How to prepare Korean burritos

Korean burritos. The Korean Tacos have rocked the world of American food with their Asian-Mex-LA twist, but also like the Korean burritos. With the Burritos you can have fun experimenting with the fillings, flavors and sauces to the desire of our heart.

Korean burritos

These Korean chicken burritos are filled with juicy and tender pieces of chicken breast and crispy vegetables. They are the perfect meal for when you want something to fill but not be as heavy as the take away! Sriracha sauce binds all these flavors together without overwhelming them, so it is quite light that even those who are not big fans will enjoy this dish.

Korean burritos with chicken sauce

The burrito is an easy and delicious meal that can be made with anything.
A burrito has been described as a culinary masterpiece consisting of any number of ingredients, including rice cooked in chicken broth seasoned to perfection, served inside a large flour tortilla heated on the grill until it is slightly crunchy and then stuffed into its wrapper, a folded flat bread that commonly refers to both shallow dishes and those with side walls.

Korean burritos

Korean burritos

The Korean Tacos have rocked the American food world with their Asian-Mex-LA touch, but they also like the Korean burritos. With Korean chicken burritos you can have fun experimenting with fillings, flavors and sauces to the desire of our heart.

Unique and particular taste, the burritos is the perfect food to give life to your most fun dinners.

The real significance of a burrito lies in its ability to make any event more exciting – from birthdays to holidays, from graduations to thanksgiving dinners with loved ones.

By learning how to cook this tasty dish you will be able to enjoy a different style of cooking from the traditional one. Intense and buttery, so it could be called this dish. Available in different variations, it is a special recipe that can give that added value to a special dinner.

Korean burritos

Burritos are a delicious and satiating meal that can be prepared in many different variations. They are complete with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins or minerals to help replenish your body any day!

The burrito is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, because it not only provides you with all the necessary nutrients, but also tastes great from other components such as fresh herbs and vegetables that are part of their ingredient list!


Korean burritos

1. marinate the chicken for at least 20 minutes in the marinade.

2. stir quickly and fry the chicken over medium-high heat (adding the marinade to the pan).

3. When you are ready to create the burrito, insert the contents in the center of it.

4. Layer the chicken, rice, onion, cabbage, and lettuce in layers.

5. Squeeze a little lime juice over the layers.

6. Wrap and serve each of the 4 burritos with sour cream on the side

“Burritos are one of the most popular Tex-Mex products on the menu. Those who know a little Spanish have probably raised their eyebrows at the name. In Spanish, a “burro” is a donkey, and “burrito”, the diminutive, means “little donkey.” As far as we know, donkey meat has never been a popular ingredient in the famous dish.

The Dizzionario de Mexicanismos has a voice for the burrito already in 1895, a few years before the time of Juan. The rumor states that a burrito is a tortilla rolled with meat or other ingredients inside, called ‘Cocito’ in Yucatán and ‘taco’ in the city of Cuernavaca and Mexico City.

The term burrito was popular in Guanajuato, a state in central Mexico. As the dictionary entry is the only quick test we have to show where the burritos come from. The idea that originated in Guanajuato seems to be the most probable …

Unfortunately, we can not be sure exactly how the name burritos has been obtained.

Some people believe it could be simply because the burritos look a bit like donkey ears or rolled up packets and sleeping bags often carried by donkeys.

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