How to improve kitchen work and waiters? The handheld

Improve kitchen work and waiters. To increase the number of customers in a restaurant or bar it is necessary to guarantee a professional service in addition to the quality of food and drinks.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

Improve kitchen work and waiters
Improve kitchen work and waiters

The figure that ensures this is undoubtedly the waiter, the person who acts as a link between the needs of the customer and the kitchen or bar. Want to improve the work of waiters? If so, here are some tips. First of all, all employees should serve only one customer at a time and never two people with their backs facing each other; Also make sure that the dishes are not placed too close together because this makes it difficult for those who need access between the two lower sections to serve customers well – and finally always keep your eyes open!

Some advices

Improve kitchen work and waiters

Another tip is to keep an eye on your waiter’s posture. They must always keep their back straight and their neck even while walking! This will help them move quickly without difficulty or ask someone else if they can do something because they were too busy taking up space with their bad habits – this includes slouching, taking certain parts (like skin)looking down and so on. , so make sure you not only see but also deal with these things when you’re out in public places like bars/restaurants where there might be customers watching from afar wondering what kind.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

One way to improve a waiter’s job is for waiting staff to be better at communicating with customers. For this idea to work, it is important that waiters have good verbal skills and fluid gestures with their hands, so that they can easily interact with people while taking orders and presenting food in dishes without dropping anything!

A way restaurants can increase their profits and impact on local economies while providing better service, would be to implement strategies such as ordering at the table or the size of smaller groups to help guests customize dishes more easily without waiting longer in a station during times of crowding when there are fewer servers working than usual.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

Improve kitchen work and waiters

The figure that ensures this is without any doubt the waiter , the person who acts as a link between the needs of the customer and the kitchen or the bar counter.

The waiters work hard to make sure that customers can have fun without having a bad dining experience like mine the last time I went out with some friends who ordered drinks from a bartender across the hall instead of one closer to where we were sitting

but it is not only excellence in service; you have to pay as much attention to hospitality because every customer deserves good food served on time, no matter how many times he comes back or what venue he needs something delicious using quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.

Today it is one of the most important budget items in the management of a venue. . What can be done then to improve the efficiency of the waiters while simultaneously saving time and money?

Improve kitchen work and waiters

An optimal solution is the purchase of hand-held devices for ordering.

The waiter is also able to provide better assistance to customers in the choice of dishes.

Improve kitchen work and waiters

It can direct them towards the dish of the day or recommend them according to particular dietary needs.

  • To be able to speed up the work of the waiters, it is better to visit the herds: on the table or take orders.
  • When a waiter types the order, the kitchen is informed in real time. Know exactly how many orders there are for that dish, avoiding misunderstandings and optimizing production times.
  • With the use of palmtops it is consequently possible to simplify the work of the waiters who distribute the dishes in the dining room. Know exactly which dish to bring to which table should brink and which not . When a waiter passes through the room, he often collects customer requests such as bringing an extra bottle of water, oil, salt and pepper, or even simply indicating where the services are. These are frequently asked questions that go beyond those related to food and drink.
  • A handheld computer can store multiple extra requests simultaneously. Thanks to a professional PDA you can therefore improve the efficiency of the waiters by lightening their mind from the effort of having to remember so many things together.
  • In short, speeding up the work of waiters through the use of PDAs is an intelligent way to manage an activity in the restaurant business and has advantages for everyone:

1.local customers who are served better, more quickly and therefore tend to come back more often;
2.the waiters who work more concentrated and more efficiently;
3.the owner who optimizes the costs of managing his business, his resources and sees an increase in revenues in the medium term.

Craft breweries in Puglia: an added value on the table.

The beer has ancient origins, it is even thought that the fermentation happened by chance about 5000 years ago and then the monks were then to refine and improve this drink.

In our country, the microbrewery market is currently gaining an important place in the economy and the territorial combination can enhance typical dishes and enhance the flavors like traditional pairings with wines.

The regions of Southern Italy are still slightly behind for the production of craft beer in particular in Puglia where wine is the king as a typical beverage produced.

The typicality of Puglia’s beer is at least 4 micro-breweries of fair size that for some years now paved the way to ensure that Puglia among its products of excellence also has agricultural beer.

The main feature of some of the beers produced in Puglia is the denomination of bio as they are made with cultivation malts in Salento.

As usual we leave a few names: the organic Weizen, of moderate alcohol content to which the yeast in suspension leave a slightly turbid appearance and a sour taste, the most alcoholic Pale Ale, unfiltered with creamy foam and a spicy aroma inspired by English beers combined with first and second courses not very fat and finally the Arsa a Smoked Porter style beer.

Important to populate the pairing or tasting or a special menu with the news.

Then it will be your management to statistically calculate how this element can increase sales or activate new buying impulses.

