OPEN A RESTAURANT IN AMERICA. When we refer to America, or the United States, we are talking about a boundless territory in which there are very different realities.

The differences can be enormous both between the different states and within the same state.


And so, where to open a restaurant in America?

You will necessarily have to take into account the particularities of the place you have chosen, and act accordingly.

Below you will find a brief introduction on what are the most popular places in the United States to open an activity of this type.

1) New York

New York is home to those that are among the best restaurants in the world, a land where you can compare between avant-garde and great stars of the firmament of world cuisine.

But there are also other types of situations in New York: quick and genuine cuisine, fast food, street food, space for regional restaurants. New York is a world that can allow the development of any kind of idea.
the Big Apple is a city that is a small world, a universe within which everything is found and the opposite of everything.

New York is home to those that are among the best restaurants in the world, a land where you can compare between avant-garde and great stars of the firmament of world cuisine.

But there are also other types of situations in New York: quick and genuine cuisine, fast food, street food, space for regional restaurants. New York is a world that can allow the development of any kind of ideas.


2) Miami

This has been for decades the buen retiro of the middle class Americans, an enchanted place to live the summer all year round.

For almost two decades it has also been transformed into a first-rate tourist destination, between VIPs, wealthy middle class and fans of nightlife.

Even Miami offers opportunities for any good idea that you are ready to develop, even if the city’s climate is perhaps more suitable for light and healthy cooking.

3) San Francisco

The hip city par excellence, which today embraces digital progress made in the USA in its bay.

San Francisco, as well as the largest of the cities of California, is rich and has a very special attention to all the healthy foods of the last generation; opening a fry in San Francisco may not be a good idea.



4) Boston

Boston is perhaps the most European of American cities, Boston is a very active metropolis, which offers possibilities of all kinds to those who want to open a restaurant

5) Saint Anthony and the rest of Texas

Warm climate, home of spicy and spicy Tex-Mex cuisine. Texas is a rich state, highly independent and with an absolutely unique culture.

Texas is another very interesting destination for those who want to go to the United States to try their luck with their restaurant.

6) Los Angeles

Here is another area with a very high rate of billionaires, where, however, the city is clearly divided into two between very wealthy population and widespread poverty. A very particular destination, perhaps the most difficult to establish.


7) Washington D.C

A destination that we often forget, because it is connected in one way to the Congress and the White House, at least in our imagination.

This makes us forget however that also Washington D.C. it is a lively city, where you can find your fortune with your restaurant.

There are obviously many other possible destinations for those who want to go to open their restaurant in the United States and will be useful software to manage the orders and a successful advertising campaign.

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Create a children’s menu: 5 tips

Children’s menu. Have you just opened a restaurant and you have to try your hand at the design of the menu? Surely, sooner or later you will also have to come across the need to create a children’s menu. It is  useful service  that parents very often appreciate. Not always the dishes of a restaurant are designed to please a very young audience, and that’s why it becomes necessary to develop a parallel menu, suitable for children.

Children’s menu

As we know, in fact, children have a completely different palate from adults and are led to taste and eat a decidedly narrower list of foods. That’s why, if you intend to run a welcoming restaurant that is also open to families, you should also think about designing a children’s menu.

Children’s menu

Building restaurant identity: find out how!

To choose the most suitable foods you will have to follow some simple rules, in order to avoid gross errors and to succeed instead to conquer even the palate of the little ones. On the other hand, many catering chains already do so: just think of McDonald’s, Roadhouse, or even other restaurants, able to offer a satisfying and tasty baby menu.

Successful restaurant error: find out what you absolutely must avoid!

Create a menu for children: tips to avoid mistakes

Children’s menu

On the other hand, creating an eye-catching menu for children is also an art and it’s not as easy as it may seem. We must avoid the mistake of falling into trivial and obvious choices, which unfortunately happens very often. Many restaurants, in fact, not to make mistakes and satisfy all tastes, sometimes offer menus for children too trivial and obvious, which can certainly work once, but certainly will not be able to retain customers.

