Recipes based on melon

Recipes based on melon. Summer recipes for a unique and tasty menu based on seasonal fruit: melon.
We offer you three easy-to-prepare dishes for a complete but fresh, light and multi-colored meal ... and flavors!

recipes based on melon
Recipes based on melon

Recipes based on melon

Melon recipes: summer and fresh for a unique and tasty menu based on seasonal fruit.
We offer three dishes easy to prepare, for a complete meal but fresh, light and with a thousand colors… and flavors!

Melon is a wonderful fruit that has many benefits for your body.

Melon is a delicious fruit and has many benefits for your body. They help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce joint inflammation thanks to their water content (which is great, because who doesn’t want more?), as well as other things!
Many people think that melons taste better than they actually do, but most fruits can still be eaten without worrying about how many calories you take each day, since all varieties give a boost of energy when eaten, which makes them perfect not only during workouts or at work, but at any time!

Recipes based on melon

A cold, crunchy diet can work wonders for boosting energy levels and improving mood! For those who experience the feeling of sluggish or depressed due to winter blues- try to eat more of this delicious vegetable with an emphasis on melons because they contain serotonin that helps regulate emotions.

Recipes based on melon

In addition to being a great source of vitamins and minerals, melons are also known for their refreshing flavor. They are available in many different varieties, such as melons or cincinnati!

Recipes based on melon

Melons are a great source of vitamins and minerals, but their refreshing taste is what makes them special.
In addition to being rich in healthy things like vitamin C, they also have other amazing benefits! According to this article, eating one can actually make you smarter because of the scopolamine found naturally inside melon seeds that assists with cognitive function.

You will be surprised how easy it is to make your sweet and savory melon recipes with this guide. From cobblers, to cobbler-ques of all kinds (even vegan!), to galangal ginger scones that are sure not only of pleasure but also of giving energy! These loaves will quickly become a new favorite in any home or kitchen”.

First dish: risotto with melon

Recipes based on melon

Let’s start with the first course: rice with melon.
To prepare it you need:

250 grams of basmati rice;
200 g spicy provolone;
150 gr bresaola or raw ham;
2 melons;
mint, oil, salt and pepper to your liking.

It starts from boiling the rice, which is then drained and put aside to cool. Cut the two melons in half, clean them from the seeds and empty the two halves with one to dig – trying not to spoil the peel – to pull out the pulp.
Cut the bresaola (or the raw, less light but more tasty alternative) into strips and the provolone and the pulp of the diced melon.
Add everything to the chilled rice, along with mint and a sprinkling of black pepper. A little oil and ready on the table.

The original idea for your reach? Serve the rice in the melon skin like a bowl!

Main dish: chicken strips with basil and melon

Recipes based on melon

As a second course, we propose chicken strips with basil and lemon. You need:

500 grams chicken breast;
half melon;
juice of a lemon;
a bunch of basil;
salt, pepper and oil as required.

Cut the chicken breast into thin slices and marinate for thirty minutes with lemon juice, salt, pepper and 6-7 chopped basil leaves. Meanwhile, clean the melon from the seeds and peel and cut into cubes.
Heat a well-oiled skillet and cook the chicken with the marinade over high heat for five minutes. When the process is finished, reduce the chicken to “strips”, frull it with a little basil leaves and add it to the melon.

Dessert: melon and amaretto semifreddo

Recipes based on melon

recipes based on melon

Last but not least your summer recipes, semifreddo with melon and amaretto:
400 grams of melon pulp;
150 grams powdered sugar;
12 grams jelly in sheets;
3 egg yolks;
6 tablespoons amaretto liqueur;
4.5 dl cream for desserts.

Soak the gelatine in cold water for five minutes; in the meantime, blend the melon until you get a pure one.

In a saucepan, heat the amaretto liqueur, adding the well-drained and squeezed gelatine. When the heat is off, stir until the gelatine has melted.

Using electric whips, whip the cream first and then the egg yolks, adding the sugar to them, until they are frothy. Add, continuing to mix, the melon, the jelly and then the cream. Spread the cream into the molds and put it to harden in the freezer for at least three hours; before serving, leave in the fridge for an hour.

Enjoy your meal!

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