Puglian craft breweries

Name       Location                        Province     Year
Aleph    S. Pancrazio Salentino         BR                2015
B94            Lecce                                    LE                2008
Baff           Beer Lecce                           LE                2017
BAS  Craft Brewery Stefanelli Taranto TA  2008
Bilabi ‘Bari BA 2014
Beer of the Consul Monopoli BA 2018
Salento  Beer            Leverano    LE    2010
Birranova      Triggianello             BA               2007
BirrApulia             Ostuni              BR               2012
BirrArè                   Barletta           BA                 2016
BirRbante               Bari                 BA                  2012
Artisan Brewery of Puglia         Ascoli Satriano       FG         2014
Bari Brewery   Bari                  BA              2015 (beer firm until 2017)
Decimoprimo Brewery             Trinitapoli    BT            2012
Brewery of the Ostuni                Poggiorsini   BA            2016
Capo Brewery                  Tricase                         LE             2015

Bitritto Brewery               Levante                          BA             2009
Italy Brewery        Martina  Franca          TA          2015
Brewery Magno Copertino         LE         2014
Svevo Brewery    Modugno        BA          2002
Calender                Tuglie               LE           2016
Capo d’Otranto         Otranto       LE            2017
Castel del Monte        Ruvo of Puglia           BA           2011
Daniel’s                           Manduria                    TA          2016
Demibeer                S. Pancrazio Salentino           BR     2014
Duan San Giorgio              Jonico                         TA     2006
Eataly Bari                            Bari                             BA     2013
Ebers                                        Foggia                         FG      2014
Eclipse                            S. Giorgio Jonico              TA      2016
Erland                               Racale                                 LE      2016
Fabbiano                          San Giorgio Ionico           TA      2014
Grille                                    Minervino Murge             BA        2017
Gruit                                          Brindisi                       BR        2008
I Peuceti                                    Bitonto                         BA         2013
Malatesta                                    Lecce                          LE          2015
Montalto                       Pietramontecorvino                FG          2009
Murex – Altamura  Agricultural Brewery      Altamura      BA     2011
Old 476                                  Galatina                            LE           2015
Ratto Matto                        Bisceglie                            BA           2017
Sancti Marci               San Marco in Lamis               FG           2014
Suds Fine Southern Brewery         Noci               BA           2013

Apulian beer sign

Name                          Location                 Province            Year
74zero15                  Martina Franca                TA                      2015
BAC Casaranese Brewery Craft     Casarano     LE          2014
Barbarossa                      Bari                           BA                      2011
Beer-Oz                       Modugno                       BA                     2014
Beerbante Salentina     Melendugno         LE                     2014
 Beer Clandestine             Martano              LE                     2017
South Beer                             Bari                    BA                     2014
Beer Terrona       Corigliano D’otranto       LE                     2013
Birralab                            Canosa                    BA                      2015
Birrarium         Acquaviva delle Fonti         BA                     2013
Leverano Brewery      Leverano                 LE                      2011
Birrogastrofonici          Lecce                     LE                      2012
CapiMora                          Racale                   LE                       2015
Double Cotta                   Corato                   BA                      2014
Duca di Svevia      Torremaggiore              FG                      2016
Gargantua      San Nicandro Garganico     FG                      2015
idem                           Leporano                      BA                      2014
The Aura                    Cavallino                      LE                      2015
Lentopede                Spongano                     LE                      2016
Mata                             Cerignola                     FG                      2016
Meliso                        Supersano                     LE                       2016                      Canosa of Puglia             BA                       2017
Musa                      Gravina in Puglia             BA                       2016
O-Grainbeer           San Severo                    FG                       2009
Spinelli                        Parabita                       LE                       2015

Ready for the swimsuit season? How to face front it eating in restaurants

Swimsuit season. Summer is coming, we shouldn’t be caught unaware whether we eat at home or we eat in a restaurant. This is the last month to keep an eye on our diet without avoiding one or two relaxing dinner in company of your friends or your boyfriend.

Swimsuit season

We have not to become maniac for the scale giving up the pleasure of food wasting great evenings that we could spend together with someone. Here you are some simple and useful tips you should keep in mind that helps your outline without producing in you stress when you jump on the scale.

Swimsuit season

Swimsuit season

One course

You should focus on one course such as a big salad or a good second course with a side dish, focusing on lean meat, avoiding an excess of condiment that enemy of our body, capable of store toxic substances and fat that are difficult to digest.

More snacks

When someone shows you a menu and you are one of those who won’t give up on a full meal made up of starter, main course, second course side dish stop now you are still in time. Try a light snack with a soft drink, you will feel no more hungry  and you will eat less.

Swimsuit season

What and where to eat, organize your meal

Swimsuit season

You should think ahead what you are going to eat and diversify your meals. If you eat a main course during lunch you should eat cooked or, better, steamed vegetables during dinner. With this type of cooking you eat tasty foods lacking calories.

