Top 10 Trattorie And restaurant in Puglia

Restaurant in Puglia. Puglia with its 700 km of breathtaking shore and it’s 300 km of both green valley and hillocks, offers flavoursome food made of excellent fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and genuine bovine and sheep meat.

In the area named “Tavoliere delle puglie” there is an ancient tradition about fruit, vegetables and meat. There are a lot of restaurants where you can taste local products, with a farm-to-table production, that comes directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

restaurant in puglia
Restaurant in Puglia

Apulian Cusine

Restaurant in Puglia

Apulian cuisine is characterized by the importance given to raw materials, both land and sea. The region has always valued the precision in the kitchen with a focus on the exaltation rather than on the alteration of the flavors of the ingredients used for the products; this allows you to find all the favorite vegetables in any season – turnips (to name one), green cabbage thistle peppers eggplant artichokes etc, not only those that are nearby but also more exotic ones such as those grown on site or at higher altitudes where it is warm enough so that they do not spoil before falling below the harvest quotas due to too hot climatic conditions.

Traditional dishes

Restaurant in Puglia

This kitchen has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from other kitchens, and that of offering different dishes depending on the seasons. For example: in spring, when vegetables are at their mildest (and most delicious) point of the season, preference is given to these foods instead of red meats such as beef or pork; while in the colder autumn months you will see families cooking large pots on the fire using hardy roots like potatoes along with fat cuts like duck breast fillets.

Restaurant in Puglia

The most typical dish is orecchiette with horse meat sauce, whose recipe is now widespread in all cookbooks. Among the other traditional dishes worthy of note are those based on turnip tops and turnip leaf; among them the Chicory with the puree of broad beans, which binds this territory to Mediterranean cuisine, such as the Risotto alla Cavatellicons cozzze or the Fritters of barley semolina – PatateRiceEggs – also called “Chips”.

Restaurant in Puglia

Apulian cheeses are unique in that they can be used as an appetizer, light dish or specialty of the love of the gods! The best way to enjoy these tasty treasures is to add them to your favorite pasta, such as cacioricotta that contains small pieces (or “mince”) of minced pork mixed with fresh tomato sauce.

Restaurants in Foggia

Restaurant in Puglia

Piccola Osteria km Zero

Excellent cuisine, products are always fresh and comes from the neighbourhood moreover they are wonderfully cooked. We find original the idea of a variable menu coherent with the usage of farm-to-table products. Fair prices.

Ristorante Grand’Italia

Its simple cuisine enhance the taste of dishes, light and delicious. Moreover after eating a lot, the lightness of the meal helps you stand up easily, without feeling upset.

Ristorante Braceria Aurora

Homey and friendly location, excellent for those who want to taste a great “Tagliata” or some tasty tuna fillet cooked on embers. Started in 1950 it’s symbol of tradition and professionalism.

Restaurants in Gargano

Restaurant in Puglia

Moving throw Gargano, in Peschici we found Trattoria Bar Costamarina. Spectacular location with a terrace that offers a breathtaking sea view. Waiting service was professional and polite, talking about food fish dishes were tasty and generous.

While Hanging around in Vieste we found Skipper, a restaurant with wide glass walls that allowed us to admire the astonishing sunset on the sea port

Restaurants in Bari

If you find yourself 1 or 2 days in Bari I suggests you to have a meal in “Le Giare Ristorante” restaurant. It’s like a voyage across authentic and intense taste of land and sea originated by the experience and the flavoursome cuisine of chef Antonio Bufi.

La Pesciera offers different food such as shellfish raw or cooked, fish-fry, fresh baked fish, tartare and sushi-roll. Excellent and premium oysters combined with Champagne close the circle.

Restaurants in Salento

Restaurant in Puglia

restaurant in puglia

In Salento you can find excellent restaurants where the tradition wisely taught to combine fresh fish, such as famous Gallipoli’s “Schiuma di mare”, with fruit and vegetables that this wonderful land offers.

Dall’antiquario (Lecce)

Before even taste traditional well cooked food you should observe the details and the style of this location, unique in its genre. Everything in Salento is different, each place is a discover.

Osteria Briganti (Gallipoli)

It offers interesting and tasty dishes, waiting service is warm and polite, the location is pleasant, it offers fair prices, it’s absolutely the place where everyone would like to have dinner.

Osteria del Vico (Gallipoli)

Excellent restaurant set in the historical center of Gallipoli. It’s best dish is the starter, suggested to me by the owner, made up of 6 small portions. They always serve fresh fish.

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