RoDyMan, the pizza maker robot between Neapolitan and tech cuisine.

Pizza maker robot

Pizza maker robot. The ingredients of this incredible story are three: Naples, pizza and robotics. Ingredients that are  well blended, have created RoDyMan, the first robot-pizza maker.

Why pizza is so important?

Pizza was introduced to Naples by Greek immigrants who had learned to cook while working abroad; this simple meal became popular throughout southern Italy thanks to its great culture that allowed innovation and adaptation with whatever ingredients were available in every region where they lived.

Pizza was originally an easy food to prepare for those who couldn’t afford better. It is recorded that, during this period of time between 500′ and 600′, became common practice in Italy and Naples in particular because of a significant rate of poverty among the citizens of the time that led them to stuff the pizza with fantasies little elaborate such as chicken or veal; however a dish holds its fame – the “Pizzaiola” (Neapolitan). Traditionally composed mostly of flour paste and seasoned with locally grown tomatoes along with other vegetables, including mozzarella.

Pizza maker robot

It all started in the Prisma Lab, a laboratory of robotics at the Federico II University of Naples. Here is a team of engineers led by prof. Bruno Siciliano orders a pizza and has an intuition: to build a robot able to handle elastic, malleable objects. Like the pizza dough our engineers were snapping.

And beyond the pizza RoDyMan, a.k.a. “The robot pizza maker”, represents a real evolutionary stage in robotics. And not only  that because its fluid movements abandon the traditional rigidity of the robots, but also because its ability could be exploited in many other manual professions, even in healthcare (think of futuristic robot-surgeons).

Pizza maker robot

With an army of RoDyMan  can definitively take the place of human workers? The professor. Siciliano assures that  RoDyMan does not intend to replace man as much as to support him in certain activities. Not even meat-and-bone pizza makers, at present, seem to be particularly worried by RoDyMan, in fact they doubt that a sequence of robotic movements, triggered by algorithms, can replace the art of human pizza makers, born instead of emotion.

Pizza maker robot

And from that passion that seems to flow in their veins like the magma of Vesuvius. “You will not believe it but every pizza has a soul” says Gino Sorbillo, the best known pizza maker of Naples “a soul that changes from dough to dough”. And, for the moment, the queues that are miles away from its premises as well as the 150,000 employees in the catering sector hope  for Sorbillo and his fellow chefs.

Pizza maker robot

However, the age-old art of pizza seems to have been handed down to RoDyMan, whose movements are modeled on those of the pizza maker Enzo Coccia, another veteran of the sector. Sensors have been applied to the chef to transmit every movement on a screen called an avatar.

From this screen, which acts as a “mind” for RoDyMan, the robot stores them. And, as foreseen by prof. Sicilian, this year the robot pizza maker will have nothing to envy to his “colleagues” in the flesh, so much so that he can show off his skills at the Pizza Festival in May 2018. There, under the eyes of disbelieving visitors , will cook pizzas without skipping any preparation phase, starting from the dough and cooking.

Pizza maker robot

Pizza maker robot

However, how much did RoDyMan costs? The professor. Siciliano does not hide  a cost of hundreds of thousands of euros, which however has been rewarded with a loan of two million that has allowed the Prisma Lab of the University Federico II of Naples to recruit doctoral scholarship holders from universities all over the world. A beautiful trend reversal compared to Italian graduates who go abroad, which fills the prof. Sicilian and the Neapolitan university.

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Buy quality fish for restaurants: risks, precautions and news.

Buy quality fish: the dangers of anisakis.

For a restaurateur it is essential to ensure the quality of the fish. If this ingredient fails, then it will reflect badly on them and eventually fail in terms of revenue generation because people will not come back for lack of satisfaction with what was served before or for problems associated with poor quality products such as sashimi which still does not have much taste, so there must be no mistakes here!

Buy quality fish

Buy quality fish for a restaurant owner, if we want, is even more important than a final consumer.

Whether you decide to buy it fresh or already frozen, it must be wholesome first and do not put your client’s health at risk. It is essential that the fish you keep in stock is not contaminated with anisakis. The latter is a nematode worm that has as “habitat” fish such as cod, sardines, tuna, hake, salmon, but also molluscs such as cuttlefish, octopus and squid. The damage of this parasite to the health of the client are many, even is coming to the removal of portions of the affected intestine.

Buy quality fish

Buy quality fish

For the fish to be delicious it must be of good quality, which means that you have to buy fresh fish daily.