Restaurant management: discover the most complete and effective software manager!

Children’s menu

1.Simple but not too much
For this reason the first advice to follow if you are creating a children’s menu is to choose simple dishes but not too much. It is clear that children prefer not too elaborate dishes. However, something tasty should never be lacking. Try then to insert a good and colorful dolcetto at the end of the meal. In this way you will give your menu an extra touch.
2.Small pasta
When it comes to children, one must not only deal with tastes but also with other types of needs. It is  very important that children are able to eat without running the risk of serving  food in the wrong way and choking. For this reason, if you are thinking of a first course, remember to insert only small size pasta. Avoid spaghetti or hardly chewable formats, which could only create problems.
In addition to real dishes, even drinks have their own importance, especially when it comes to children. In this case, of course, we are not talking about wine and beer, but about drinks suitable for their age, like Coca Cola and orange juice. So remember to include within the menu also the possibility to choose between one of these drinks.

Children’s menu

When you have to create a children’s menu you can choose whether to insert more dishes or just a main course. Remember, however, that a food should never be missing: fries. As we know, in fact, the children have  a plate of pasta or a portion of meat can give up easily, the chips just can not say no. So if you have opted for a baby light menu, remember to combine with the first or second course a portion of fries.

Children’s menu
Children are habitual and love habits. However, especially if your restaurant is aimed primarily at families, you should also consider changing the children’s menu. This does not mean that every month you will have to present a different menu. For example, you could rotate one of the main dishes from time to time. In this way you will give the impression of greater variety and you will avoid the mistake of falling back into an excessive static that, in the long run, could get tired. Not only that: taking a cue from what McDonald , why not evaluating  the idea of ​​a small gift or a surprise at the end of the meal? It could certainly be a very nice idea and appreciated by children, especially when is combined with certain holidays and festivities.

Serious staff room errors: here are the most common

Staff room errors. In order for a restaurant to work and build a good reputation, it is essential to take care of every single aspect. In fact, it is not enough to worry about the kitchen or the furniture in the rooms, as a restaurant is also made up of people, who with their competence and kindness can conquer the customer.

staff room errors

staff room errors

In particular we are talking about the dining room staff, which represents the soul of the service and which greatly affects the image and reputation of the restaurant. For this reason, entrusting to competent and properly trained personnel is a must, in order to avoid disservices and malfunctions that could worsen the service and disturb the customer experience.

staff room errors

Unfortunately, the management of room staff is not always done in the best way. Sometimes, for economic reasons or due to lack of time, it is preferable to choose the lowest cost personnel, which is often also the least prepared and most able to do errors. Other times, on the other hand, there is a tendency to concentrate on not properly training the staff, thus creating confusion in the tasks and tasks to be carried out.

Some errors, however, are more common and common and are those that often lead the customer to move away and opt for another place.

Restaurant management in 10 steps: find out more!

Serious staff room errors: the 5 most common

staff room errors

Among the most serious and unpardonable errors that the hall staff can commit certainly falls the total lack of cordiality. The waiter has a very delicate role, as he has to interface with the client, who can be very accommodating but also very demanding.

To present oneself with a smile and to always show cordiality and availability is surely the first step to conquer it and to make sure that lunch or dinner continue in the right direction. On the contrary, a surly and superficial waiter could damage the image of the restaurant and compromise the relationship with customers.

staff room errors
Non-knowledge of languages
This is especially true in cities where many tourists are present or the presence of foreign citizens is very high. In any case, knowing at least one foreign language, in addition to Italian is now almost an obligation and every self-respecting waiter should be able to interface with foreign customers unable to speak in Italian. Taking care of this aspect is therefore fundamental to improve the quality of the service and the image of the restaurant itself.

