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Food Tech. The Internet now has  become an integral part of the world of catering, and you can be sure that this medium will be increasingly growing, especially if we look at the forecasts for the next few years; the online channel will win the race against the phone, as a means of making restaurant reservations.

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The world of catering is constantly evolving, even when it comes to accept and adapting the  new trends to receive bookings. A few years ago the situation seemed unthinkable, however,  the digital world has imposed itself in restaurants, so that now you can not pretend anything anymore.

With the growth of the Internet, it has become an integral part of this world. Not only do you need a good website, but also search engine optimization (SEO) so that customers can find your restaurant when they search online or on social media sites like Yelp!

The online channel will win the race against the phone, as the optimal means to make reservations at restaurants. Food tech and online restaurant reservations promise very satisfactory results in terms of functionality and success of the services.

Most don’t think about how important it is to stay up to date when running your business; however you should never underestimate what might happen along the line, Because soon new technology comes out of nowhere changing everything we know today, including customer expectations, which often leads brands to be too cautious rather than innovative.

A few years ago the situation seemed unthinkable, but, little by little, the digital world has imposed itself in restaurants, so much so that you can no longer ignore it.

40% of restaurant reservations are received online, from dedicated platforms or directly from their site.

Food Tech

In the world of food technology, a new frontier has been inextricably linked to the consumption and preparation of our favorite dishes. The process by which we transform raw ingredients into a meal could meet some challenges that historically have only hindered chefs before them: automation!

The technology industry is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to automate tasks usually performed by humans such as cooking meals or operating machinery.

Food tech

The new frontier of food management is food tech. There are many different types of devices, apps, and programs that can be used to help people eat better or resist temptation when they’re hungry – all at your fingertips!

The Fork study has very relevant information for restaurants, which allow you to get a taste of how restaurateur’s confidence in online booking systems continues to grow every year. The convenience, speed or simply the strength of the habit of doing business via internet are just some of the reasons that have given great impact to the growth of restaurant reservations wich are made online and have made sure that you reach certain percentages.

However, the phone still continues to have a certain importance, so much so that still 52% of the restaurants that participated in this study prefer to receive reservations by phone, compared to 30% for receiving reservations, via online requests.

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Nearly half of the respondents believe that online reservations for their restaurants have increased by 25% last year, which is a very good thing considering current industry data. Restorers’ confidence in online restaurant reservation systems has also grown; in this regard, 60% of respondents said they were satisfied with the services that offer web-based bookings and 22% consider it a good way to retain their customers.

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The advantages of such a service are easily identifiable. Just think that, thanks to this type of possibility you can save time to customers. The latter will have the opportunity to go to the restaurant directly at the time when their table will be free. For this reason, online bookings make the service of a restaurant more satisfying and promise more job opportunities.

Restaurants are increasingly turning to online booking systems to give customers a more streamlined experience. The importance of such an automated system cannot be underestimated, as it has reduced waiting times and increased customer satisfaction rates by up to 40%!

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