You need good quality, so you need to be sure it comes from a trusted source with frequent inventory turnover and not something stored too long in cold storage before being sold or prepared for consumption since freezing changes the structure on which bacteria can grow causing deterioration (or “freezer burn”)
A substandard species might even make your meal unappealing; while some people might say that this spot is not worth it because they are still not willing to eat anything but their favorite type!

Tragic inconveniences  can however be avoided with the right precautions. To eliminate the anisakis from the fish it is good to freeze the fish in its warehouse at temperatures of -15 ° C for 96 hours, -20 ° C for 60, -30 ° C for 12, -40 ° C for 9. With this simple measure you will protect two subjects:

1.your client from the damage to health mentioned above
2.your restaurant with predictable image damage and legal problems

Buy quality fish

And it is precisely on the legal risks of not having quality fish that we will focus in this part of the article.

When a customer, just a few hours from the meal, feels bad and unfortunately ends up in hospital, the complaint will in fact be unavoidable. The responsibilities of the restaurateur are divided into:

1.contractual: that the customer can demonstrate from the order placed and / or from the receipt paid
2.non-contractual: which instead consist of the post-admission medical report following an intoxication.

Moreover, the spoiled fish is in all respects a defective product, so the customer will be entitled to compensation when:

1.will have tried, by analysis, that the fish is a defective product that in fact has  attacked his health
2.will have demonstrated through his lawyer the causal link between the nature of the fish consumed and the food poisoning suffered
3.always through a lawyer will have sanctioned the nature and the amount to be obtained as compensation

Buy quality fish

But there’s more: a ruling by the Cassation of Milan in July this year, reported on the “Sole 24 Ore”, has even condemned for fraud in commerce a Milanese restaurateur guilty of not having indicated on the menu that the fish was not fresh but bought already frozen. On this last issue, however, the legislation is still a little uncertain, which calls for a dialogue between the Associations of Restaurateurs, Eurofishmarket and the institutions.

Buy quality fish: information labels.

Another very important and underestimated step to check the quality of the fish is to check the label. It must in fact trace in detail all the “iter” of treatments that the fish has followed from the waters of origin in which it was fished up to your warehouse.

When buying fish, make sure it has an authentic and detailed label of where it has passed. The journey should be traced from water quality to your hands so that consumers like us can track what happened with their purchase.

And it was precisely the traceability of fish the hot topic of Slow Fish 2017. The fair, helded in Genoa, has   announced a new initiative: of information labels. Without more symbols incomprehensible to consumers, they will have to trace in detail all the “history” of the fish product from the origin to the final destination (whether it is the supermarket or the warehouse of a restaurant). Obviously the labels will be equally detailed  on the production.

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The dishes with algae: the latest trend in restaurants

Dishes with algae

2017 has many novelties in store for the gastronomic scene, not least the dishes with seaweed.

We may have just touched 2017, but it has been an exciting year for those who love seafood and its many cousins dishes. In addition to the usual suspects like ceviche or octopus-legged sushi, we’re seeing more creative chefs experimenting with the incorporation of seaweed into their kitchen!

dishes with algae

Dishes with algae

Some of these innovations include the addition of wakame (seaweed) as a dressing in salads instead of green salads – or the making of tempura that includes pieces of fresh nori instead of flakes. As if all this wasn’t enough – be careful because there will always be something new coming.

It seems that, at a long distance from Japanese chefs, our Italian chefs have also discovered how edible seaweed is.

Plates with seaweed

Dishes with algae

The seaweed is delicious but you need to prepare it in the best way to taste it satisfactorily.

Algae may seem like an unpleasant food, but in reality they are one of the tastiest and healthiest foods there are! You just need to know how.

-Algae can be found in Asian or online grocery stores (and are frozen). They are usually sold by weight, so check the size of your package before purchase – the smaller ones are better because they will cook faster / more easily when making sushi rolls or other similar dishes; Larger sizes can last longer if all the ingredients are not used right away.

Dishes with algae

It is not possible to think of eating a dish of seaweed that is not well seasoned. It should also be remembered that each type of algae has its own specific characteristics. That is why below are presented some types of algae among the most known and widespread.

And not only: they are real “reservoirs” of nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamin B12, iodine, calcium and potassium. Eating algae seems very healthy. Then you can enjoy a good dish of algae so as to also improve their own levels of iron and the like in the blood.

Algae are also rich in fiber, which in fact makes them “scavengers” of the intestine. So it’s clear that they have different properties.

Dishes with algae

Just as “hygienic” are in their function as antioxidants: they clean the body from free radicals. In fact, if they are not reabsorbed, they weaken the immune system and even promote the onset of cancer.

