Why to choose a restaurant manager?

Opening or take over a restaurant for many people  is the dream of a lifetime. A desire that almost always derives from a great passion for cooking, but that often is also accompanied by a lack of knowledge of everything concerning the real management aspects of an activity of this type.

In fact, to open and manage a restaurant correctly, it is not enough to create an interesting menu, or furnish the location with taste. Managing a restaurant also means carefully planning costs and actions, in order to always keep under control every single aspect of the whole activity.

To do this often only one person is not enough. In spite of all the good will, in fact, following every aspect of the management of a restaurant with care can be tiring even for the owner himself. That’s why it becomes essential to rely on and to choose a good management.

Restaurant management: discover the management that’s right for you!

Why management for restaurants: all the advantages

On the market you can find different types, even if only some are able to offer a truly complete package and assistance. One of these is Ristomanager, a software that you can download on your tablet and PC with which you can significantly improve the management of your restaurant. Each activity will be constantly monitored and under your control. You will be able to optimize and automate the management of tables and orders for example.

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Your waiters can take the restaurant order directly from their tablets, automatically transferring it to the kitchen. You will save precious time, reducing the expectations of your customers and also avoiding unpleasant surprises and mistakes in the orders. In fact, by automating the process, you will no longer have to worry about running into those typical errors of service, which can often ruin a restaurant’s reputation by removing customers.

And not only that, by using software of this type, you can constantly monitor the supply of your warehouse. In particular, all loading and unloading operations from the warehouse will be  easier and more accurate. You will be able to correctly manage the bar and restaurant stocks, and setting the quantity you have for each item.

Personnel management can also benefit from the use of this management system. In this way you will be able to organize and divide all the roles in the best way, identifying the tasks with precision, and avoiding unnecessary overlap and confusion in the staff. In fact, there is often a lack of staff organization among the causes of a bad service. Your staff will work in a more orderly manner and with greater awareness and responsibility with regard to their role.

Furthermore, Ristomanager will also allow you to monitor the performance of the activity, identifying any strengths and weaknesses, in order to evaluate actions to correct and improve management. You will have at your disposal a whole series of statistics, organized and consultable through intuitive graphics, constantly updated to analyze and work on. Costs and investments will also be under control, allowing you to avoid false moves.

And it does not end here: this software will also give you the opportunity to build a real database of your customers, with the history of all orders and their habits, allowing you to put in place and plan ad hoc loyalty actions. In short, thanks to the help of Ristomanager you can light the management of the restaurant and, at the same time, you can optimize it improving every single aspect, from the most strictly organizational to the most strictly promotional.

Finally, if you have a management software nowadays is now a must for any restaurateur, there is also to say that choosing the right one can really make the difference. Ristomanager, for example, is a fairly unique model in the restaurant software landscape. In fact, compared to most of the management programs, there is no need for an internet connection. This is a very important detail, as it allows you to use the software  in the event of a blackout, if the web connection is  lost. This is because Ristomanager works by using the PC as a server and using the local network connection.

In this way you can avoid unpleasant problems, such as blocking all the restaurant activities, and you will continue to work as if nothing had happened. Ristomanager is also very easy to use and is available for Android and iOS devices.

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