How to choose the best table

Choose the best table. In the last decade we witnessed a rising interest in food and food services. The reason why is Italians has a  great attitude for cooking that is part of our culture from centuries. Because of that Italian people developed a passion for each aspect of cooking.

choose the best table

Moreover we have to consider the great success by some reality shows that feeds this phenomena. Even though all over the world in the last 15 years a big crisis occurs in the financial sector, catering service is one of the few that still works fine.

Choose the best table

A great number of businessman each day desire to start a Restaurant and begin to think about a project bu there is a lot of important things to consider before doing that such as the fiscal cash register.

One of the important things to know is absolutely how to choose an appropriate furniture and in particular the choice of the tables that best fit the restaurant. In this article, whose task is to guide you through the choice, we will talk about different tables for restaurants trying to figure out what are the alternatives that marketplace offers and how to choose when you are thinking about your restaurant.

We will see the features that a restaurant table must have and the different materials we can choose.

Restaurant Table: the materials

Choose the best table

When we have to choose the design of our own activity it’s important to find out what and choose the restaurant table that fits our needs. The criteria we should consider are different, let’s start from choosing the materials whit what tables are made of.

First of all we should consider that material types evolved over time according to market requests which, as we know, change rapidly and often during years. Because of that the choice is personal and referrers to the style and ideas of design of the client and the needs of its Restaurant.

Choose the best table

The most common are wood crafted tables, good looking and elegant but expensive. This material is often preferred by those who have the project to start a rough casual old style restaurant, and want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Other materials are metal (steel, aluminium, iron) and synthetic one.

The choice of the material is influenced by the space in which you’ll eventually put the tables. Indeed there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor locations, for those who luckily have one.

Starting from the indoor location we can say that the main features of the tables are their design and the capability of being easily moved. Due to that we suggest you to choose wood crafted tables and synthetic one.

Choose the best table

Talking about outdoor location thing changes because often tables do not have a covering on them so they have to resist to the decay caused by natural elements. So, first thing to consider is weather.

The best choice in this case is ironsteel or aluminium crafted tables,  they are very resistant and tough, not rain nor wind can ruin them. The flaw of metals is that they are expensive, the alternative is to buy cheaper and less stylish plastic tables. You should, without any doubt, avoid wood because it is more delicate and requires attentions and maintenances.

Choose the best table

Restaurant tables: form and size

Choose the best table

Another important aspect of restaurant tables selection certainly is their form and their size. Indeed it’s wrong choosing one bigger or smaller and rounded rather than circular because you will waste space.

So it’s important to consider the size of the restaurant room: for example if the room is narrow but long and if the counter seize a big amount of space, the smartest solution could be wall fixed tables.

Choose the best table

This solution give us the chance to add some sits and use all the space when the restaurant is crowded. Another example is a wide room, in this case a wise solution could be employing squared tables, more handily to join in the possibility of a large number people reservation.

A little trick you should do, and a lot of people do it, is to diagonally organize tables instead of in parallel because they occupy less space.

Restaurant tables: important features

Choose the best table

Important features that restaurant tables must have are: comfort, essential thing because customers should feel at their ease; firmness and material quality, you should avoid buying low quality products because at some point you will regreat.

Also important is tables design because a restaurant with flavourful dishes but awful furniture will never be appreciated by the people. Last but not least you should select tables easy to clean: the lack of cleanliness disadvantage every type of activity.

The fundamental thing is coherence between tables and the atmosphere of your restaurant.

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