Making pizzaiolo: interview with Marco Stango

Making pizzaiolo. For the readers of Ristomanager we continue the series of interviews to discover the secrets of these beautiful craft! Today we interview a young Foggiano of 21 years, who for some years has been cultivating the dream of becoming a very good pizza chef. His name is Marco Stango and he gladly accepted to answer some of our questions.

The history of pizza is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation, evolving gradually as it feeds on the culture and genius of each new place where it is introduced
In today’s world, where everything moves so fast and changes happen all at once, sometimes you just need something stable like a timeless classic!

Making pizzaiolo

Hi Marco, tell the readers of Ristomanager how your dream of becoming a pizza chef was born.

Hello everyone and thanks for the chance! My name is Marco Stango, I’m 21 and I’m from Foggia. My passion was born a few years ago, when I was about 14 years old. At the beginning it was my father who pushed me to start, almost forcing me to do it, because I was not very convinced that I could become good.

But from the beginning I sensed that I was good at doing this work and that it came naturally to me. From that moment on, the road to becoming a pizza chef was challenging, but I did it, even if the road to success and excellence is still long.

Have you studied in recent years to improve your vocational training or have you limited yourself to practical experience in the field?

Making pizzaiolo

Look, I have worked a lot in these years and I continue to do it, but I realized that forming together with other people and colleagues is important. I studied in an association of pizza chefs called Passion Pizza, and has at least 60 members, all part of Southern Italy.

For me it was an important and evolutionary experience, because it allowed me to get involved and to compare myself with other pizza makers, who taught me so much.

In your work inside the places that flour you use? Do you have any preferences?

Making pizzaiolo

I have no particular preferences from this point of view because I try to adapt to the demands of the place and the type of product I want to offer. At this time I use Polselli’s five seasons flours and I find myself very well.

making pizzaiolo

Marco know that at this moment you work in Ancona and that in recent weeks you have participated in the Master Pizza Champion championship in Bari. How did it go?

Making pizzaiolo

You work in Ancona until September and some time ago I participated in the Master Pizza Champion because I wanted to compare myself with the best pizza chefs, without fear and with the awareness of being able to play my part.

I must say that it went quite well and I finished second and if I have enough votes I can go to September to record the TV program, dedicated to the event!

Marco to conclude the interview reveal your dream in the drawer and if you like, say hello to our readers.

I hope to open a pizzeria of my own and try to experience my qualities as an entrepreneur! Greetings to readers of Ristomanager, to whom I asked to vote by clicking on this link.

Inside there is a youtube video with my name and at the end of the page you can vote for me by writing your data and following the directions!

A big hug and I hope to hear from you soon!

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