Unprepared on the menu
Another unacceptable and even more serious error than the previous ones concerns the actual preparation of the hall staff. Specifically, not knowing the menu and, therefore, not being able to explain it to the customer can seriously damage the service of the restaurant. The most indecisive customer, in fact, often tends to rely on the room staff in the hope of receiving advice or more clarifications. In this case, the waiter would show incompetence and the image of the restaurant would be ruined.

staff room errors

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Inability to manage  stress moments
As already anticipated, the trade of room staff is not at all simple. In addition to taking into account the character and expectations of individual customers, it will also need to move with agility and speed, so as to avoid long unpardonable expectations.

The good waiter is therefore the prepared one, but also the one able to manage moments of tension and stress, which inevitably occur in any restaurant. Especially in the busiest periods, it will require a more timely management of orders and orders, but at the same time punctual and precise. To facilitate the work, the advice is to equip your tablet room staff to take orders. In this way you will avoid hand-written orders, often indecipherable or destined to be lost, and all orders will be automatically transferred to the kitchen.
Troublesome restaurant management problems: find out what they are!

staff room errors

Lack of preparation
This is surely the most serious mistake that a waiter can commit. The lack of preparation translates into a weaker service in which the insecurity of the waiter appears, which should always be safe and prepared. In short, as well as friendliness and kindness are the first business card for the hall staff, knowing their role and their duties is just as important. In the event that you decide to hire staff that are too young or unprepared, then the owner must also take care of the training, taking care for  the waiter that acquires full awareness of his role.



1-America is full of Italian restaurants
The first note is that there are  of thousands of Italian and Italian-American restaurants spread throughout the country, with a clear prevalence in New York and New Jersey.

The competition is really ruthless for traditional people in the United States and it’s not a big news.

From the end of the 19th century, our fellow countrymen brought with them their culinary baggage that was modified to meet the tastes of the Americans.


Italian cuisine abroad is universally recognized as the most beloved. The price of this popularity is a spirit of emulation that, beyond our national borders, too often turns and degenerates into total gastronomic distortion.

For decades we have been accustomed to seeing our recipes adapted to the tastes of local people, however the limit between revisiting, creating “hybrid recipes” and counterfeiting is very thin.


The popularity of these delicacies has meant that many Americans can’t get enough of them, which means there is a lot at stake when planning an event or placing ads on social media platforms!

Nevertheless, it is not easy to find a restaurant specializing in traditional Italian dishes worthy of the name. With so many competitors, it’s just natural for the foodie scene in America today and there are plenty of places with pizza delivery options available or even on-site cooking classes at home if one wants something less formal than dining completely out!


For those who are looking for a traditional Italian dish to fill their stomach, it can be difficult. Some restaurants offer dishes such as pasta and pizza as well as more traditional foods such as gnocchi or fettuccine alfredo; However these options generally cost less than what you would find at home on an average day so people often end up ordering an item off each menu just because there is not much else available at that point during lunchtime.



One study found some interesting things by interviewing American adult males about where they eat most frequently when not working outside of working hours: Chinese buffet cuisine ranked second with 17%, followed by fast food chains (16%)from Mexican restaurants (15%) and then from Italian pizzerias/restaurants that group 10%.

Italian cuisine abroad is universally recognized as the most beloved. The price of this popularity is a spirit of emulation that, beyond our national borders, too often turns and degenerates into total gastronomic distortion.

For decades we have been accustomed to seeing our recipes adapted to the tastes of local people, however the limit between revisiting, creating “hybrid recipes” and counterfeiting is very thin

2-Italian-American cuisine is not Italian cuisine
The dishes that in Italy we have never seen served in a restaurant are an integral part of the menu of every Italian-American restaurant.

An example? Fettucini Alfredo, Bolognese sauce, penne with vodka, spaghetti with meatballs.

It is certainly interesting to point out the profound change in our national cuisine with the tastes of the Americans.


This means that your future clientele will obviously expect these dishes too.

