The best 4 Italian restaurant chains in America

Italian cuisine in America: where to find it in big cities.

Italian restaurant chains. The best Italian restaurant chains in America is good that they know each other: they are the few places where you can really eat good Italian food.

The others, often, are imitations or strange mixtures of the kitchen of the boot and American cuisine. It comes out as bizarre as chicken parmigiana (parmigiana chicken) or spaghetti with meatballs (spaghetti with meatballs) instead of the expensive meat sauce.

Italian restaurant chains

This culinary melting pot can undoubtedly also give interesting and entertaining results, as well as often having its own story. For example, some dishes were born when Italian migrants had to readjust their recipes to the ingredients available on the new continent. Others, however, are real experiments, dishes revisited in a fusion key. But where to eat, then, of authentic Italian food?

There is no shortage of flavors in Italy. From north to south, there are countless dishes with ingredients that can make any gourmet drool for hours on end, especially if they are Italian! The country has such a vast gastronomic heritage that it is considered enviable by many other nations of the world who strive every day to create something new and exciting from what was once considered boring or common. And how do you capture all these unique flavors? Through delicious recipes.

Italian restaurant chains

Italian food: why it’s so good?

Italian restaurant chains

Reviews are the lifeblood of any restaurant business, and it is important to have good ones if you want people to come back several times. No sense opening for business without great reviews!
The Mediterranean diet – also known as “the Italian way” or simply ‘Italian cuisine’ (Italian cuisine) corresponds closely with healthier diet regimen out there, not only that, but their food has been proven by science too help to keep us healthy: a study found that citizens who followed this type had lower rate of friendly heart disease than those who eat other.

Italian restaurant chains

The dish for which Italy is famous, pasta – no matter how it is prepared – always tastes incredible. Regional sauces are equally good; each region has its own special flavor and style such as pesto alla genovese (Genoese recipe), amatriciana (Parisian) or ragus norm (Sicilian). And let’s not forget the stuffed pasta! A great pride of our country, will never fail to make you happy with a masterpiece in hand
But there is more to it than what you see when it comes to these delights: although at first glance they look simple, their simplicity hides an intricate construction process that includes filling.

New York, 200 Fifth Avenue: Eataly New York

Italian restaurant chains

Not only of authentic Italian cuisine, but also with regional distinguishing debts. To characterize Eataly is the genuineness of the food, the selection and the freshness of the ingredients and, indeed, the respect of the regionalisms. So the oil is Pugliese, the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Genoese pesto, the Gragnano pasta and so on; accompanies, obviously, a careful selection of wines. The chain stems from an idea by Oscar Farinetti and you can find it also in some Italian cities. Among other good reasons to choose it, there is also the possibility to make purchases in the restaurant: many of the products on the menu are also sold in a special room. Eat Mediterranean food in the Big Apple? It can be. From Eataly!

Washington, 2029 P Street NW: Obelisk

Italian restaurant chains.

Italian restaurant chains

Another city, another restaurant. In Washington we find Obelisk, a very famous restaurant that has been open since 1987. The menu is wide and appetizing, and draws on many traditional Italian cooking ingredients, even the most unusual: from grilled chicory to zucchini fritters to more traditional ravioli with sauce or roasted pig. A menu not only varied but also in continuous “updating”: every day of tasty and new proposals.

Coronado, California, 932 Orange Avenue: Spring Restaurant

At Primavera Ristorante excellence is fresh fish: seafood, squid, scampi and more, which you can enjoy either by ordering them from the menu for your meals, or in the “appetizers” version for an alternative happy hour. Beyond that, the recipes that characterize the best and traditional Italian cuisine, accompanied by good wine. And, since we find in the heart of California, not only Italian but also Californian wines!

Las Vegas, 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard: The Las Vegas Mill

Among the best Italian restaurant chains in America could not miss this. The Las Vegas Mill can also be found in New York, but if you are in the city of follies do not forget to visit. Nothing on the menu could make you suspect you are in America rather than in the peninsula: everything is strictly Italian, from appetizers, first courses, and main courses. If you are looking for a place in Vegas where you can eat a caprese salad (even if in a refined restaurant rather than in a trattoria), the Mulino is right for you.

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