Typical Lombard restaurants

Lombard restaurants. The most rustic and original typical dishes are certainly the mountain ones of Valtellina in Sondrio and those of the Oltrepò Pavese where you can taste excellent wines such as Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico docg, but also the industrious and cosmopolitan Milan can boast its typical dishes, let’s not forget the Milanese cutlet, saffron risotto and Christmas dessert par excellence The Panettun de Milan Milan without which Christmas is?

Butter, cheese and desserts are the most characteristic dishes, but the list of main dishes is also exterminated.

Typical dishes of Lombardy

Even the restaurants and trattoria have a lot to offer and we can taste at prices that are not exorbitant, in Milan here are three restaurants of note.

Antica Hostaria della Lanterna (Milan) –

Lombard restaurants

Traversa di corso Italia is a small, simple place that welcomes customers on a few tables. A real trattoria, unchanged despite the evolution of the restaurant. A lady tells us in “milaness” the first three and two seconds of dinner and we choose: macaroni saffron and raw and bone hole with boiled potatoes. Both good and well prepared. Content account we go out well satisfied for the journey in time. To be booked

La Libera (Via Palermo, 21 Milan) –

A historic restaurant in the heart of the Brera district, a welcoming and old-fashioned one, A Guarantee of Milan both to drink and to taste. Always a guarantee of quality and abundant food. Classic trattoria of the past, with prices of once (low). The owner is rustic but very nice, always full booking is recommended.

Antica Trattoria della Pesa (Viale Pasubio, 10 Milan) –

Lombard restaurants

Excellent “milanesissimi” dishes: saffron risotto, cotoletta, osso buco, tripe; more than dignified cellar, the “bonarda” is light, fresh, pleasant and not binding; adequate and fast service; price a bit ‘above average, we say very “Milanese” that, but, overall, it’s worth it, the kitchen deserves.

Restaurant and trattorias of the Valtellina

Lombard restaurants

Crossed from East to West by the river Adda, and then into Lake Como here the game meat and full-bodied wines are the masters, Valtellina is the geographical region that boasts the richest culinary tradition of Lombardy.

As for pasta dishes are worth mentioning the polenta alla valtellinese with grana and butter, the pizzoccheri of Valtellina flavored with the condiment made of potatoes, fontina spinach and savoy cabbage, and the supa de can, a soup with stale bread made with eggs …

Here are 5 of the best restaurants in the Valtellina

Restaurant Camino (Livigno) –

Lombard restaurants

The food is delicious, the dishes are excellent! Luca and his collaborators succeed

or to offer traditional dishes with a modern touch, all in a polite and friendly environment. Highly recommended !!!

Osteria del Benedet – (Via Roma 2, 23014 Delebio, Italy)

Historical restaurant on three floors, finished with sobriety, splendid wine cellar; neat room with good table linen and well spaced tables. Exemplary cleaning services.
The paper does not list many dishes, a symptom that the preparation is taken care of, also because they are not trivial and easy to interpret dishes. We opt for meat, in particular. Professional service, pity the distillate card is missing.
Correct price, related to the quality and quantity of the dishes,

Trattoria Alpina –

Lombard restaurants

Tradition that delight

Ideal place to go with friends to eat and drink in quantity and of course quality. The food is really good and the portions are generous. I have never left unhappy with this restaurant. The price is cheap and the menu is vast.

Osteria del Zep (Morbegno) –

Lombard restaurants

Lombard restaurants

Local very characteristic staff thoughtful quality excellent !!! Typical Valtellina cuisine !!! Visit to the table even by the chef !!! The place deserves even for the furniture that is nothing short of amazing, every corner tells a story .. for the rest what to say, Valtellina cuisine sincere and made with the heart.

Restaurants and pizzerias Oltrepò Pavese

Lombard restaurants

The classic enogastromia is expressed magnificently by the restaurateurs who know how to enhance, with their recipes, the typicalities of the O.P.

Locanda Antica Trattoria – (Montebello della Battaglia)

A familiar place with a touch of sympathy and originality of the owner
Family restaurant, good quality food with the possibility to taste good local cuisine and excellent wines.
At the good kitchen is the frame of the owner, Paul … UNIQUE in its originality and sympathy!
Recommended place!

Osteria Fra ‘Pellizza – (Coscone -Pavia)

Lombard restaurants

A nice restaurant with friendly staff where you can be tempted by the best dishes of Roman cuisine. All really good from appetizers (exquisite artichokes with ricotta as well as cod), the first (from the inevitable spaghetti with cheese and pepper to the linguine with the redfish), the latter (tripe alla romana, tail to the vaccinara, as well as red snapper with pistachios), to desserts. To highlight the care in presenting all the dishes as well as good wine advised by the waiter really very capable and friendly, wine certainly necessary to … water everything.

Osteria del Vecio Alpin – (Casteggio)

Lombard restaurants

The real Osteria that all the good gourmets seek is located in this small and well-kept structure that resembles a mountain hut. The owners are very kind, always polite with a smile that brings joy. The food is of a high standard, they are a family of Alpini this is already a great business card. Abundant courses.

It is a real and free Osteria where you eat divinely where when you pass by Casteggio you absolutely must stop.

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