How to advertise on Facebook for your restaurant

facebook for your restaurant

Facebook for your restaurant. is becoming more and more a window for advertising: discover how you can use it to make your restaurant wellknown.

Advertising on facebook restaurant. How to advertise on facebook for your restaurant. Facebook is becoming more and more a showcase for advertising: discover how you can use it to make your restaurant known.

Facebook for your restaurant

Facebook for your restaurant

In a social and technological context like this, being able to advertise on social networks could be an excellent way to increase the success and visibility of your restaurant.

In today’s society, a restaurant may not be able to get much exposure without using some kind of advertising strategy on Facebook or Twitter
A quick Google search will show you that there are over 500 million global users visiting these platforms at least once a month! Along with this increase in population comes increased competition between businesses vying for the attention of potential consumers – but what is needed? Advertising your business can make the difference between success and failure, attracting people through various channels they are already interested in exploring: blogs/food magazines (e-zines), online review sites like Yelp!

Obviously it is necessary to implement some strategies so as to obtain good results. Below are some useful tips to help you benefit from each sponsorship page on facebook.

Facebook for your restaurant

Online advertising is a great way to introduce your restaurant to a wider market.

The best advertisement for your restaurant is word of mouth. You invest time, effort and money to build a niche following that will be loyal to you throughout your life, but how do people know without paying attention? The answer: Online advertising!

Facebook is becoming a platform for more people to know their name than ever before. With the new See First feature, you can post exclusively on their site without having an account and they will show it first if relevant!

This means that even if someone who is not yet following your company has enjoyed or commented something posted elsewhere online – such as Twitter – then now all those posts with links here will appear on the top right right just below the related articles (and especially within a research). This allows customers to explore products using different points of contact rather than being informed about what might be good for them.

Facebook for your restaurant

Things to know about using Facebook for advertising purposes:

Facebook for your restaurant

– Facebook pages are indexed by Google as  traditional sites: the potential customer will have no trouble finding you by typing the searching engine;

– Facebook is a fast “pocket” sharing and communication system: you can also update your page via your mobile phone – for example, you can photograph the dish of the day, use filters to improve the shot and publish it instantly – and just as quickly respond to any requests or comments from users, even if you are on the move and not in front of a PC;

– you can achieve excellent results without paying any amount, but if you want to upgrade the tools at your disposal you can also invest in post sponsorships or page promotion, depending on your needs.

How to advertise  your restaurant on Facebook 

Facebook for your restaurant

The starting advice is always to create a page rather than a profile: the likes are more immediate than friend requests and moreover, while the number of friends is subject to limitations and there is a risk that Facebook will notice that the profile corresponds to an activity instead of a person, the number of fans on a page is unlimited.

Suggest your page to your friends and invite them to do so with their contact list in turn. If at first you are interested in making yourself known, you can also make a small investment to bring new likes to your page, but remember to target the public to whom you want to advertise: define age, interests and geographical area in the first place.

Facebook for your restaurant

Create interesting content for your page. Users use Facebook especially to entertain themselves. For example, a video in time lapses showing a dish, the menu of the day with appealing graphics, interesting quotes on the world of cooking combined with images, a shot in which you present your team at work, and so on .

Engage the audience. You can create a survey in which you ask, for example, what course they would like to find in the menu or which variant they prefer for a plate, giving them a couple of options. If you receive positive reviews, do not forget to highlight them: it is as rewarding for your business as for the customer.

Finally, you can create an “Action” button that refers to your restaurant’s website, or invite them to register for your newsletter, reserving a new promotion (like a coupon for your restaurant), that will take them to visit you for first time.

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