3-The great tradition of American pizza is very different from ours
The great tradition of pizza in New York and Chicago finds two different interpretations, far from ours.

This means that there are at least three different schools of pizza in the United States and that all are expressed at decidedly high levels.

4-The take away is in great demand
The Americans love to order food, go pick it up and then consume it at home.

Take away is an integral part of American eating culture and many Americans love to eat while walking.

Here is the symbol of this culture, the hot dog cart is omnipresent in every corner of the United States.

Before leaving, you will need to have a relatively in-depth knowledge of the language, without which it is impossible to deal with the bureaucracy, or to relate with the future client.

The discourse obviously also applies to the staff: if you particularly care about hiring  Italian staff, choose a staff that has a good familiarity with the language.

At this point you just have to start with the advertising campaign.

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RESTAURANT ACCOUNTING. The management of a restaurant provides control over many variables. The budget of a restaurant is a tool to always have in hand, to know the margins of the restaurant industry, the turnover balance of the restaurant and an overview of the restaurant warehouse.

Running a restaurant is like being an entrepreneur. You have to be responsible for everything from cooking to cleaning and even ordering supplies for employees every day, which means there is no room for mistakes!


If you have a restaurant, it’s always good to be prepared. You never know what can happen!
The budget of restaurants changes from one place to another, and customer demand can also change quickly; so keep that card handy for those special occasions or emergencies where your cash flow needs an extra boost not only to survive but also to thrive.

1 ° – The first task of the restaurant accounting concerns the corresponding register. This accounting book must contain the record of receipts and invoices issued during the day.
The register of fees must be completed per month. Each line must report the total receipts of the restaurant, subdividing them between receipts, tax receipts and invoices. The last column must then report the sum of the transactions and must coincide with the cash closing.

The register of fees can give you many ideas on how to run a restaurant. Thanks to the total fees and the number of receipts issued, on the closing receipt, you can know what is the average value of the restaurant command.

Each receipt must have an identification number to make sure that it is correctly entered and in the right sequence so that you can easily identify what was sold, when a sale occurred for each item listed on this form (eBay excluded), as well as how much profit was made from these sales, if there was!


The receipt log can be your best friend in the kitchen. It’s full of tips on how to run an efficient restaurant with many tips and ideas on how to improve things, too!
A commercial enterprise is not just about making money – it also requires creativity so that everything runs smoothly from the operational point of view, which means keeping track of what happens every day by looking at all the aspects from beginning to end through those little pieces of paper that we call registers, who knows that between their lines there are also some tricks or shortcuts.

2nd – Calculation of food cost

Taking over a restaurant brings  many obligations. Using a restaurant manager can help you keep up with your tax obligations without losing sight of the food cost.
The food cost indicator represents the cost of the ingredients of each dish on the menu. To calculate the food cost you will have to multiply the average of each ingredient for the grams used in a dish. At the end of the month it may be useful to calculate the food cost, understood as a percentage between the cost of the ingredients of a dish and the respective selling price to the public.

3rd – Software: the best ally for restaurant accounting
Equipped with a restaurant accounting software to manage your local that in addition to automatically fill in the corresponding register, will allow you to have an overview of the warehouse, the food cost of each dish and an overview on the management restaurant commands. In this way you will have a cash register and restaurant accounting software available with a single product.

Having a check on restaurant accounting is not just a task established by law. In times of crisis, it is necessary to keep constantly in mind the financial situation of the restaurant company, in order to immediately run for cover during  of difficulties. This, of course, requires a systematic check on all the most classic indicators: from simple turnover to the most difficult analysis on the most requested raw materials.

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CAPTURE THE CUSTOMER WITH THE MENU. What effect does your menu raise on new customers? Do regular customers notice what’s new?

Are there any tricks to enhance the work of your staff?

One way they have done it in the past and are doing it again now, with some adjustments of course, is to update their menu frequently, which makes people come back more often because there will always be something different on offer every time!