But the properties of this variety of maritime plant do not end there. In fact, algae are already known to be depurative and not pollute (the risks of intoxication for those who eat algae tend therefore to zero).

From the inside of your gut to soups and side dishes, seaweed is a vegetable that you should eat. This macro-nutrient-rich superfood has many health benefits, including help in weight loss! Algae can also be an excellent addition to any dish or incorporated into foods such as tamales, where its salty qualities add flavor without adding calories.
The outer layer (reportedly) may seem bitter at first, but this disappears once cooked giving too much umami that makes these delights perfect as snacks.

Types of algae and in which dishes with the most beloved algae

Plates with seaweed

dishes with algae

Dishes with algae

But algae, in addition to being healthy, can also be tasty. Let’s see what they are and where to use them as ingredients:

nori: a black, sticky seaweed, which, however, is for you if you have a Japanese restaurant. With nori seaweed you can create sushi maki. If your restaurant is a common European restaurant, do not panic: it will still give added value to your fish broths. 

This alga also goes perfectly in basmati rice, better if in addition to soybeans and pumpkin seeds
spirulina: blue algae from the waters of Mexico. Its unusual color should not be suspicious: spirulina is an ingredient guessed in many Italian recipes including tagliatelle and fusilli. But this alga with beneficial properties and antioxidants also peeps in biscuits, coconut water, smoothies, and in tidbits with spinach
Plates with seaweed

Algae, in addition to being healthy, can also be tasty.

The texture of the algae is comparable to that of a rubber band when chewed with a full mouth; they are soft but have a certain elasticity between bites, which makes the experience pleasant! Algae contain many nutrients such as vitamin C and B vitamins that help promote good health because they are rich sources of fiber (especially laminarin), minerals including iodine intake from raw or cooked shellfish as proteins – all very important things we need every day.

Algae dishes: discovering algae

Dishes with algae

kombu: this Japanese seaweed, in addition to the already known benefits of algae, has to be alkalizing and therefore to regularize the pH of the organism. It can also be used on two gastronomic fronts: Japanese and vegan. In the first the kumbu alga is an ingredient in azuki soup, in the second it is the filling of vegan ravioli. Always on the vegan side is very popular in the dishes with algae with vegan burgers.

wakame: seaweed very popular in vegan cuisine, where it is widely used. You can taste it in all states: raw, cooked, crumbled after baking, as an ingredient in a vegetable cream. In fact, it makes a good impression in the celery cream, in the arancini, as a condiment for fish sticks, and in the sauce of roveja and mushrooms.

Dishes with algae
kelp: particular signs of this alga: brown, odorous sea, active support of processes of the organism such as diuresis and reabsorption of water retention. Kelp is also the active ingredient in numerous dietary supplements for its beneficial properties on metabolism. When it is dried, it is very much used in vegan salads. It is also the added value of soups and pasta and beans (of which enhances the flavor)

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How to choose the right place to open a restaurant

One of the most important steps in opening each new activity is to choose the right place to open a restaurant. The next step in the process is to decide whether to rent a space or purchase it.

Right place to open a restaurant. Depending on where the commercial space is located, you can not have any other options besides renting or leasing. And if this is the first time, renting is not so bad in choosing the right place to open a restaurant – at least you will not find yourself with a huge mortgage to pay if things do not go well.

Selecting the right location for your new restaurant is one of the most important decisions you will make, because it will have a direct impact on the success and profitability of this entrepreneurial adventure
The first step in opening any place to eat should always start with choosing where best suits their needs. You have to consider several factors when making such choices, including accessibility (how easy access could be), traffic flow around certain areas that can affect both the availability of parking, but also visibility from potential customers looking out the windows while driving down the streets.

Right place to open a restaurant

Depending on where the commercial space is located, you may not have any other options than renting or leasing. And if this is your first time, renting is not such a bad solution to choosing the right place to open a restaurant – at least you won’t have a huge mortgage to pay if things don’t go well.

In any case, there are several factors to consider when choosing a space to rent open for a restaurant, including the physical location and space available, the duration of the lease, and the available funds.

 right place to open a restaurant

What comes first, the restaurant or the space?

Right place to open a restaurant

There are some catering concepts to keep in mind, and space is built around those concepts. This is the case, for example, of restaurant chains such as Ca’puccino or Rossopomodoro.

They are built from scratch, all with the same specific structures or graphics. In this way, there is consistency between multiple locations, and the strengthening of the company’s corporate brand.

