Ready for the swimsuit season

Swimsuit season. Summer is coming, we shouldn’t be caught unaware whether we eat at home or we eat in a restaurant. This is the last month to keep an eye on our diet without avoiding one or two relaxing dinner in company of your friends or your boyfriend.

Swimsuit season

We have not to become maniac for the scale giving up the pleasure of food wasting great evenings that we could spend together with someone. Here you are some simple and useful tips you should keep in mind that helps your outline without producing in you stress when you jump on the scale.

Swimsuit season

Swimsuit season

One course

You should focus on one course such as a big salad or a good second course with a side dish, focusing on lean meat, avoiding an excess of condiment that enemy of our body, capable of store toxic substances and fat that are difficult to digest.

More snacks

When someone shows you a menu and you are one of those who won’t give up on a full meal made up of starter, main course, second course side dish stop now you are still in time. Try a light snack with a soft drink, you will feel no more hungry  and you will eat less.

Swimsuit season

What and where to eat, organize your meal

Swimsuit season

You should think ahead what you are going to eat and diversify your meals. If you eat a main course during lunch you should eat cooked or, better, steamed vegetables during dinner. With this type of cooking you eat tasty foods lacking calories.

Choose a strategy

Swimsuit season

Even tough you are with friends you haven’t to give up to over elaborated food with a lot of carbohydrates, instead interchange vegetables to fruit, don’t eat too much but the right tasty quantity.

You can’t give up on desstert

Swimsuit season

Everyone know that the dessert after a meal in Italy is something you can’t do without. Just eat instead of it a fresh fruit salad, or a dessert made of water such as lemon sorbet or vegan icecream.

Pay attention to salad

Salad are light right? Are you really sure about that? If they are composed of only vegetables that is true but if you add some “Grana” (cheese), roasted chicken meat, sauces such as tomato sauce and mayonnaise this is no more true. Salad is tasty but you should mix few and healthy ingredients.

Last but not least, the main tip

Swimsuit season

Everything we do should be balanced. Sometimes happens that we step out of line, we are not Swiss when talking about food so don’t feel guilty.

You should organize before eating in a restaurant, ask for some advices to a nutritionist who will eventually set a diet based on your metabolism, (everyone is different from the others) he’ll suggest what to eat and how much too. Following his advices you’ll eat different food without eating too much, once you understand your metabolism you’ll be able to choose what you want to eat, for example, “coda alla vaccinara” or steamed vegetables.

You will eat without issues in your favourite restaurant leaving behind stress caused by the fear of getting fat. Eating with taste is a form of art and a real pleasure, if we don’t moderate ourselves we can consider it pleasure?


How to eat at the restaurant without gaining weight

Swimsuit season

When the lights are dim and jazz plays in the background, people tend to eat 18% less food than they would if there were no music or lights. The romantic atmosphere helps slow down the pace of eating so you can enjoy dinner with that special person closer!

We all know that when we are in a public place and someone is staring at us, their gaze seems invasive. However, according to research by Brian Wansink of Cornell University in Ithaca New York there may be an explanation for this feeling of intrusion: It turns out that those who are near windows or sit higher on tables tend to order healthier foods like salads and even order less sweets than those seated lower!

It was a lab at Cornell University that made the discovery of how television screens distract diners. In fact, people tend to eat more when they are sitting next to one and watching what happens on the screen instead of paying attention to what surrounds them or talking to others at the table!

When dining with others, people often order similar foods. Those who give in by ordering something unhealthy can be more unhappy than they would have been if their meal choices had been healthier and more nutritious! If you want to keep your sanity and at the same time stay on track for weight loss this year try to choose zones instead of letting yourself be completely surrounded by temptations – it will make all the difference in deciding what goes in your stomach.

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