The most important thing to do for your restaurant menu is to keep it updated. You can make this easier by giving each dish a different name, or by varying what you offer with new seasonal ingredients!
A great way to do this is via social media: post photos on Instagram and Facebook so customers know exactly what dishes they will find when they enter the venue.



Do regular customers notice the news you offer them? Are there any tricks to enhance the work of your staff? If you use quality products produced in the area and you are attentive to people’s health you need to let them know.

If you use quality products produced in the area, if you are attentive to people’s health you need to let them know.

Have also BEI PIATTI to raise the desire to photograph them, have the latest trend of the moment can lead you to choose, just because you have communicated that here it is!

To guide the choice of your clinte you can set up fixed menus to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or other events and use the menu as advertising to be launched on the web, with something for free, such as a welcome drink, a bottle or a dessert.



1-Origin of your products: If you use products to “Zero Kilometer” or local producers, you can count on a trump card with users who love the HEALTHY KITCHEN. The number one reason to use locally produced products or “Kilometro Zero” in your restaurant? You get the freshest ingredients without shipping costs.
Many people are aware that buying from suppliers abroad has some disadvantages, such as increased carbon footprint and falling wages that can lead them to be exploited by their employers here too; however there is also good news: Supporting local farmers means healthier food for all as they grow what we eat without pesticides!


2-Dishes suitable for food intolerances: Customers with special needs, such as lactose intolerant, will appreciate very much to know your offer for them and will help them to prefer your restaurant. For people with dietary restrictions, it is important to note that many restaurants will offer you the opportunity to make your meal without some ingredients. This can be done by ticking a box when ordering or favoring another dish on their menu instead of the one from which you abstain – just make sure that this request has not already been taken!


3-Special dishes to share: if you have recipes created to be consumed among various diners, you will have more chances to receive reservations, as you will remain in line with the latest trends. Do not forget to publish them!


4-Consumption options: If a couple is looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, you can choose your place simply because in the description of your offer you will find a bottle of wine. Do not forget to include this type of details if YOU WANT TO MAKE CUSTOMERS BELIEVE TO YOU.


We live in a time when most people don’t just go to restaurants to eat. They want a positive and rich experience from start to finish, which begins even before sitting at the table! Yes – because as soon as you read online reviews about places like Google and TripAdvisor then it is quite easy to decide where it would be most suitable: with us or against our business model? This mindset sets in motion everything that means in the first place to make sure that all parties related to the information (customers who visit websites) know what kind of services are offered.

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Manage a successful restaurant: 5 mistakes to avoid

Successful restaurant. If you are opening a restaurant, beyond the practical and bureaucratic aspects, it is rather simple, managing it correctly and bringing it to success is quite another. In this case, in fact, other skills take over, which draw more on management and skills that are much more similar to those of an entrepreneur.

Successful restaurant

A successful restaurant, in fact, in addition to offering a good kitchen or a dream location, is first of all a well managed business, where every single aspect is constantly planned and monitored. In all other cases, there is a restaurant that is struggling to take off and is often destined to fail. Most chief of the hall, in fact, often commit a whole series of small errors, which over time can create malfunctions and management problems. And it is precisely these errors that prevent success, constituting a real obstacle in the optimal management of a restaurant.

Successful restaurant

So that your restaurant works and you finally start to bear fruit, it is therefore very important that you know all the most common mistakes, in order to avoid them and correct the management as soon as possible.

Manage a successful restaurant: the most common mistakes

Do not delegate

Let’s start with one of the most widespread errors concerning restaurant owners in particular. In fact, often because of  the fear or excessive control mania almost always tend to centralize more roles in their figure, thus hindering and slowing down all processes.

Often the owner is also a cook or room manager, or he decides to also cover the role of manager, a figure that requires a strong specialization and can not be improvised. So, if you’re going to run a successful restaurant, one of the first steps is to delegate as much as possible.

