Management restaurant pizzeria: 3 tips

When you go to a restaurant or pizzeria, one of the first things you expect, in addition to eat well, is to find a fast and friendly service that can make the evening even more enjoyable. There is in fact nothing more obvious than wasting time in long waits, or having to deal with unkind waiters, or worse still receiving wrong or different dishes from those you had ordered.

For this reason, who has to do with the management of a restaurant or a pizzeria must above all guarantee a good management of the room, tables and orders. In pizzerias, in particular, the management of the orders can be more complicated due to greater confusion, which increases the risk of possible errors and permissions.

Here when you take the orders becomes a real art that, if is well done, is able to guarantee an excellent service and, consequently, positively increase the reputation of the pizzeria. The management of the orders must follow precise rules and instructions, which allow to simplify and make the orders more readable.

Shallot what it is: find out how to use it!

How to take the orders in pizzeria: 3 tricks

In addition, some tricks make it easier to work both in the dining room and in the kitchen. So let’s see how it is possible to take the orders at the pizzeria without making mistakes and managing to optimize the times of the service.

Command the restaurants: find out how to manage them to the fullest!

1. Accompany the customer in the choice
Surely the customer, before choosing the type of pizza, will have consulted the menu that the waiter will have provided immediately after having made him to sit at the table. However, if the customer requests it or where it is particularly undecided, the waiter should illustrate the various types of pizzas and ingredients that are used, accompanying the customer in his choice. In this case you need a lot of cordiality and a pinch of empathy, qualities that can be refined and improved over time. Pizza flour: find out which one to choose!

How to take the orders in pizzeria: instructions

2.Fill out the command in each field

One of the main problems concerning the management of orders has to do with possible oversights and errors due precisely to the compilation of inaccurate orders. In fact, often because of superficiality or incompetence, the waiter finds himself writing incomplete commands, generating confusion and giving rise to unpleasant mistakes and misunderstandings. It is therefore very important that the waiter knows how to correctly fill out the order and, in case he does not know it, that is properly trained. In particular, a command to be defined perfect must contain: the date of the order, the number of the table, the number of customers, pizzas chosen, any additional requests and finally the signature of the person who took the order. In the event if one of these fields is missing, it is possible that the command is not successful and there are errors.

3.Management for the orders
It must be said, however, that a wrong compilation of the order may also be due to the need to do everything in a hurry. This can happen due to the scarcity of staff present in the hall or in case of strong crowds in the pizzeria. In all these situations, the waiter is forced to work quickly and nervously, which is why he is more likely to make mistakes. For this reason, one way to prevent it could be to rely on a management software.

Which management to choose?

Ristomanager, for example, is a very practical and easy-to-use software, which allows you to manage every aspect and activity of a restaurant or a pizzeria: from the supply of the warehouse, to the management of tables, orders, room staff and customers. Downloadable on PC and tablet, will allow you to better manage even the orders, automating all orders that can be taken directly on the tablet and automatically transmitted in the kitchen. You can say goodbye to paper blocks and cards. Using the software you will not run the risk of losing orders and all customer orders. Everything will be constantly under control, from the kitchen to the living room. You can better manage every single activity, identify strengths and weaknesses, and plan actions and investments to bring your pizzeria to success.

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