Ristomanager: quality / price

Ristomanager: information on costs for the user.

Ristomanager, the simple software for restaurant management, is also convenient for buyers.

In fact, at the cost of a subscription of only € 300 each year, they are guaranteed:

cutting-edge software to support unlimited time

updates, developed from month to month based on the needs that are provided by you.

technical assistance guaranteed by Remoto we enter your PC / machine and solve your problems for you.

Ristomanager and “the others”: comparisons with the pricing policies of other software.


Very often we   consider that € 300 a year is an “excessive” expense, but it is not, especially in light of the market prices of restaurant software and the fact that it is not calculated how much assistance can be requested a software that carries on your room every day.

In many cases, in fact, the cost of a software “that you buy once and for all” also comes to € 5,000. So we are talking about exorbitant figures that, even once amortized, do not guarantee users anyway “finally” my software.

To the expensive cost of the installation is added of the software updates. Updates that are made and released on the market by software houses on a monthly basis. Updates that you are free not to install, but an “older” version of a software is more susceptible to viruses and bugs. They make your application unusable, and force the user to buy the license again.


This with Ristomanager and other Arkosoft home programs does not happen: the updates, as we have seen, are ALWAYS free.

A third item of expenditure is assistance. A “one-off” expense item, this is true, but it is also here that you notice the Arkosoft ethics. Other software houses, when a user calls for assistance, they charge both the intervention and the simple call. Not so Arkosoft: in its subscription of 300 € a year to Ristomanager the cost of assistance is included.

Quality of Ristomanager

Ristomanager is the only software on this market that does not require an internet connection. Think about it, instead you have your computer acting as a local server that allows additional functions such as scheduling and inventory tracking through GPS integration! This MAIN feature has been developed by our decades of experience in catering – we have seen how some other solutions work ONLY online leading to stop the activities of all employers altogether when they can’t get the delivery of their customers’ food orders due to often being offline or not having the WiFi available where the staff members need it most.

The only product on the market that does not require an internet connection, but works by using your PC as a local server. This MAIN feature has been developed by our catering experience and is designed to help restaurants with slow or absent Wi-Fi connections – it can be used even when you’re out!

RISTOMANAGER is the perfect solution for any restaurant that needs an efficient and accurate way to manage bar inventory. For each item of your menu, you can set the quantities available so that there will never be more shortages or surpluses due to inaction by staff members!

RISTOMANAGER’s product management system is designed to make all loading and unloading operations from the warehouse of a restaurant easy and accurate at the same time. For example, with this tool you can manage stocks even for bar items! You’ll be able to set the quantities available in each program that will help you save money on running out of merchandise or over-buying because it allows managers to check their inventory levels directly from their phone instead of having books wherever they go.

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