Pizza oven static or ventilated?

Oven static or ventilated. Have you decided to prepare pizza and do not know whether to use a static or ventilated oven? Having this doubt is absolutely legitimate. It is in fact a very important choice and that can not be neglected or left to chance. The type of oven is able to condition the cooking and the final bill of the pizza and, consequently, to make a good final product, you will necessarily have to evaluate a series of factors.

Oven static or ventilated
Oven static or ventilated

Pizza oven static or ventilated? The differences

Oven static or ventilated

Before determining which type of oven is most suitable for cooking pizza, let’s see the main features of these two types. The main difference between a static oven and a fan oven is the heat distribution mode.

Specifically, the static oven works by irradiation. The heat then spreads through a resistance located in the lower or upper part of the oven. Using this method, cooking takes place more slowly and is more delicate and homogeneous. Using the static oven, therefore, the dishes are well cooked and dry both internally and externally. It is important to remember, however, that in this mode it is only possible to cook one dish at a time.

Oven static or ventilated

The ventilated oven, on the other hand, works by convection. Using this mode creates a real air flow inside the oven which has the effect of drying food.

The final effect is to create a sort of crispy crust on the dish while cooking, while inside it remains more moist and soft. Unlike what happens with the static oven, in this case it is possible to cook several dishes at the same time.

Pizza cooking: which oven to choose

Oven static or ventilated

So we come to the choice of the most suitable oven for cooking pizza. In this case, we can say that there is no single answer. The type of oven you will choose will depend on the type of pizza you want to make. If, for example, you are more oriented towards a more crunchy pizza, then you can opt for the ventilated oven.

Otherwise, you can direct yourself to a static oven. This type of oven, in fact, is particularly suitable for foods that require a slow and uniform cooking and a perfect drying both inside and outside, just like pizza and bread.

The choice of the oven will therefore depend on your preferences and the type of pizza you intend to make. Naturally, once purchased, the oven will be take care of and maintained as much as possible. For this reason we suggest you read our tips on how to clean the pizza oven.

How to manage the oven and the pizzeria

Oven static or ventilated

If, however, yours is a restaurant business, things change and you must also take into account the management of the pizzeria. Especially if the pizzeria is also a restaurant business, it may be necessary to organize and manage the orders in the best way,in order  not to be confused.

A help in this sense can come from management for restaurants, such as Ristomanager. It is  very easy to use and downloadable software on your smartphone and tablet, which allows you to manage and control the entire activity of the restaurant. From the management of restaurant reservations, to that of the tables, to the organization of the warehouse and staff. With Ristomanager everything is monitored and everything is under control.

Oven static or ventilated

In this way, the restaurant or pizzeria can be managed in the best way, without the risk of errors in service or in the kitchen, often due to poor organization. On the other hand, managing a restaurant or a pizzeria at best is not at all a simple thing.

In fact there are many activities to monitor and plan and, without the help of a manager and a good division of tasks, management can become very complicated. In addition to the actual organizational aspect, which goes from the warehouse to the personal, there is also that relating to costs. These, in fact, especially in the initial phase, are not always considered in their entirety. One of the main causes of failure of the restaurant business is precisely a missed and timely planning of all the costs and expenses to be incurred for the opening and management of the restaurant.

Download the restaurant management and you will see that it will be easier to have everything under control. In this way you can also identify the weaknesses of the activity, and possibly evaluate other investments or changes in management.

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