Ristomanager Gestione Comande

Ristomanager Gestione Comande. We are happy to announce that the app Ristomanager Management Comand, our client to take and send comande to the tables of restaurants, from today can also be used on Apple devices (iPhone and iPad).

ristomanager gestione comande
Ristomanager Gestione Comande

Ristomanager Gestione Comande

We remind you that with the Ristomanager Gestione Comande client you will have the possibility to manage the tables, send the order to the departments of your restaurant and send the account or pre-account. To use the app, you will need to install the appropriate server on your computer. This server, to meet increasingly large users, is compatible with both the Windows operating system and the Mac. Once you have done this, you must enter your login information to enter the server and then the client.

Ristomanager Management Comande: the functions.

Let’s now the  list of  the multiple functions of the Ristomanager Gestione Comande client:

– Add a Command
– Change a Command
– Delete a command
– Send a command in Press
– View all the tables
– Print the receipt
– Free the table
– Division of the command in groups. With this function you can also reverse the order of the orders
– Entering a Note for each product or dish before sending it
– Enter additional commands with the Add function

What’s the point of Ristomanager Gestione Comande?

The best way to retain your customers is to give them what they want and need. Management software can help you manage a restaurant accurately, even when there is no internet connection! Our strong point is the ability to work without ever having a problem to do things, because all the data will always be saved on local PC devices at any time – is like having superpowers for business owners who are looking for success and at the same time struggling for sustainability in this new era of technological advances.

By downloading “Ristomanager Comande Management” from google playstore or Apple store you will have the possibility to manage in real time the orders of your table, and check if there are still waiting. With this app it is easy for businesses like restaurants who want more control over their inventory management, as well as being able to print receipts directly on the tablet!

PC or Mac

With Ristomanager, the management software for your restaurant on PC or Mac and Linux machine you can create a map of the tables to organize quickly. Checking orders is a feature that allows a better organization in this regard – it allows users to know what they have received from each customer with ease and also to keep track of how many people are still waiting at any time; No need to say much more about these particular tasks since they are so elementary!

Invoice form

The Invoice form is a must-have for any business with an accountant. The electronic invoice form will allow you to send your invoices and receive suppliers’ invoices without the help of anyone else, which means less time wasted on paperwork! You can also choose which products are added in stock or virtual items – this way it is easier than ever to make sure there were no errors when buying something new.

Choose Ristomanager

We remind you that Ristomanager is not only a software to install on the PC, but can also be managed from a remote device such as a tablet or an Android phone. By downloading the special app, waiters can manage the time and places of food delivery while they are connected to their online account with us! All devices – no matter how small – can take advantage of this feature if downloaded by an employee who has received permission from his employer.

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