Do not use a management system

Successful restaurant
The need to delegate and entrust management to a specialized manager is linked to another very important aspect, which restaurateurs often decide to neglect. We are talking about management for restaurants, or software designed and designed to facilitate the work of the restaurateur or manager, from the point of view of planning and optimization of activities. Relying on the right program is very important and can really make the difference, as well as facilitate and lighten the work of the owners or manager on duty. One of the most complete on the market today is Ristomanager, a software downloadable on tablets and PCs. Find out more about Ristomanager!

Successful restaurant

Do not plan costs and investments
It may seem trivial, but often this aspect is completely improvised or even worse neglected. The management of a restaurant is equivalent to any commercial activity and, therefore, must be planned and monitored in the same way. Being in control of costs and investments is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises or deficits that could then lead to bankruptcy. Also in this case, obtaining a management software can be very useful, facilitating the carrying out of this activity.
Take-away pizzeria management costs: find out how to calculate them!

Do not subdivide tasks
A badly run restaurant is often a restaurant where confusion reigns supreme. Orders  are forgotten, the dishes arrive late and are different from what was required. In short, in all these cases the problem often derives from the presence of personnel who are not adequately trained or who are not fully aware of their duties. The main mistake a holder can make is therefore not to clarify the roles and clearly define tasks and duties.
Table management tablet: find out which one to buy!

Do not build an identity
Finally, another mistake that can cost to a restaurant is also the lack of personality. An anonymous restaurant without a specific character may in fact go unnoticed and suffer a competition that is more competitive and able to offer greater personalization. Building a well-defined identity is therefore a fundamental step to create a successful restaurant, which is clearly recognizable by its customers. Starting from the menu, then passing through the location until you get real promotional and loyalty initiatives, every aspect is able to provide its own contribution. Therefore, to conquer its customers, it is necessary to risk, dare and propose innovative menus, which are richer in personality if necessary.


  ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Online marketing campaigns are increasingly important.


Changes in consumer habits allow new businesses to promote themselves aggressively and competitively without spending capital.Among the tools that the web offers to advertise a restaurant, often at reduced costs, there are banner ads, ads, e-mail marketing, review websites, social media and many others. First of all it will be essential to create a website dedicated to your restaurant and the facebook page.You will need to make sure that it is well positioned in search engines.Moreover, it is intuitive and functional for the user, who has a graphic and a captivating layout and finally that enhances the strengths of the restaurant.

To be more performing it will be important that the website is compatible with different devices in addition to computers such as tablets and smartphones. For the facebook page everything will be simpler.

It is important to integrate a presentation of the restaurant and its history, the menu in digital format.

This system allows you to make reservations directly online and to periodically publish photos that enhance the location and dishes served.

To make the website of the restaurant more visible on the web, you can rely on one of the many advertising campaigns such as AdWords on Google.

If advertising campaigns and the creation of a website have costs, it is completely free to advertise and promote your restaurant on social media with texts, photos and videos.


Being present on all major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, etc.), especially on those most used by your target, will be crucial.

The second type of advertising to promote and launch your new restaurant is offline advertising.

Advertising flyers (maybe with a coupon or a discount);


insertions in newspapers and magazines (both in the sector and in small local publications and therefore with a target of customers residing in areas adjacent to yours);

billboards (strategically positioned even on the road)

advertisements on the radio, etc.


And finally, less immediate but also more effective advertising is the word of mouth of satisfied customers.

The key thing then will be to finally succeed in the intent (not easy) to make your customers go away fully satisfied. In this way you will acquire over time more and more customers and an increasing number of loyal customers.

Advertising word on the web
Being able to use an advertising service is very important especially because thanks to it it is intuitively possible to boast of significant functional advantages. A good website, or proper social activity can help a restaurant fortify its network of contacts. This creates a real advertising word on the web. Thanks to it it is possible that some information reaches possible customers by making them aware of some promotions or offers.


