Recipes based on melon

Recipes based on melon. Summer recipes for a unique and tasty menu based on seasonal fruit: melon.We offer you three easy-to-prepare dishes for a complete but fresh, light and multi-colored meal ... and flavors!

Recipes based on Read more

Ice cream and sorbet the healthiest desserts

Ice cream and sorbet are the perfect culinary alternatives of  desserts and also have numerous nutritional benefits.


Ice cream and sorbet

Ice cream and sorbet are very popular in Europe and those are growing at a fast Read more


How to open a creperie

Open a creperie. The market of crepes can offer good profits, especially on the costs to open a creperie are not too high, but always based on the size you want to achieve, so you have to take into Read more


How to prepare a good cake with honey

Make a cake with honey. Rosh Hashanah, literally the Jewish new year, took  place in September with a two-day celebration that included eating sweet foods like apples and honey to conjure up a new dessert. Honey desserts, known Read more


Cocktails and ice lollies

Cocktails and ice lollies. The easiest way to combine cocktails and ice lollies is to simply put the two together.

Cocktails and popsicles. Cocktail recipes, here are some interesting and alternative ideas to give shape to a unique type of Read more

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