Top 10 restaurant in Lombardy

Lombardy’s traditional food

restaurant in lombardy

Restaurant in Lombardy. Lombardy’s most traditional and original food are those that comes from the alpine valley of Valtellina near Sondrio and those that comes from Oltrepò of Pavia, where you can taste excellent wines such as “Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico docg”. We should not forget to mention the traditional dishes that cosmopolitan city of Milan offers for instance “Cotoletta alla Milanese”, “Risotto allo zafferano”, and Christmas lombardy’s first choice dessert “Panettun de Milan”, Milanese’s must buy for the perfect feast day.

Restaurant in Lombardy

Butter, cheese, and dessert are the dishes more characteristic, there is a huge amount of main courses that deserve mention but the list is too long to write it down.

Restaurants and Trattorie has a lot to offer, for our pleasure, so that our only task is to taste food without spending that much. In the following paragraph I’ll rapidly review 3 remarkable Restaurant in Milan.

Antica Hostaria della Lanterna (Milano)

Restaurant in Lombardy

Situated in a cross street of “Corso Italia” it hosts customers in a little and simple building with few tables. An authentic Trattoria, that hasn’t changed even tough catering evolution over time.

A lady tells us orally in “milaness” (Milan’s dialect) the menu of the dinner: 3 main course and 2 second course. We chose “maccheroni allo zafferano e crudo” and “osso buco” combined with boiled potatoes. Both dishes were well cooked and tasty. After an Adequate bill we exit from the Trattoria pleased for the magical time travel that the atmosphere offered. You totally should make a reservation.

La Libreria (Via Palermo,21 Milano)

Restaurant in Lombardy

Its building reflects the story of the city, it’s located in the very centre of artist’s district in Brera and has a welcoming old style atmosphere. You won’t regret its traditional drinks and copious food made with high quality standards. La Libreria is the classic as-it-used-to-be Trattoria with as-it-used-to-be prices (low one). The landlady is rough but very pleasant. If you want to grab a seat just book it! This Trattoria is often crowded.

Antica Trattoria della Pesa (Viale Pasubio,10 Milano)

Restaurant in Lombardy

It offers excellent tranditional dishes: “risotto allo zafferano”, “cotoletta”, “osso buco”, “trippa”, and a fair variety of wines, “bonarda” is light, fresh, flavourful and not that hard to drink. Waiting service suits customer’s requests and it’s very fast. Prices are a bit high, it can be said that this is the traditional Milan Restaurant in every way but overall it’s worth the price, very tasty.

Ristorante e trattorie della valtellina

Once you cross from Est to West the river Adda, you’ll reach Como’s lake where the traditional most famous dish is wild animal meat combined with full-bodied wine. Valtellina is the area with the oldest and rich cooking tradition of Lombardy.

Other courses that deserve mention are first one: “Polenta alla Valtellinese” with “grana” cheese and butter, “Pizzoccheri della Valtellina” combined with a side dish of potatoes, “fontina”, spinach and  Savoy cabbage last but not least “Supa de can” is a traditional soup combined with stale bread made from eggs…

5 of the best Restaurant of Valtellina

Restaurant in Lombardy

Ristorante Camino (Livigno)

Food is delicious and dishes are great! Luca and his co-workers well manage to cook and serve traditional dishes that have been renewed. The location is friendly and warm. My advice is to try it!

Osteria del Benedet (Via Roma 2,23014 Delebio, Italia)

Restaurant in Lombardy

An historical three-level building well refined and that can be proud of an excellent wine cellar. The main room is clean and there is enough spaces between tables that are set with wonderful tablecloth. The menu is short, this means that they worked on it even because the dishes are difficult to cook and understand. In particular we requested meat based dishes. Waiting service was professional, it was a shame we didn’t find distillate menu. Fair Price, and good quality quantity to price ratio.

Trattoria Alpina

Tasty Tradition. It’s the ideal place where to go with friends if u want to eat and drink a lot and a lot good too. Food is delicious and portions are generous. Each time I ate in this Trattoria I was so satisfied. The price is affordable and the menu is various.

Osteria del Zep (Morbegno)

Restaurant in Lombardy

This Trattoria is something you won’t forget, it is warm welcoming and offers hig quality products too that comes from Valtellina’s tradition. As soon as we set down the chef came to the table in order to talk with us! The location deserve some  compliment for the furniture, awesome, that tells the story of the land. What’s left? Really tasty cuisine of Valtellina made with passion.

Ristoranti e pizzeria Oltrepò pavese

Restaurant in Lombardy

In this region Restaurants are capable of enhancing traditional recipes and bring them to the next level.

Locanda Antica Trattoria (Montebello della Battaglia)

Warm place characterised by the likable and original behaviour of he owner. This Trattoria offers flavourful high quality food cooked according to tradition and good wines. As early mentioned its good cuisine matches with the owner style, Paolo is a unique man! Hardly recommendedto eat here!

Osteria Fra’Pellizza (Costeggio – Pavia)

Restaurant in Lombardy

It is a well-finished location with kind waiting service where you can taste the best traditional dishes of Romans cuisine. Everything is flavoursome, starting from starters (very tasty artichokes with ricotta or baccalà), to main course (from “spaghetti cacio e pepe” to “linguine” with rockfish),passing throw second course (“trippa alla romana”,”coda alla vaccinara”, snapper with pistachio nuts) ending with dessert. We should highlight how good they introduce each dish and wine, the last one suggested by the competent and able waiter.

Osteria del Vecio Alpin (Casteggio)

Restaurant in Lombardy

The real Osteria, the one that everyione is searching is located in this little and well refined location that remembers a mountain cabin. Owners are courteous, polite and smiling. It instilled me glee. Food is high quality one, their family comes from Alpes this is a good thing for those who knows Alpine people. Dishes are copious. The authentic Osteria where you eat like a god. If you find yourself near Casteggio you have to stop here!

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