Choose a strategy

Swimsuit season

Even tough you are with friends you haven’t to give up to over elaborated food with a lot of carbohydrates, instead interchange vegetables to fruit, don’t eat too much but the right tasty quantity.

You can’t give up on desstert

Swimsuit season

Everyone know that the dessert after a meal in Italy is something you can’t do without. Just eat instead of it a fresh fruit salad, or a dessert made of water such as lemon sorbet or vegan icecream.

Pay attention to salad

Salad are light right? Are you really sure about that? If they are composed of only vegetables that is true but if you add some “Grana” (cheese), roasted chicken meat, sauces such as tomato sauce and mayonnaise this is no more true. Salad is tasty but you should mix few and healthy ingredients.

Last but not least, the main tip

Swimsuit season

Everything we do should be balanced. Sometimes happens that we step out of line, we are not Swiss when talking about food so don’t feel guilty.

You should organize before eating in a restaurant, ask for some advices to a nutritionist who will eventually set a diet based on your metabolism, (everyone is different from the others) he’ll suggest what to eat and how much too. Following his advices you’ll eat different food without eating too much, once you understand your metabolism you’ll be able to choose what you want to eat, for example, “coda alla vaccinara” or steamed vegetables.

You will eat without issues in your favourite restaurant leaving behind stress caused by the fear of getting fat. Eating with taste is a form of art and a real pleasure, if we don’t moderate ourselves we can consider it pleasure?


How to eat at the restaurant without gaining weight

Swimsuit season

When the lights are dim and jazz plays in the background, people tend to eat 18% less food than they would if there were no music or lights. The romantic atmosphere helps slow down the pace of eating so you can enjoy dinner with that special person closer!

We all know that when we are in a public place and someone is staring at us, their gaze seems invasive. However, according to research by Brian Wansink of Cornell University in Ithaca New York there may be an explanation for this feeling of intrusion: It turns out that those who are near windows or sit higher on tables tend to order healthier foods like salads and even order less sweets than those seated lower!

It was a lab at Cornell University that made the discovery of how television screens distract diners. In fact, people tend to eat more when they are sitting next to one and watching what happens on the screen instead of paying attention to what surrounds them or talking to others at the table!

When dining with others, people often order similar foods. Those who give in by ordering something unhealthy can be more unhappy than they would have been if their meal choices had been healthier and more nutritious! If you want to keep your sanity and at the same time stay on track for weight loss this year try to choose zones instead of letting yourself be completely surrounded by temptations – it will make all the difference in deciding what goes in your stomach.

Recipe: how to prepare Korean burritos with chicken

Korean burritos. The Korean Tacos have rocked the world of American food with their Asian-Mex-LA twist, but also like the Korean burritos. With the Burritos you can have fun experimenting with the fillings, flavors and sauces to the desire of our heart.

Korean burritos

These Korean chicken burritos are filled with juicy and tender pieces of chicken breast and crispy vegetables. They are the perfect meal for when you want something to fill but not be as heavy as the take away! Sriracha sauce binds all these flavors together without overwhelming them, so it is quite light that even those who are not big fans will enjoy this dish.

Korean burritos with chicken sauce

The burrito is an easy and delicious meal that can be made with anything.
A burrito has been described as a culinary masterpiece consisting of any number of ingredients, including rice cooked in chicken broth seasoned to perfection, served inside a large flour tortilla heated on the grill until it is slightly crunchy and then stuffed into its wrapper, a folded flat bread that commonly refers to both shallow dishes and those with side walls.

Korean burritos

Korean burritos

The Korean Tacos have rocked the American food world with their Asian-Mex-LA touch, but they also like the Korean burritos. With Korean chicken burritos you can have fun experimenting with fillings, flavors and sauces to the desire of our heart.

Unique and particular taste, the burritos is the perfect food to give life to your most fun dinners.

The real significance of a burrito lies in its ability to make any event more exciting – from birthdays to holidays, from graduations to thanksgiving dinners with loved ones.

By learning how to cook this tasty dish you will be able to enjoy a different style of cooking from the traditional one. Intense and buttery, so it could be called this dish. Available in different variations, it is a special recipe that can give that added value to a special dinner.

Korean burritos

Burritos are a delicious and satiating meal that can be prepared in many different variations. They are complete with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins or minerals to help replenish your body any day!

The burrito is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, because it not only provides you with all the necessary nutrients, but also tastes great from other components such as fresh herbs and vegetables that are part of their ingredient list!


Korean burritos

1. marinate the chicken for at least 20 minutes in the marinade.

2. stir quickly and fry the chicken over medium-high heat (adding the marinade to the pan).