Other restaurants are created on existing spaces – their peculiar characteristics are optimized and tailored to have an enviable position. Think of your favorite restaurant in the center. Probably the building with its spaces was already there, even before the restaurant. The owners of the restaurant therefore had to work with the current dimensions, construction silos, etc …

Since most people are not possessing enough money to build a new restaurant from scratch or to become part of a large chain, most part end with using option two – that is, restructuring an existing space.

How to rent a restaurant

Right place to open a restaurant

So, once you find the perfect space, the temptation to sign on the dotted line is strong, to get going.

In reality it is not a good idea to accelerate events. First of all, you have to check if the space can be used as a restaurant, for example if you are allowed to sell liquor in it. In some cities, there are still prohibitionist laws in force that limit the portion of alcohol altogether or if a restaurant is located at some distance from a school or church. Once it is established that the space allows the opening of catering activities, it is necessary to evaluate whether it is able to host a real restaurant.

It’s big enough? Go to the historic center of any big city and you will see some small restaurants crammed into spaces just a little bigger than a corridor. Thus, having a larger space is not always better.

Right place to open a restaurant

However, if your project requires a minimum of 100 seats, and the space allows you to have only 25 seats, at that point you will have to try to speed up the service offered. And then there is the question of who will pay for the renovations. Will the landlord pay for the installation of a cold room? Or the new anti-slip flooring in the kitchen? Or will you be responsible for the full amount? Always consider all these concerns before signing a lease with confidence.

How can you afford it?

The most important factor for choosing the right place to open a restaurant is your budget. If you find a prime location in an old town, it is likely that the rent will be higher than a less desirable location, like a mall parking lot. Just like buying a home, you need to be aware of your money available.

Consider also how long the lease will be in place. A five-year lease is quite common in the business world. However, if the restaurant closes after a year or two, you will still be responsible for paying the rent for the next three years. If a potential landlord is not willing to negotiate a shorter lease, act with the utmost caution, and move on to the next space.

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How to choose the best beer glasses for your restaurant.

beer glasses

Beer glasses. There are various types to choose from beer glasses, with various shapes and sizes ranging from beer boots, mugs and cups, to more sophisticated styles like Pilsner glasses. Many bars serve beer from a tap or glass bottles. Beer glasses have been specially designed to make the beer experience more enjoyable. The main types are glasses, mugs, and a whole series of sampler glasses, ideal for serving beer or simply a cup  of beer so that a guest can get a taste before ordering a whole glass.

Beer is a drink that has existed for centuries. It is made from malt barley, hops and water; the combination of these ingredients creates the distinctive flavor profile of beer that can be enjoyed in many different ways: as ale or lager style porter (both cold). While there are several factors to consider when choosing your own “container” – what type do you want?

Each beer glass has specific characteristics and for this reason it deserves a specific and singular explanation.

Beer glasses

Beer glasses

Glass beer is essential in many bars, especially sports bars, neighborhood bars or “dive” bars, and bars that are known for their selection of brands. Beer is rarely served in a plastic cup, unless you happen to be visiting a fraternity. Beer is often served in a glass of beer or pub, about 16 ounces (almost half a liter). Some are designed to hold a little less than that amount, but usually no more than this.

Beer glasses

The beer glasses are strategically shaped to allow the carbonated liquid to breathe, but also to create a suitable head, they pick up the aroma of hop and barley appropriately, and have a professional and tasty appearance at the same time. Beer mugs offer a more full-bodied appearance, with thicker glass edges and often greater capacity than beer glasses. They are often stored in a glass or freezer chiller in order to offer customers the frozen beer they crave. The sampling beer glasses provide the bar with the  way to serve small cups  of different beers for customers undecided about what to order, or to serve a selection of many beers, a common choice of micro breweries and specialty pubs.

All these considerations should always be kept in mind when you go to choose the beer glasses you will have in your bar or restaurant.

Beer in glass

Beer glasses

It is an essential product for many bars, especially sports bars, neighborhood or “dive” bars, and bars that are known for their selection of brands. This drink is rarely served in a plastic glass, unless you happen to be visiting a fraternity. Beer is often served in a glass of beer or pub, about 16 ounces (almost half a liter). Some are designed to contain a little less than that amount, but usually no more than that.

The glasses in question are strategically shaped to allow the carbonated liquid to breathe. But also to create a suitable head. They collect the aroma of hops and barley appropriately, and have a professional and tasty look at the same time. Instead, beer mugs offer a fuller appearance, with thicker glass edges and often a higher capacity than beer glasses.

