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Restaurant in Veneto

Restaurant in Veneto. Intense and delicate flavours are the bases of cuisine of Veneto, they find their roots in the history of the region and in their geographical characteristics. The main food that characterize traditional Veneto’s dishes are rice, polenta, and baccalà.

The rice comes from the Arabic regions with whom Venetian Republic had some commercial routes. In 1500 people started growing “Vialone” rice in the Verona plain, now it’s a protected designation of origin product (IGP) with a characteristic taste which came out from the alkaline field where it is grown. Among rice dishes we find “Risi e Bisi” and “Risi e Fegadini”.

Restaurant in Veneto

Polenta is, over all, the most representative dish of Veneto, it’s the symbol of its people’s traditions. His colour is yellow because it is made of mais farina that reach this region thanks to commercial trades. There is another type of polenta, it’s colour is white, it is typical of regions such as Polesine and the area between Padova and Venezia. The “Tajer di Legno”, it’s a traditional cutting board where people use to chill the polenta because it absorb humidity and retain heat.

Baccala comes from the northern Italian seas. The “Baccalà alla Vicentina” can be cooked in different ways, you can use milk or potatoes, but the only thing that can’t be changed is cooking time of almost 2 hours.

Another product that comes from Veneto’s cuisine is radicchio: the typical violet vegetable that a lot of people appreciates for its slightly bitter flavour that comes from Treviso. This product is a protected designation of origin one too.

Restaurant in Veneto

The only type of pasta that is surely a part of Veneto’s traditions is “Bigoli”, thick spaghetti made with the help of a manually operated press.

We shouldn’t forget about traditional dishes such as “sarde in soar”, fried fish seasoned with raisin, vinegar, pine nut and roasted onions; or “oca in onto”, meat marinated in garlic, oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.
As regards desserts, we have to mention “Zaletti alla Veneziana”, whose name recalls the colour of the farina used to make the dish or the shape of the chicken created with the pasta. Another well known dessert are “Golosessi” skewers, prepared with dry figs, walnuts and apricots coated with caramelized sugar pierced one by one in little wood sticks.

Restaurant in Veneto

Cuisine of Veneto can be tasted only in Veneto, where is granted genuineness and uniqueness.

Among the different products of this region, one of the most important, is wine. The most valuable are “Amarone”, “Bardolino”, “Valpicella”and “Soave”.

Veneto not only has excellent wines but also delicious and precious “spumanti” such as “Prosecco di Valdobbiadene”, and in particular the “Cartizze”.

Last but not least, important is the production of “grappe”, grapes distillate made following the old recipes, that reached high quality standards and that are sold all over the world.

Restaurant in Veneto

Restaurant in Veneto

Talking about places where you can taste different traditional food, we suggest you 10 restaurants that we consider among the best in the region.

Le “Calandre” located in Rubano, believes in Ajamo’s brothers, respectively chef and sommelier. The last one manages with skills the wine cellar that is always resupplied with the best Italian and French wines.

The “Desco”, located in the heart of Verona in an ancient building. It was founded and it is managed by Elia Rizzo and his family.

Restaurant in Veneto

The “Peca”, located in Vicenza, whose name means in Vicenza dialect: foot-print. It is managed by Portinari’s brothers, their menu goes from handmade pasta, to fish and meat.

The “Perbellini” restaurant has a refined cuisine, where flavours and high quality raw materials are for the chef like colours for an artist. The precious wines of Perbellini’s Family completely accomplish the dishes.

The “ Antica Osteria Cera” located in Lughetto, possesses two michelin stars. In this restaurant those who loves straight fish will find the gratification which came out from the traditional recipes based on the high quality of the food.

Restaurant in Veneto

The “Locanda San Lorenzo” is located in Belluno province, it was founded at the beginning of 900’ by Osvaldo dal Farra. It is managed by chef Renzo and his young and talented crew with whom the restaurant received a Michelin star. In the wine cellar there are around 800 of the best labeled wines that comes from all over the world.

Restaurant in Veneto

The “Al Capriolo” restaurant possesses one Michelin star. Here you can find first quality products, finesse in the preparation of various recipes , stand out flavours and consistency in dishes.

The “Aga” restaurant is located in San Vito di Cadore where you can find art, avant-garde, and originality. Few tables in the building means that the customers will be delight with sophisticated dishes.

Restaurant in Veneto

The “Feva” restaurant, boasts a cuisine that respect the area and that is influenced by seasons. It revaluate poor foods and traditional recipes. Here you can find the mastery of wine world as well as the art and the elegance is waiting on the tables.

The “ Ridotto Restaurant” is a small gourmet restaurant with only 9 tables. It was born in 2006 thanks to the passion of chef Gianni Bonaccorsi. The cuisine that they offers is grounded to earth and sea products. The dishes in the menu change according to the season.

The only thing to do right now is to  choose  where to go according your taste . We are sure that no one of this restaurant will disappoint you.

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