3. When you are ready to create the burrito, insert the contents in the center of it.

4. Layer the chicken, rice, onion, cabbage, and lettuce in layers.

5. Squeeze a little lime juice over the layers.

6. Wrap and serve each of the 4 burritos with sour cream on the side

“Burritos are one of the most popular Tex-Mex products on the menu. Those who know a little Spanish have probably raised their eyebrows at the name. In Spanish, a “burro” is a donkey, and “burrito”, the diminutive, means “little donkey.” As far as we know, donkey meat has never been a popular ingredient in the famous dish.

The Dizzionario de Mexicanismos has a voice for the burrito already in 1895, a few years before the time of Juan. The rumor states that a burrito is a tortilla rolled with meat or other ingredients inside, called ‘Cocito’ in Yucatán and ‘taco’ in the city of Cuernavaca and Mexico City.

The term burrito was popular in Guanajuato, a state in central Mexico. As the dictionary entry is the only quick test we have to show where the burritos come from. The idea that originated in Guanajuato seems to be the most probable …

Unfortunately, we can not be sure exactly how the name burritos has been obtained.

Some people believe it could be simply because the burritos look a bit like donkey ears or rolled up packets and sleeping bags often carried by donkeys.

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Why eat Indian food: 3 good reasons

Indian food. We have seen through an interesting article in the Washington Post this week, entitled – “Scientists have understood what makes Indian food so delicious” which speaks of the Indian subcontinent which is home to over 1 billion people who have a rich culinary tradition that relies heavily on the use of spices and strong flavors.

Western dishes often use less ingredients than Indian dishes. In many cases, the ingredients used in a dish share the same aromatic compounds. As a result, many Indian dishes make it feel like there’s a party going on in the mouth. Although this can create a sensory overload for some people.

Indian food

There are several advantages to incorporate Indian cuisine into your kitchen:

1 – Indian food is really good. Even if you do not like spicy food, in many cases it is possible to request the less spicy versions of a dish in a restaurant.

2 – Indian cuisine is generally healthy. There is a great emphasis on plant ingredients, which make it a paradise for vegans and vegetarians. For example, have a lentil instead of a veggie burger. The use of spices drastically reduces the need for salt in fact many of the spices have health benefits.

3 – Ingredients for Indian food are cheap. A pound of lentils costs a fraction of the price of a pound of red meat.

While preparing Indian dishes at home may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hand of it, it’s pretty quick. Most curries can be made in advance for a week before and leave in the fridge.

Why eat Indian food

Indian food

While preparing Indian dishes at home may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hand out of it, it’s pretty quick. Most curries can be made in advance for a week before and leave in the fridge.

Characteristics of Indian food
Why eat Indian food

When you are about to discover the recipes of as many cultures it might be very difficult to learn what are the most important steps that can make the perfect and super tasty dishes. Indian food is characterized by fairly strong flavors and smells which may make the preparation process not very easy. Getting the right amount of spice might take a lot of skill. The risk could be to prepare dishes too tasty or salty ruining the absence.

indian food

Indian food

But let’s see what are the characteristics of Indian food and in particular what are the fundamental elements of these preparations. Mainly it is a vegetarian diet consisting of legumes and cereals.

Many fruits and vegetables are present in the preparations of Indian food, but not only, also many spices and many condiments characterize these preparations. 

As it is known Indian food is very tasty, for this reason there are many types of condiments that make these preparations so delicious. One of the main ingredients is ghee, or typical Indian clarified butter that is often used to complete many recipes. Chutney is one of the most famous Indian recipes along with curry recipes. The chutney however turns out to be ideal for the fact that it is simply made from fruit and vegetable compounds. In short, it is clear that this type of food is ideal for all those who want to try something new by following absolutely light and healthy diets.

Indian food

We’ve made it clear that Indian food, while particularly tasty and rich in spices, tends to be perfect for pretty healthy diets. This is one of the reasons why, regularly consuming typical Indian recipes can be really functional. The fact that Indian recipes are mainly made with ingredients such as fruits and vegetables means that those who want to lose weight or follow a quality diet can opt for different recipes than usual. In this way you can enrich the vegetarian diet with original preparations.

Why eat Indian food?
In Indian preparations it is very common to use mango which can be consumed both unripe and ripe with the addition of salt. This fruit can be used both for the preparation of sweet recipes, both for the preparation of salty recipes, a pinch of inventiveness will not help. Also coconut is presented as one of the main ingredients for these types of preparations. This food can be used both dried and fresh and can enrich many preparations.

So, do you try to lose weight or follow a healthier diet without animal derivatives? The choice could fall on the Indian food allowing you not to lose at all the taste of good food.

When you think about healthy food, quite sterile preparations made of cereals and legumes with little flavor can often come to mind. Instead, discovering the taste of Indian preparations could open up a world to you. All you have to do is follow certain steps of certain recipes. If you want to taste the flavors of the Indian tradition you can follow many nice recipes. Below we will propose a very interesting one.

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