Used Equipment for used restaurant

Used Equipment

Equipment for used restaurants

One of the working sectors that still defends itself in Italy is certainly restaurant. In fact, despite the economic crisis, which is still putting our country in serious trouble, many entrepreneurs decide to invest in the catering sector, as the Italian culinary tradition is still very strong and involves many people.

It certainly can not be said that an Italian eats to eat as it happens in other countries, in which there is not the same interest and the same passion for cooking and food. Eating out or organizing lunches and dinners in one’s home is always a moment of friendship and intimacy.

used equipment

Used Equipment

For this reason, those who decide to start their own business, focus on it  without delay, because they have the full knowledge that if they can act in the right way, they can have a lot of satisfaction both from the point of view of turnover and as regards the feedback and the affection of clients.

One of the most important things to offer a quality service and to be considered a credible local is surely linked to the furniture and used equipment, which must be chosen carefully and with criteria, as being superficial on this aspect is a serious mistake, that the owner of a restaurant business will pay in the long and medium term.

Obviously when we talk about food we do not refer only to a classic restaurant, but also to a pizzeria, a rotisserie, a bar or a pub. Each restaurant business is different from the others and needs different equipment based on what it will offer its customers.

Used Equipment

In this article we will try to give a brief overview of the various catering activities and the various equipment used, in order to give a general idea to those who are preparing to undertake a professional adventure in this sector.

Catering equipment: what you need for a bar

Used Equipment

One of the places most frequented by people to refresh and stay in company is definitely the bar. Unlike what someone may think, this type of room requires the purchase of many equipment to be able to offer a complete service.

Obviously you can not disregard the coffee machine, along with the coffee grinder. Two other very fashionable and therefore very important tools are the centrifuge and the blender which are used to make various things such as smoothies, milkshakes and sauces for aperitifs.

Used Equipment

Then we have the refrigerated display case useful for exposing pastries and brioche and the citrus juicer to make the very popular juices for breakfast and the cold coffee grinder, drinks and cocktails.

Finally we have two other tools that are not used by all bars, as it depends on the type of offer you want to offer to customers and for this reason we do not consider them indispensable: it is the cast iron cooking plate, usually used for hamburgers and the induction plate.

Equipment for catering: the pizzeria

Used Equipment

One of the most important catering activities in Italy is definitely the pizzeria.

The reason is very simple: the pizza is born in Italy and is one of the most popular foods in our country, but also abroad is one of the most famous Italian dishes with pasta.

The equipment necessary for a pizzeria are   many, but we will only list the essential ones, because to name them all would be really difficult.

First of all we have the oven which is usually wood-burning and can be of various types, although some for various reasons some owners may decide to use the gas or electric oven, but it is very rare as an option.

Used Equipment

Then we have the mixer and the fryer, fundamental elements for the quality of the product, and therefore must be chosen with care and attention. Other important tools are: a) Marble worktop; b) Basin; c) Cells and refrigerators; d) Dishwasher; e) bathroom.

Obviously in addition to these tools it  take care of the furniture and must follow all the rules of hygiene, provided by law, scrupulous and careful.

Important equipment for a restaurant

We are talking about the furnishing and equipment neede

Used Equipmentd for a restaurant.

Speaking of furniture  can not fail to mention the tables, which must be chosen carefully and according to the type of restaurant that  the one has, with maximum attention to the optimization of space, as we said in a previous article.

The most cared environment must be  the kitchen which, in addition to respect the hygiene rules, must have all the necessary equipment. In general, stainless steel is chosen for convenience but it is obviously not mandatory, while the various utensils (crockery, pots and trays) must be made of suitable material.

Finally, the cash register is very important for a tax issue, as is a management software for catering, which is very important for the optimization of work processes and from this point of view Ristomanager certainly represents excellence in its sector.

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