Beer glasses

They are often stored in a chiller for the glass or freezer in order to offer customers the chilled beer they crave. Sample beer glasses provide the bar with a way to serve small samples of different beers for customers undecided about what to order. Or to serve a selection of many beers, a common choice of micro breweries and specialized pubs.

All these considerations should always be kept in mind when choosing the beer glasses that you will have in your bar or restaurant.

If you wanted to be more precise you could say that for each type of beer is recommended a glass rather than another.

 Each glass has its own history and characteristics and for this reason it adapts better to each type of beverage. This depends on the consistency of the same but also on other factors.

Beer glasses: some examples

Beer glasses

Let’s give some practical examples to understand why each beer needs a specific type of glass. Tulip glasses, for example, are used for high or low fermentation beers. In this case it is important to choose similar container shapes since the latter allow the beer to release their smell and taste in a more intense way.

The mug instead is a real classic for beer. It is perfect for any type of beer and allows a lot of foam to develop easily; still, the thickness of the glass is presented as an excellent shelter for the quality of the drink.

Furthermore, the Weissbier glass is specifically designed for certain types of German beer. In particular, this glass allows the formation of a compact foam body and the flared body facilitates the rise of aromas.

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How to clean the pizza oven correctly

Cleaning the pizza oven properly allows you to have better and healthier pizzas.

Clean the pizza oven. If you do not want your pizzas and trousers to have a newspaper flavor of the day before, or an oven that consumes too much, you should use the right precautions to clean the pizza oven.

What you need to do the cleaning:

Clean the pizza oven

Polishing agent for non-toxic stainless steel
Brush / spatula for cleaning the pizza oven
Hand brush and dustpan

Cleaning a Pizza Oven

Clean the pizza oven

As all pizza chefs know, you need to clean the pizza oven every day. This task is quite simple: just remove any residues or debris under the oven doors with a small broom or a brush.

But you should also perform a complete weekly cleaning, especially for stone countertops. In this way your pizzas will not have any unwanted taste and the performance of your oven will be good.


1.First of all, you will have to leave the oven to  be cooled. Never attempt to use our cleaning solutions on a hot surface. This prevents severe burns.
2.Wear gloves and apron.
3.To clean the outside part  of the oven, take a rag and dab on it a little ‘stainless steel detergent. This cleaner will help remove any heat or fading halo. To give the oven a great shine, put some polish for steel or, if you want to use a solution based on organic olive oil on a cloth and rub a bit ‘on those opaque spots of your oven.

4.Use the scraper on ashes, soot and other debris on your cooking stones and use the wire brush on the opposite side to remove any stubborn residues. When you have finished this operation, collect the debris with the brush and dustpan.
5.It is important to never use water or other liquids to clean the surface of the stone. If the stone cooktop absorbs the liquid, it could also break when exposed to the high heat of the oven.

Cleaning an Oven with Conveyor Belt

Clean the pizza oven

The ovens offer a great efficiency. However, cleaning them can involve some routine work. As a pizza oven, you will surely want to ensure that your oven is as clean as possible, to preserve the quality of your pizzas. Tape ovens have a lot of components, which means there are more places for crumbs, melted cheese and other pizza debris to get lost.


Clean the pizza oven

1.Disconnect the oven. This work is hard enough without the threat of getting a shock.
2.Remove the conveyor belt. We recommend that you consult the operating manual of your oven to understand how to do it correctly. When the tape has been removed, spray nontoxic cleaner for ovens on the tape and let it stand for twenty minutes.
3.While the cleaning product acts on the surface of the belt, open the doors of the wood oven and remove the large rectangular pieces of metal that are above and below the conveyor belt. Usually you will only have to focus on cleaning the lower pliers as they usually become the dirtiest due to the cheese drains, crumbs and pizza ingredients. We recommend cleaning the first tongs once or twice a year.
4.When all the pliers are removed, always spray them with some oven cleaning product and allow them to take effect for twenty minutes.
5.While the product acts on the conveyor belt and the pliers, go ahead and vacuum up the remaining debris present inside the oven.
6.Once the inside is clean, you can act on the outside of the oven with the enamel for stainless steel or olive oil. Also, do not forget to clean the windows and doors of your oven as they also attract a lot of pizza material.

7.Take your wire brush and clean the conveyor belt and pliers, once the twenty minutes have been expired. When they reach the desired cleaning, rinse them thoroughly and leave them out to dry, then re-install inside the pliers , in their place inside the oven.
8.Now that the oven has been put back together, be sure to clean the control box grille with a wire brush. Never use a liquid detergent; You certainly do not want to short-circuit the electrical components of the pizza oven.

