Naval Catering

Naval catering. When it comes to catering, we mean a real commercial sector that concerns the production and distribution of meals for customers, as well as also the automatic distribution.

naval catering

In this context, the companies that operate are different: restaurants, school or hospital canteens, catering companies and companies that manage the distribution of drinks and food through vending machines.

The catering sector has found wide development thanks to the needs rising from the world of work, or the study and the tourism sector.

Naval catering

In fact, the habits of people who tend to eat meals outside the home and have less and less time are constantly evolving, so that the restaurant, in addition to the traditional type, is evolving towards new forms that meet the needs of its customers.

It’s time to delve into a specific branch of naval catering.

This is a sector of a long tradition, which is expressed according to a classical system. Or traveling and staying for several days on a ship, at sea, here it is as if you lived on land, so there are restaurants that prepare daily dishes, diversifying the type of cuisine and the type of offer, that is, more dishes rich and expensive to the simpler and cheaper ones, just to meet the possibilities of every passenger.

Furthermore, this system also brinks from the fact that there is not the possibility and the space to conserve considerable and different quantities of food; precisely from this we mean it as a traditional method.

571 / 2000àéèìîóòùWhen it comes to catering, it’s not just food that matters. Furniture and design considerations can make or break your business! A well thought out event will sparkle with customers who are already excited by what they see when they enter: beautiful flowers on the table; fresh fruit placed at every opportunity… All this attention could cause them to stay for more than one drink – maybe even buy some merchandise, if there were any doubt about how much effort was made to make sure that everything went smoothly during such an occasion.

Naval catering

In the naval restoration the foods undergo all those that are in  the working processes, in  the sector way: therefore from the phase of supply, storage, processing, to the presentation of the dishes in the various possible recipes.

Cruise ships are the emblem of this form of catering, which with the increasing trend from the tourism point of view, has acquired a certain level of business.

What it means to cook on ships

In the naval restoration it is necessary to consider that for the numbers of the dishes prepared every day, therefore both for the supply of the raw materials and in the different stages of processing, it is necessary to pay great attention to the hygiene rules.

It is considered that on average in a cruise ship there are about 5000 people between passengers and crew, so a real small city.

This means that the kitchens work 24 hours a day. Hygiene is important because in the case of an intestinal infection, considering all the people present, what serious consequences could it have?

Therefore we must organize the dispensations well for a good preservation of food; furthermore, fresh items such as fruits and vegetables are often purchased from time to time in the various stages during the journey.

The rule is that every type of food is stored in an environment isolated from others so as to avoid any possibility of contamination.

Even the kitchens have a division for departments based on the type of food that is prepared, whether hot or cold dishes, desserts or bakery stuff.

Also for the washing of dishes there are specific and separate areas always to ensure maximum hygiene.

A sector that of the naval restoration that has the well defined and most organized working standards to allow in environments like the ships, to be effective, fast and guarantee every form of security and trust to all the people that for a determined period are present on board.


A complex work that must be perfectly organized, that of the naval restoration, where the high numbers of prepared foods, need a management and organization that can not be developed on board, but from the ground.

On board the ships are performed only under the supervision of the chefs and those who take care of the service, but it is on the ground that the menus suitable for each season are tested and designed, and  from the indications that are sent to board for preparing dishes.

To make this type of service so functional, the presence of companies dealing with naval supplies is important, supporting large and large catering and restaurants activities.

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