The advertising of a restaurant must be treated in detail just as it should be done for any other activity. We are in a historical context in which digital has a very relevant value and for this reason it is important to use the best tools to make sure that the advertising word on the web is as strong and solid as possible. This way you can reach new customers by sponsoring your business to the fullest. If you are interested in creating a network of online contacts aimed at creating a valid advertising word on the web, it is important to rely on some tools.

Getting new contacts can be pretty easy if you can figure out the best way to do it.

Surely it is important to use some essential tools. In this regard you can not disregard the value of a well-maintained website. If you decide to invest in digital advertising, a good advice would be to use digital forms of communication.

A website should provide a general overview of your restaurant, stressing the underlying objectives and philosophy on which the catering work you have decided to undertake is based. For this reason it is important to keep a site up to date, rich in information of different types. An interesting idea could be to offer some information about the type of cuisine served in your room, about the techniques of preparation and the type of service offered to customers. I mean, all you have to do is advertise your business.

Social media
Advertising campaign

Social media is another very good tool in order to create an advertising word on the web. Using social networks you can create special pages dedicated to your business. Also in this case the periodicity and the constancy are super important. We cannot think that internet users will talk and share information about a sparse or poorly managed page.

For this reason, the main advice is to make use of the right professionals so that they can help you better manage your digital activities. The advantage of a good social activity is that everyone can read the posts and updates you decide to post. A great idea would be to add a lot of multimedia content. Users love being able to see for themselves what a service offers. So creating photo menus and publishing them on your site and on your social pages could be a great incentive for a restaurant business.

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How to build restaurant identity: 3 useful tips

Build restaurant identity. Has your restaurant been open for a while, but are you struggling to increase your clientele? Probably this depends on the fact that the restaurant does not yet have a precise identity and is therefore not recognizable by your potential customers. Beyond a poor menu or location, there is indeed no worse thing than an anonymous restaurant with no personality. Building the identity of a restaurant is therefore a fundamental step for those who intend to bring their business to success.

Build restaurant identity

Build restaurant identity

However, if it is easy to talk about it, it is quite another thing to do it. To proceed in the most correct way, it is important to first identify the key factors that contribute  creating the identity of a restaurant. Subsequently it will be necessary to carefully plan every action, in order to avoid false steps and errors that could generate confusion and undermine the reputation and also the identity of the restaurant.

Build restaurant identity

How to build the identity of a restaurant: the importance of specialization
Creating an identity means giving life to a real soul, which can be unique and recognizable by the customer so to encourage him to frequent the place. Depriving a restaurant of its own identity will only condemn it to failure. But it is often very easy to fall into this error. Many restaurateurs, in fact, especially at the beginning, tend to avoid specialization and are limited offering a bit of everything, hoping to get the most customers. In reality this lack of specialization translates into a lack of personality, which makes the activity weak and destined sooner or later to fail.

Build restaurant identity

The first rule to build the identity of a restaurant is therefore to evaluate a possible  specialization. This means offering a particular type of menu or orientating towards a certain type of cuisine. In this way your restaurant will have a very precise soul and will begin to become a point of reference for all those customers who are looking for a certain type of cuisine.How to create a successful restaurant: discover our tips!

How to build the identity of a restaurant: the location

But the location also defines the identity and  the soul of a restaurant. It is in fact decisive, almost as much as the kitchen, and for this reason must be taken care of down to the smallest details. In some cases, especially if you are dealing with a traditional and not characteristic menu, the location can become the only distinctive element able to build the identity of the restaurant.

In these cases, in general, a singular and very particular furnishing is chosen, that can fascinate and amaze the customers, but without the risk of being ridiculous or out of place. For those who do not want to exaggerate the advice is to try to differentiate even with some detail, which could relate to the table or the room. To avoid instead an anonymous and devoid of taste, especially if the menu is characteristic and with personality.