Clean the pizza oven with emptying drawer

Clean the pizza oven

There are the counter ovens. If you have one, you can clean it in the same way as their older brothers, but on a much smaller scale. Many of these ovens have removable crumb trays that make the  cleaning  of the pizza oven even easier.

Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of pizza ovens. Although it may seem like a horrible chore, taking your time to clean the pizza oven every week and every day will prevent you from having  shell out a new oven on an annual basis. Moreover, it will give your pizzas a great taste, even after multiple uses.

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Buy a restaurant or open one of your own?

Buy a restaurant. With the economic decreasing, more and more displaced workers are changing their career and going into business for themselves, including opening their own restaurant. However, even before the recession, a mass of restaurants tends to come and go within the first three years of opening. A restaurant sometimes closes shop, and  other times it will change hands, with new owners who can keep the name, menu and the current concept or  to change everything.

buy a restaurant

Buy a restaurant or open one. With the slowdown in the economy, more and more displaced workers are changing careers and getting into business for themselves, including opening their own restaurant. However, even before the recession, a mass of restaurants tend to come and go within the first three years of opening.

Buy a restaurant

The smaller a restaurant, the more intimate and personal it can be. A small space means you won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by customers or being distracted by noisy conversations between other customers in your vicinity, as often happens in larger restaurants where there is still not much privacy for conversation!

Buy a restaurant or open one
Should I buy a restaurant or open my own?

A successful restaurant is a great way to make money, meet new people and serve your community.

There have been many studies that demonstrate the benefits of opening your own restaurant. Starting a business like this can be very successful, and it could make you money too!

Buy a restaurant

How much does it cost? The initial start-up costs are high, but once you get the hang of it they are quite easy: sitting at one table all day makes financial sense! You also don’t need to cook or clean, so if you don’t care then think about it, because what’s good about being responsible when everyone can do these things on their own more cheaply, right? What about the tips and salary ratio between managers/chefs bartender server cocktail maestros, dishwashers, cooks, etc.

Are you looking to buy a restaurant? If so, how much is the business worth and what is your roadmap for putting it into operation. This decision will depend on many factors, including the location of the potential site and the competition of other nearby restaurants once opened! What do I need before buying my first property or building a space in an existing facility with necessary renovations, such as the kitchen equipment required by law (these things can add a significant cost), etc?

buy a restaurant or open one
There are pros and cons to buying an existing restaurant or taking over a previous restaurant space. If you are considering opening your own restaurant or buying an existing restaurant, consider the following:

There are pros and cons for buying an existing restaurant or taking over a previous restaurant space. If you are considering opening your own restaurant or buying an existing restaurant, consider the following:

The pros of buying an existing restaurant

It’s a turnkey operation, more or less. While you can choose to make some changes to the menu or overall restaurant design, an existing restaurant is fine. In theory it has shown that this is a profitable business. You dont  need to worry about what kind of equipment you have,

You should buy, or design an effective dining room. It’s all done for you. Depending on the final price, buying an existing restaurant can be much less expensive than starting a new restaurant from scratch.

The bank or owner (or whoever owns the equipment) may be more willing to cut a deal of their inventory, as well as fill the space with a tenant, leaving room for negotiation. But before signing anything, ask yourself this important question:

Why does this restaurant have to go out of business?

Was it is the place? Service? The food? A combination of all three? If you are dealing directly with previous owners, they may not be entirely honest about why they chose to close. Nobody wants to admit their business is a failure and they need to get off this   sinking ship.

Once you decide to rent a previous restaurant space or buy an existing restaurant, do your job.

Part of your business plan should be a detailed budget, which describes how much cash you need to make to cover all overheads. If you are planning important changes, how are they going to cost? These must be accounted  in the first start-up capital.

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How to contain the costs of the menu: 3 solutions.

Contain the costs of the menu. It is estimated that the catering sector makes 6,000,000,000 euros in turnover, yet for every dollar earned, more than half is spent on labor, supplies and repairs. So, it’s no surprise that restaurants are not known for their profit margins and breadth. Keeping an eye on menu costs can translate into significant savings over time for any restaurant.

By carefully monitoring the costs of food, portion sizes and kitchen waste you can save money.

Contain the costs of the menu

By evaluating all these elements it is possible to create a menu that is well organized, correct and inclusive. In short, for the success of a restaurant business it is necessary to evaluate a number of issues so that everything is well prepared. Being able to deliver the success of this type of process is not very simple. There is a need for a thorough basic analysis of many issues. First of all you have to evaluate what type of product you want to provide to your customers. Starting from this speech you can choose the best price for each dish. Furthermore, making a proper analysis of the competition in that specific sector could be just as functional.

