How to open a successful trattoria: costs and requirements

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Recently, the world has become aware of the negative effects of junk food: the recovery of healthy eating is also spreading in Italy.
To benefit, it will be the producer of slow food par excellence: the trattoria.

In the collective imagination, the trattoria is a place where:

  1. eat in a genuine way
  2. spend little
  3. you go in the company
  4. the portions are plentiful
  5. it is not necessary to dress formally
  6. the owner is kind

You can potentially attract any type of clientele: from couples to large companies, from families to workers.

What are you waiting for? Follow this brief guide to learn how to revolutionize your life by opening a satisfying activity that you can manage as a family.

Trattoria: Requirements and bureaucracy

As for bureaucratic requirements, it will be necessary:

  1. to complete a self-certification, the SCIA, Report of Start of Activity Certificate, to the municipality of belonging;
  2. open the VAT number;
  3. fill in the Single Business Communication form to the Chamber of Commerce to be part of the Business Register;
  4. registration to INPS and Inail;
  5. the HACCP document for all workers present within the premises.

  1. In addition to these obligations, certain requirements are also required, including:
  2. self-certification regarding the possession of moral and professional requirements;
  3. the sanitary and hygienic authorization issued by the ASL of belonging;
  4. the authorization for the distribution of food and drinks, which can be obtained if you already have at least 2 years’ previous experience in the sector and the possession of a diploma that certifies the skills required to open a trattoria or with certificates and the course.


It is a cheaper investment compared to a restaurant, first of all with regards to the rent.
In fact it is not necessary to occupy a luxury environment in the city center: it is sufficient that the building is welcoming and comfortable, better if a bit spartan and rustic!

In addition to the bureaucratic costs, expenses will then have to be incurred to furnish the premises, to set up a kitchen, for utilities, to pay employees and to pay suppliers.

Despite this, with a figure between 20,000 and 30,000 euros it is possible to start this kind of activity.

You can also evaluate the franchise.
With an affiliation fee ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 euros, the parent company will provide the furniture, give you administrative assistance, sponsor you through its advertising channels, and procure the suppliers for you directly.

Management and staff

Opening a restaurant is equivalent to opening any kind of commercial activity, and even if of modest size, it will require the preparation of a business plan.

Accurate planning will allow you to determine initial investments and growth prospects, also taking into account potential risks.

Finally, let’s talk about the staff, saying that great chefs are not necessary, but rather competent people and in particular in typical local dishes, which will be the strong point of the menu; and the welcome to the customer that will represent the last, but still very important, factor in which we will have to work hard.
In this context, not only cordiality (courtesy, helpfulness and sympathy) are included, but also the low price list even if it depends on the customer.

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