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Roberto Gallo. There is no doubt that in Italy, in spite of the terrible economic crisis, there is only one sector that continues to operate and to give professional possibilities, the kitchen and the catering sector. Our kitchen is still one of the most appreciated in the world and certainly the dishes that still stimulates the imagination of those who love Italian food, is definitely pizza.

roberto gallo

Thanks also to successful television programs, many people cultivate the dream of establishing themselves professionally in the kitchen and the job of the pizza maker in this sense is one of the most popular in this historical period.

In today’s fast-paced world, few things endure and remain unchanged. One of these is undoubtedly pizza; an ancient dish that originally came to Naples from Greece but was very influenced by his new home “Nea polis”. With the passing of time this simple recipe has been handed down through the generations to undergo contributions that the brilliant chefs know how to give to their taste: that is, fat and garlic!

The dish, originally linked to the Greek “Pita”, underwent profound changes with great influence of tomato.
In fact it was a revolution when one of its most representative ingredients became together mozzarella and basil (A’ pizz ca’ pummarola: recites the famous song of Aurelio Fierro).

Roberto Gallo

We meet Roberto Gallo, a 26-year-old boy, who managed to achieve his dream of being a pizza chef, and who accepted to answer some questions for readers of Ristomanager.

Hi Roberto, tell us something about yourself and your passion for pizza.

Hello everyone, my name is Roberto Gallo, I am 26 years old and I was born in Chieri, in the province of Turin. The passion for pizza was born in a concrete way about 8 years ago, when my brother, also a pizza chef, offered to help me in the oven where he worked. Since then I have never ceased to love this work, which for me is not just a profession for gain, but a real vocation.

Roberto Gallo

Please note that my family of Calabrian origin has worked for many years in the catering world. In fact, my brother and my father are pizza chefs, my mother and my sister are cooks!

Before starting to work did you attend a course, a school or did you have a teacher who taught you the job of the pizza chef?

My training took place directly on the field thanks to my brother who allowed me to work with him and he taught me many things. Subsequently, and to be precise 2 years ago, I met Enzo Cacialli. He is a Neapolitan pizza maker and is the owner of a pizzeria in historic Naples, which is called Antica pizzeria O Presidente.

Roberto Gallo

I will never stop thanking him because he taught me all the secrets of the trade and encouraged me on my journey. He is a great master of Neapolitan pizza and I took his place in the pizzeria, where I work right now, the Ristorante pizzeria Emporio, in Rondissone, province of Turin.

Often we take  the best flours to use for pizzas and I wanted to ask you what you use and how important

is the quality of raw materials to you

Roberto Gallo

I think every pizza maker has to use the flours he thinks best for the kind of service that the place he works with wants to offer his customers. I personally use only flour from the Caputo mill, with red Caputo and type 1 mixes.

Roberto Gallo

I love this flour because it is ground to stone and this aspect is a guarantee from the point of view of quality, because, unlike mechanical grinding, it does not lose nutrients to the grain.

Obviously the quality of the raw materials is fundamental for the success of the product. I do not like those who work in that way. I think it is necessary that a good pizzaiolo know how to create the right alchemy between the dough and the ingredients.

Do you have a dream in the drawer? And can you greet Ristomanager readers?

My dream is to participate in the world championship of pizza and maybe to win it! In general my goal is to continue to evolve in my work and to grow my passion for pizza to many people.

Greetings to all readers of Ristomanager and I hope in the future to discuss with you on all aspects of this extraordinary dish!

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