Contain the costs of the menu

Contain the costs of the menu

The cost of food refers to how much a restaurant pays for it, before any additional costs of preparing and serving are added to the final price. For example, a single egg can cost five cents, but this does not mean that a restaurant can sell an egg for five cents. OR

double its cost and sell it for 10 cents. In order to make a profit the cost of that egg needs above not only its cost of food, but also the costs of preparation. All of these costs must be covered through every sales restaurant, which is why cost of food is so important. Some items, like eggs and potatoes, have great food costs; they cost very little for purchase and can be sold for a much higher price. Others, like meat or fresh fish, are much more expensive.

Contain the cost of the menu
Contain the costs of the menu

Contain the costs of the menu

The general rule is that the food cost should not exceed 30% of the menu price

Keep portion sizes under control

Another area that restaurants can save money is through portion control. Making sure that every meal served has a consistent size. Using uniform plates with dimensions for each menu item can also help the parts stay consistent. If you are opening a new restaurant, creating a cooking manual with details on menu portions will help the staff.

Or you can decide to double its cost and sell it for 10 cents. In order to make a profit the cost of that egg needs above not only its food cost, but also preparation costs. All these costs must be covered through every restaurant sales, which is why food cost is so important. Some items, like eggs and potatoes have great food cost; they cost very little to purchase and can be sold for a much higher price. Others, such as meat or fresh fish are much more expensive.

Contain the costs of the menu

 Based on the basic products that are used for the preparation of the dishes of the restaurant in question you can perform a complete analysis of what are all the rules for organizing a perfect and functional menu.

Minimize Kitchen waste

Each ingredient in a restaurant kitchen should be used in at least two or three menu items. For example if you offer a California burger with fresh avocado, you should incorporate avocado into other dishes on the menu. Otherwise, you risk a case of avocado.

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The best 4 Italian restaurant chains in America

Italian cuisine in America: where to find it in big cities.

Italian restaurant chains. The best Italian restaurant chains in America is good that they know each other: they are the few places where you can really eat good Italian food.

The others, often, are imitations or strange mixtures of the kitchen of the boot and American cuisine. It comes out as bizarre as chicken parmigiana (parmigiana chicken) or spaghetti with meatballs (spaghetti with meatballs) instead of the expensive meat sauce.

Italian restaurant chains

This culinary melting pot can undoubtedly also give interesting and entertaining results, as well as often having its own story. For example, some dishes were born when Italian migrants had to readjust their recipes to the ingredients available on the new continent. Others, however, are real experiments, dishes revisited in a fusion key. But where to eat, then, of authentic Italian food?

There is no shortage of flavors in Italy. From north to south, there are countless dishes with ingredients that can make any gourmet drool for hours on end, especially if they are Italian! The country has such a vast gastronomic heritage that it is considered enviable by many other nations of the world who strive every day to create something new and exciting from what was once considered boring or common. And how do you capture all these unique flavors? Through delicious recipes.

Italian restaurant chains

Italian food: why it’s so good?

Italian restaurant chains

Reviews are the lifeblood of any restaurant business, and it is important to have good ones if you want people to come back several times. No sense opening for business without great reviews!
The Mediterranean diet – also known as “the Italian way” or simply ‘Italian cuisine’ (Italian cuisine) corresponds closely with healthier diet regimen out there, not only that, but their food has been proven by science too help to keep us healthy: a study found that citizens who followed this type had lower rate of friendly heart disease than those who eat other.

Italian restaurant chains

The dish for which Italy is famous, pasta – no matter how it is prepared – always tastes incredible. Regional sauces are equally good; each region has its own special flavor and style such as pesto alla genovese (Genoese recipe), amatriciana (Parisian) or ragus norm (Sicilian). And let’s not forget the stuffed pasta! A great pride of our country, will never fail to make you happy with a masterpiece in hand
But there is more to it than what you see when it comes to these delights: although at first glance they look simple, their simplicity hides an intricate construction process that includes filling.

New York, 200 Fifth Avenue: Eataly New York

Italian restaurant chains

Not only of authentic Italian cuisine, but also with regional distinguishing debts. To characterize Eataly is the genuineness of the food, the selection and the freshness of the ingredients and, indeed, the respect of the regionalisms. So the oil is Pugliese, the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Genoese pesto, the Gragnano pasta and so on; accompanies, obviously, a careful selection of wines. The chain stems from an idea by Oscar Farinetti and you can find it also in some Italian cities. Among other good reasons to choose it, there is also the possibility to make purchases in the restaurant: many of the products on the menu are also sold in a special room. Eat Mediterranean food in the Big Apple? It can be. From Eataly!

