Improve kitchen work and waiters?

Improve kitchen work and waiters. To increase the number of customers in a restaurant or bar it is necessary to guarantee a professional service in addition to the quality of food and drinks.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

Improve kitchen work and waiters
Improve kitchen work and waiters

The figure that ensures this is undoubtedly the waiter, the person who acts as a link between the needs of the customer and the kitchen or bar. Want to improve the work of waiters? If so, here are some tips. First of all, all employees should serve only one customer at a time and never two people with their backs facing each other; Also make sure that the dishes are not placed too close together because this makes it difficult for those who need access between the two lower sections to serve customers well – and finally always keep your eyes open!

Some advices

Improve kitchen work and waiters

Another tip is to keep an eye on your waiter’s posture. They must always keep their back straight and their neck even while walking! This will help them move quickly without difficulty or ask someone else if they can do something because they were too busy taking up space with their bad habits – this includes slouching, taking certain parts (like skin)looking down and so on. , so make sure you not only see but also deal with these things when you’re out in public places like bars/restaurants where there might be customers watching from afar wondering what kind.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

One way to improve a waiter’s job is for waiting staff to be better at communicating with customers. For this idea to work, it is important that waiters have good verbal skills and fluid gestures with their hands, so that they can easily interact with people while taking orders and presenting food in dishes without dropping anything!

A way restaurants can increase their profits and impact on local economies while providing better service, would be to implement strategies such as ordering at the table or the size of smaller groups to help guests customize dishes more easily without waiting longer in a station during times of crowding when there are fewer servers working than usual.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

Improve kitchen work and waiters

The figure that ensures this is without any doubt the waiter , the person who acts as a link between the needs of the customer and the kitchen or the bar counter.

The waiters work hard to make sure that customers can have fun without having a bad dining experience like mine the last time I went out with some friends who ordered drinks from a bartender across the hall instead of one closer to where we were sitting

but it is not only excellence in service; you have to pay as much attention to hospitality because every customer deserves good food served on time, no matter how many times he comes back or what venue he needs something delicious using quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.

Today it is one of the most important budget items in the management of a venue. . What can be done then to improve the efficiency of the waiters while simultaneously saving time and money?

Improve kitchen work and waiters

An optimal solution is the purchase of hand-held devices for ordering.

The waiter is also able to provide better assistance to customers in the choice of dishes.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

It can direct them towards the dish of the day or recommend them according to particular dietary needs.

  • To be able to speed up the work of the waiters, it is better to visit the herds: on the table or take orders.
  • When a waiter types the order, the kitchen is informed in real time. Know exactly how many orders there are for that dish, avoiding misunderstandings and optimizing production times.
  • With the use of palmtops it is consequently possible to simplify the work of the waiters who distribute the dishes in the dining room. Know exactly which dish to bring to which table should brink and which not . When a waiter passes through the room, he often collects customer requests such as bringing an extra bottle of water, oil, salt and pepper, or even simply indicating where the services are. These are frequently asked questions that go beyond those related to food and drink.
  • A handheld computer can store multiple extra requests simultaneously. Thanks to a professional PDA you can therefore improve the efficiency of the waiters by lightening their mind from the effort of having to remember so many things together.
  • In short, speeding up the work of waiters through the use of PDAs is an intelligent way to manage an activity in the restaurant business and has advantages for everyone:

1.local customers who are served better, more quickly and therefore tend to come back more often;
2.the waiters who work more concentrated and more efficiently;
3.the owner who optimizes the costs of managing his business, his resources and sees an increase in revenues in the medium term.

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