Do you already have loyal customers?

You can enter their data directly into your software and they will be the basis of your sales statistics and stocking supplies.

Through the customer management function you can enter the data of your regular customers, so you can easily enter them during reservations and while making orders via the fast cash desk. Customers can be entered directly from this window, or each time you make a reservation or order, first insert the customer and then associate it with the operation you are carrying out.


Are you wondering how to do if you do not have the right management software?

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Then you anticipate and enter special discounts for old customers, and make them feel right. In fact, promotions are not improvised, but are part of a strategy designed for the medium term.

But what can we do for new customers?



How to welcome and return the “passing” customer to the restaurant?
He is a lover of good food, attentive to gastronomic fashions and very active on social media. He is a type of customer who likes to experiment and get informed. It might ask you about the origin of the ingredients, the recipes and other curiosities on your menu so it requires a little more time and dedication that if they are granted they will return this type of customers to your restaurant. However, if he remains satisfied, he is happy to share his experience with both word of mouth and online media.

The customer “eternally dissatisfied”: how to welcome and return?


Not particularly interested in cooking or at your restaurant, he is a difficult customer because he would like his experience to reflect impossible standards. Do not be overthrown by this level of constant dissatisfaction and simply try to respond to your needs with education without focusing on criticism. With this type of customer pay the summary and it is better to guide him in the choice of dishes. If you can exceed your expectations and make it feel better than in other restaurants, you will have loyal.

And what to do with the “protagonist” customer?


It wants to be the center of attention so place it in a more secluded table or where it can have space. With this client it is always important to find answers that do not offend him and keep control of the situation. Remember that the protagonist of your restaurant …. it’s your restaurant.

How to treat the “friend” customer?

He is a customer who requires a very personalized attention, likes to chat, ask personal questions … With him the winning key is to understand that his satisfaction  does not depend only on food, but on how much he manages to feel at home. The only drawback: it is likely to make you lose a lot of time, so be complicit, but also find a polite way to cut short where necessary.

We talk about the customer too slow and that too fast


These are two types of radically opposed customers:

There are excessively slow customers who like to take as much time as possible to order and those who want to find the dish at the table. To conquer them it is necessary to dose the times well so that the slower does not feel ,put under pressure and the quicker does not want to go away. In any case, only if you follow the pace appropriate to each of them will come back.

Finally we must remember the 5 actions that work with each type of customer:


Welcome with a smile
Maintain an affable attitude and always keep eye contact
Respond to questions with speed, honesty and firmness
Show interest in its needs
Leave customers in an always courteous manner
Welcoming customers is an art that requires an experience that you surely already have. We hope this article has helped you to strengthen your ideas on how to welcome the best and therefore to make customers turn to the restaurant regardless of the type to which they belong. All customers are important and the effort that you and your team will take to follow them will have the result of making them come back and become regular customers of your club.


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