Washington, 2029 P Street NW: Obelisk

Italian restaurant chains.

Italian restaurant chains

Another city, another restaurant. In Washington we find Obelisk, a very famous restaurant that has been open since 1987. The menu is wide and appetizing, and draws on many traditional Italian cooking ingredients, even the most unusual: from grilled chicory to zucchini fritters to more traditional ravioli with sauce or roasted pig. A menu not only varied but also in continuous “updating”: every day of tasty and new proposals.

Coronado, California, 932 Orange Avenue: Spring Restaurant

At Primavera Ristorante excellence is fresh fish: seafood, squid, scampi and more, which you can enjoy either by ordering them from the menu for your meals, or in the “appetizers” version for an alternative happy hour. Beyond that, the recipes that characterize the best and traditional Italian cuisine, accompanied by good wine. And, since we find in the heart of California, not only Italian but also Californian wines!

Las Vegas, 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard: The Las Vegas Mill

Among the best Italian restaurant chains in America could not miss this. The Las Vegas Mill can also be found in New York, but if you are in the city of follies do not forget to visit. Nothing on the menu could make you suspect you are in America rather than in the peninsula: everything is strictly Italian, from appetizers, first courses, and main courses. If you are looking for a place in Vegas where you can eat a caprese salad (even if in a refined restaurant rather than in a trattoria), the Mulino is right for you.

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How to improve a restaurant’s customer service.

Here are four simple steps for great customer service

Improve the customer service

Improve the customer service of a restaurant. Here are four simple steps to improve the customer service of a restaurant. What are we talking about? When we talk about customer service we text a series of operations carried out by a prearranged area, which is attentive to listen and meet the needs of the customer in any situation and context. We are therefore talking about a type of service that must be better organized so that it can guarantee success and satisfaction to its customers.

Customer service is more than just a smile and pleasantries. It is about showing appreciation for those who choose to do business with you, so reviews are becoming increasingly important in today’s market – especially because companies can lose their reputation quickly due to unwanted advertising or offensive content online! Let me take you through some of our favorite companies that understand this concept well…

A catering service is perfect when the customer leaves the restaurant completely satisfied. How many times does it happen in your business? 

The truth is that getting everything to work every day during service is a complicated but not impossible challenge. There may be problems with a supplier, during the morning meeting or a waiter may get sick or damage a product. However, the important thing is that customers can live a good experience regardless of the unexpected.

Customer service

  1. Your Restaurant Staff

The first step for great customer service is your restaurant staff. A well-trained front of the house staff will keep customers happy and get them back for more. Good waiters are among the best talent in circulation. They are friendly, but not annoying.

Your staff ( Staff ) must be honest, reliable and able to work as a team. Organizing and setting up a good team of waiters is very important because in this way you will be able to make the best service to your customers. Being able to count on helpful, polite and kind waiters is very important. In this way you will remember more easily a particular restaurant and you will decide to return more often.

Customer service

  1. Customer complaints

The next step is one of the most important because it will help you deal with customer complaints. Things are destined to go bad once in a while, food is burned, orders are forgotten in the middle of a tip of dinner. No matter the reason for the complaint, the important thing is to try to please the customer. You should recognize that yes, there was a problem, but it is not what you should expect from your restaurant

  1. show their appreciation towards customers

Actions speak louder than words, and this is certainly true for customer appreciation. There are countless ways to show your customers how much you appreciate your business. For example, pay attention to the staff, especially from the owner or manager who will only make you feel pampered and special just to go to customers to ask how the evening is going.

  1. Be Responsible

Responsibly serving liquor is probably the most important way to show customers that you value them. After all, you do not want to see a patron who has had too much to drink and wants to get behind the wheel of a car. So if you are going to serve alcohol in your new restaurant, you must be familiar with all the laws of the liquor state. The laws of liquor vary from state to state, in most cases, if a person is involved in an accident while being drunk, as the owner of the establishment that served them, can be held responsible.

By following these tips you can achieve satisfactory results and improve the quality of service of your restaurant. These are small steps that can promise success to any business in the field of catering. Courtesy, quality of raw material and professionalism will allow your business to be successful.

A good restaurant in order to function at its best must work in every section and must be able to propose itself as best it can presenting itself as absolutely able to handle any type of request. Only then will success be assured. Organizing is the basis of any type of business management process and without the right internal management it will be difficult to achieve results.