10 characteristics of a good waiter

Like being a good waiter. Being a successful waiter is not difficult, but many do not know all the secrets, so here are our tips on how to be a good waiter.

As a waiter, there are many things you need to remember. First of all it is important that your customers feel comfortable with the service and quality of the food, so that they come back again!
A good way we can achieve this is to make sure our tables have enough glasses of water and plates or cutlery depending on whether someone ordered an appetizer before the meal is served; if it has not already been done, When taking out new dishes/ orders, make sure that each guest has bread in abundant quantities during the wait between courses – especially the dessert – perhaps also offering sauces to dip.

Good waiter

It will not be as difficult as being an astronaut or a circus acrobat; but the waiter’s is one of the most difficult jobs in the world; but in which you can have good profits, if you do it well.
Successful waiters have a great respect for the restaurateur within whom they work and who give them a salary.

A good waiter must absolutely do:

Good waiter: rules

1.Take care of your appearance and your outfit. Cleaning and orders are the basics of a good presentation. Never present yourself with the crumpled or stained jacket or split.
Pay attention to posture and attitude. Never hold your hands in your pocket!
2.Welcoming customers in a courteous and hospitable way.

Do not discriminate, all customers are equal for social class or reputation and deserve the same treatment.
Pay attention to fixed customers. It is important to note or even just store tastes, allergies or special requests of affectionate customers. How to be a good waiter?
To be a good waiter you need to know him really well, in every way. You will need to be able to answer questions about the ingredients of the dishes when curious customers come, vegetarians or who are allergic to certain foods. This includes all kinds of menus: dishes, drinks and wines, and for children. If you don’t know the answer, check it quickly to be able to answer safely. This will help you understand which dishes are more profitable and can generate additional tips.

Good waiter
3.Keep the memory trained. It is very useful to store the layout and the number of tables, to know perfectly the menu proposals and to remember some orders to make the service faster.

good waiter

4.Always carry the necessary accessories: service napkin, lighter or match, bottle opener, order notebook.
5.Take the order at the table after waiting for the right time. It is important to make the guests calmly decide; generally you “come into action” when the customer has put the menu on the table and looks around
6.Grab the bottle of wine at the table. Before pouring it into the glasses, the waiter must give a taste to the most authoritative diner and proceed only after his positive opinion. In pour way it always starts from the right and serve the ladies first. Do not fill up too much glasses, roughly 2/3
7.Serve the dishes in the right way. It always starts with the ladies, you bring the dish from the right and pulls it from the left, keeping the dish down and never at the face of the customer.
Spray and clean the table before serving the dessert. Remember, however, that towels must be removed after coffee

Good waiter
8.Just bring the bill when you are asked for it and leave it immediately afterwards without waiting for your payment.
9.Do not ever travel empty from the kitchen to the room or vice versa. Make sure you always have something in your hand and do not give the impression that you have nothing to do.
Stay in the room, watch out on the tables and the customers, so you can make any demands or requests. Captain, discover the secrets! Tips on the facebook page of a restaurant.

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