Build restaurant identity

How to build the identity of a restaurant: promotions

Beyond the type of cuisine offered and the location, however, there are also other ways to build the identity of a restaurant. An activity at the beginning, for example, could focus on promotions and offers, so  to re-launch and acquire new customers. In this case, however, it is good to be very careful and evaluate the consequences that these choices will have in the future.

Build restaurant identity

If, in fact, the restaurant is identified mainly due to its discounts and promotions, it is advisable that those continue and are present even further in time. Otherwise, the customer used to frequent the restaurant for these reasons could find himself disappointed and discontented,  deciding to leave the restaurant. The promotional and marketing activities can be managed and planned easily, provided that you rely on management and programs that can monitor every single action.

Among these, one of the most complete and easy to use is definitely Ristomanager, a software that will allow you to manage and plan every single aspect of your business: from warehouse management, to restaurant orders, to personnel management, to the activities customer loyalty. In short, a practical and useful tool to manage your restaurant in a professional manner and lead your business towards an assured success.

How digital is your restaurant? 3 elements to understand it

Between apps and social networks, the economy is increasing in digital way. And so also all commercial activities are forced to adapt. Even a restaurant can not fail to have a website, the facebook page or the instagram profile. In some cases it is also necessary to register and place your business on special platforms that can promote it and make it more easily known to the public.

A restaurant must therefore also be digital and move easily in technology, using the most appropriate tools to improve and optimize management. This is now a crucial aspect for any catering business and, if neglected, risks leading the restaurant to a safe bankruptcy.

Excluding your restaurant from the digital world is in fact anachronistic and can no longer make sense, where most purchases and bookings are made online. That’s why, if you want your business to best express all the potential and be successful, you’ll have to ask just one thing: how digital is your restaurant?

How digital is your restaurant? The key factors

To understand this, you just need to look at three main aspects that are indicative of a digitization and modernization of the activity. One of these is, for example, the presence of tablets to take orders. Now it is a reality for all restaurants, as these devices automate the process of orders.

Unlike what happened in the past, when you were forced to take orders exclusively on your own notebook, today you can in fact use these convenient digital tools that, in addition are  speeding up the process and  can also improve it.

The old method, in fact, often gave rise to confusions, errors or permissions in the orders. All this then has reflected on the quality of the service and, consequently, on the reputation of the restaurant. With tablets, however, it is possible to reduce these inconveniences, optimizing the timing and also reducing waiting times, so as to guarantee customers a pleasant and satisfying experience. So if your restaurant does not yet have these devices, you should try to provide as soon as possible.

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How digital is your restaurant? The importance of management

Another very important aspect is that the index of a good digitization of your business is the presence and the use of a software for managing your restaurant. It is indeed a very useful tool for any restaurant manager and will help you improve and optimize the management of your business.

One of the most comprehensive manager for restaurants  at the moment is Ristomanager. A practical and easy-to-use software that you can download on tablets and PCs and with which you can manage and control every aspect and activity of the restaurant. From the management of the tables, to the supply of the warehouse, to the management of the orders and the staff, everything will be constantly monitored and under control.

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Using this management software, your restaurant will have no more surprises and you can plan costs, investments and all the necessary actions to improve and grow your business.

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The program will also allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses, monitor performance and plan marketing strategies. You will also have the possibility to create a customer database, a real historical that you can use for your loyalty activities. In short, certainly an extra gear for your restaurant, especially in a context where digital becomes increasingly important.

And it’s not over here. To understand if your restaurant is really digital, you will also have to evaluate your presence on the web,and the existence of portals for the presentation of the activity, social profiles and any promotional platforms, such as The Fork for example. A true digital restaurant has in fact a website updated with the various menus and the right contacts,that  is also present on social networks and constantly updates their profiles. And not only that, a digital restaurant is also able to promote itself on the web by making the best use of these resources. If you want your restaurant to go digital, then consider subscribing to platforms or investing a small budget in the online sponsorship of your business.