RoDyMan, the pizza maker robot between Neapolitan and tech cuisine.

The ingredients of this incredible story are three: Naples, pizza and robotics. Ingredients that are  well blended, have created RoDyMan, the first robot-pizza maker.

It all started in the Prisma Lab, a laboratory of robotics at the Federico II University of Naples. Here is a team of engineers led by prof. Bruno Siciliano orders a pizza and has an intuition: to build a robot able to handle elastic, malleable objects. Like the pizza dough our engineers were snapping.

And beyond the pizza RoDyMan, a.k.a. “The robot pizza maker”, represents a real evolutionary stage in robotics. And not only  that because its fluid movements abandon the traditional rigidity of the robots, but also because its ability could be exploited in many other manual professions, even in healthcare (think of futuristic robot-surgeons).

With an army of RoDyMan  can definitively take the place of human workers? The professor. Siciliano assures that  RoDyMan does not intend to replace man as much as to support him in certain activities. Not even meat-and-bone pizza makers, at present, seem to be particularly worried by RoDyMan, in fact they doubt that a sequence of robotic movements, triggered by algorithms, can replace the art of human pizza makers, born instead of emotion. And from that passion that seems to flow in their veins like the magma of Vesuvius. “You will not believe it but every pizza has a soul” says Gino Sorbillo, the best known pizza maker of Naples “a soul that changes from dough to dough”. And, for the moment, the queues that are miles away from its premises as well as the 150,000 employees in the catering sector hope  for Sorbillo and his fellow chefs.

However, the age-old art of pizza seems to have been handed down to RoDyMan, whose movements are modeled on those of the pizza maker Enzo Coccia, another veteran of the sector. Sensors have been applied to the chef to transmit every movement on a screen called an avatar. From this screen, which acts as a “mind” for RoDyMan, the robot stores them. And, as foreseen by prof. Sicilian, this year the robot pizza maker will have nothing to envy to his “colleagues” in the flesh, so much so that he can show off his skills at the Pizza Festival in May 2018. There, under the eyes of disbelieving visitors , will cook pizzas without skipping any preparation phase, starting from the dough and cooking.

However, how much did RoDyMan costs? The professor. Siciliano does not hide  a cost of hundreds of thousands of euros, which however has been rewarded with a loan of two million that has allowed the Prisma Lab of the University Federico II of Naples to recruit doctoral scholarship holders from universities all over the world. A beautiful trend reversal compared to Italian graduates who go abroad, which fills the prof. Sicilian and the Neapolitan university.

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Ristomanager: how to insert photos of products.

Welcome back to the usual appointment with our Vlog by Ristomanager, focused this time on a particular aspect of the management of products and dishes within the software, namely the insertion of images of the products, to facilitate the functions of Cassa Fast and inclusion in the orders.

Let’s find out how to make the most of the opportunity to insert our images of the products that will accompany our dishes

As we have already mentioned previously in Vlog number 7, in which we have dealt with product placement, in Ristomanager it is possible to assign a specific image for each product, regardless of its Type (which as said are Warehouse or Dish). This function proves extremely useful for the immediate recognition of the various products inside the Cassa Veloce, a mode specifically designed for take-away service, but also useful in bars for ordering consumer products or why not, for example in the case where offer a list of the different cocktails available.

You can easily assign an image to the products, both in the moment in which they are created through the function dedicated to this purpose, and add them later to existing products; in this second case, simply access the product management function starting from the main interface and then modify the product or dish of your interest, then view the “Images” tab, within which you will have two comfortable options for assigning the image to the product.

The first option allows you to select one of the images already present in Ristomanager, with a wide selection of images divided into product categories and dishes, but you can also in any case choose images of your liking, carefully selected by yourself.

You can find more information, among other things easier to use, in the Vlog number 7, or you can always see our Official Guide, as always at the address:

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Food Tech: over 40 percent of restaurant reservations are made online

The Internet now has  become an integral part of the world of catering, and you can be sure that this medium will be increasingly growing, especially if we look at the forecasts for the next few years; the online channel will win the race against the phone, as a means of making restaurant reservations.

The world of catering is constantly evolving, even when it comes to accept and adapting the  new trends to receive bookings. A few years ago the situation seemed unthinkable, however,  the digital world has imposed itself in restaurants, so that now you can not pretend anything anymore.

40% of restaurant reservations are received online, from dedicated platforms or directly from their site.

The Fork study has very relevant information for restaurants, which allow you to get a taste of how restaurateur’s confidence in online booking systems continues to grow every year. The convenience, speed or simply the strength of the habit of doing business via internet are just some of the reasons that have given great impact to the growth of restaurant reservations wich are made online and have made sure that you reach certain percentages.

However, the phone still continues to have a certain importance, so much so that still 52% of the restaurants that participated in this study prefer to receive reservations by phone, compared to 30% for receiving reservations, via online requests.

Nearly half of the respondents believe that online reservations for their restaurants have increased by 25% last year, which is a very good thing considering current industry data. Restorers’ confidence in online restaurant reservation systems has also grown; in this regard, 60% of respondents said they were satisfied with the services that offer web-based bookings and 22% consider it a good way to retain their customers.

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Ristomanager: the importance of software for restaurants

The modern catering sector has to deal with an increasingly numerous and demanding clientele, especially in terms of speed and quality of service. Software for restaurants respond at least in a part to this type of needs, providing an effective solution in all phases of everyday activity.

For example, think of Ristomanager, one of the latest software for restaurants out on the market, the result of the experience gained by Arkosoft in almost ten years of activity, in the information technology sector oriented to companies.

Ristomanager takes advantage of the latest news and information technologies; for example, the room staff uses the tablets with an Android operating system to manage the commands that are updated automatically and in real time on the pc  server on which you manage the Map of Tables.

Practically all staff, whether room ,  designated to the case, will know which tables are occupied, existing bookings, orders in progress and what have been processed, while the orders come directly to the kitchens or their departments, even for those activities that have different cooking plans, arranged away from the main kitchen, such as pizzerias, bars.

This is because the software offers the possibility to assign different printers for different products; all you need to do is simply configure the process to add all the necessary printers, and each time a new product is created, one of the printers can be assigned.

All thanks to a wireless network, connected to the main computer called Server that manages all the activity, from the hall to the kitchens, up to the warehouse with all the stocks.

Speaking of the Warehouse, we all know how important it is always to know the status of food stocks; it will be possible to insert both “in stock” products and “real” dishes, that the “ingredients” of each of them. To avoid confusion, this software for restaurants allows you to operate safely on the warehouse, blocking the execution, modification and creation of new orders during its use.

Ristomanager was born as a software for restaurants and pizzerias, but can be used by any activity in the sector, such as takeaways, bars or pubs, thanks to the possibility of using the “Cassa Veloce” function, specially designed for all take-away activities.

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