.
Above all, with the business plan you will be able to understand how to reach your goals from a financial point of view.
I also advise you to read up on possible funding granted by the region to open new businesses.

2) The location

open a successful tavern

Regardless of the type of commercial activity, the search for the place to be sold is an aspect to which to devote enormous importance.

The success of your tavern may depend on this delicate choice.
In order to identify the right venue, an in-depth market analysis is needed to know the earning possibilities, which depend on the target, and the competitors present in the immediate vicinity.

We also need to analyze the strategic points well, the best would be to find a place near sports centers, discos, cinemas and major tourist attractions.

With a large initial budget you might think about buying the place, even if renting one would be a way to see first how things are going. Another point to pay attention to and spend several days is the furnishing of your tavern, to give the structure an absolutely personalized imprint.

Fortunately, since it is a tavern large formalities are not necessary, wooden tables and chairs and glasses and cutlery may be enough, even if they are not very elegant, to give a rustic touch to the room. Obviously this in general, because the decor of the tavern naturally depends on your personal tastes.

Remember that you need to create a welcoming and familiar environment: even the furniture can make the difference between success and failure!
Choose warm colors and wooden furniture to create the rustic atmosphere required and attract more people.

3) Staff selection and food

open a successful tavern

The key words are: wine, cutting boards and typical dishes. Consult with cellar cooling engineers for proper wine storage.

It is advisable to hire only competent personnel and specialized personnel who have experience in catering and who know how to treat food. A prepared chef is a good place to start.

When it comes to opening up any new business the choice of employees is fundamental.

All the staff, from the owners to the waiters, must be distinguished then by cordiality and sympathy, as the customer must be encouraged to return to the tavern both to try other excellent wine and other local dishes but also for the hospitality received.

4) Marketing and competition

open a successful tavern

Despite the antiquity of the business, if you want to succeed in 2019 you have to adapt to the technological era in which we live.
Therefore it will be fundamental the presence on social media, a captivating website as well as the presence on review sites and sector blogs.

However, we must not forget about traditional promotion, such as the inauguration party and word of mouth.

The tavern is not a luxury restaurant and to combat competition you have to use every gimmick, because the client on duty must always be treated in the best possible way in every respect: culinary, economic and in terms of hospitality.

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