ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Online marketing campaigns are increasingly important.


Changes in consumer habits allow new businesses to promote themselves aggressively and competitively without spending capital.Among the tools that the web offers to advertise a restaurant, often at reduced costs, there are banner ads, ads, e-mail marketing, review websites, social media and many others. First of all it will be essential to create a website dedicated to your restaurant and the facebook page.You will need to make sure that it is well positioned in search engines.Moreover, it is intuitive and functional for the user, who has a graphic and a captivating layout and finally that enhances the strengths of the restaurant.

To be more performing it will be important that the website is compatible with different devices in addition to computers such as tablets and smartphones. For the facebook page everything will be simpler.

It is important to integrate a presentation of the restaurant and its history, the menu in digital format.

This system allows you to make reservations directly online and to periodically publish photos that enhance the location and dishes served.

To make the website of the restaurant more visible on the web, you can rely on one of the many advertising campaigns such as AdWords on Google.

If advertising campaigns and the creation of a website have costs, it is completely free to advertise and promote your restaurant on social media with texts, photos and videos.


Being present on all major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, etc.), especially on those most used by your target, will be crucial.

The second type of advertising to promote and launch your new restaurant is offline advertising.

Advertising flyers (maybe with a coupon or a discount);


insertions in newspapers and magazines (both in the sector and in small local publications and therefore with a target of customers residing in areas adjacent to yours); and also billboard advertising which help you to grow your business and your site.

billboards (strategically positioned even on the road)

advertisements on the radio, etc.


And finally, less immediate but also more effective advertising is the word of mouth of satisfied customers.

The key thing then will be to finally succeed in the intent (not easy) to make your customers go away fully satisfied. In this way you will acquire over time more and more customers and an increasing number of loyal customers.

Advertising word on the web
Being able to use an advertising service is very important especially because thanks to it it is intuitively possible to boast of significant functional advantages. A good website, or proper social activity can help a restaurant fortify its network of contacts. This creates a real advertising word on the web. Thanks to it it is possible that some information reaches possible customers by making them aware of some promotions or offers.


The advertising of a restaurant must be treated in detail just as it should be done for any other activity. We are in a historical context in which digital has a very relevant value and for this reason it is important to use the best tools to make sure that the advertising word on the web is as strong and solid as possible. This way you can reach new customers by sponsoring your business to the fullest. If you are interested in creating a network of online contacts aimed at creating a valid advertising word on the web, it is important to rely on some tools.

Getting new contacts can be pretty easy if you can figure out the best way to do it.

Surely it is important to use some essential tools. In this regard you can not disregard the value of a well-maintained website. If you decide to invest in digital advertising, a good advice would be to use digital forms of communication.

A website should provide a general overview of your restaurant, stressing the underlying objectives and philosophy on which the catering work you have decided to undertake is based. For this reason it is important to keep a site up to date, rich in information of different types. An interesting idea could be to offer some information about the type of cuisine served in your room, about the techniques of preparation and the type of service offered to customers. I mean, all you have to do is advertise your business.

Social media
Advertising campaign

Social media is another very good tool in order to create an advertising word on the web. Using social networks you can create special pages dedicated to your business. Also in this case the periodicity and the constancy are super important. We cannot think that internet users will talk and share information about a sparse or poorly managed page.

For this reason, the main advice is to make use of the right professionals so that they can help you better manage your digital activities. The advantage of a good social activity is that everyone can read the posts and updates you decide to post. A great idea would be to add a lot of multimedia content. Users love being able to see for themselves what a service offers. So creating photo menus and publishing them on your site and on your social pages could be a great incentive for a restaurant business.

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