The 2019 food trends: let’s see them together

As with fashion trends, here are the 2019 food trends. We have a return to the simple and genuine ingredients belonging to the authentic Mediterranean diet but also influences from the rest of the world.

Yogurt and fermented foods

Probiotic foods will be on the rise. From breakfasts to savory recipes alongside salmon and vegetables.

  • Foods of Asian origin such as kombucha, a particular fermented tea,
  • kimchi, a typical Korean recipe
  • and miso, a soup in Japanese cuisine.


After goji berries and chia seeds, the seeds will increasingly come into common use among sweet and savory dishes.

Food trends: Influences from the rest of the world

From sushi to the most unknown and delicious Filipino dishes, our tables will be colored with unusual, spicy, light and very tasty foods.

Black food

All those dishes colored black with food or natural dyes such as charcoal and cuttlefish black are at the center of the trend also on Instagram.


The “alternative” products to the grain like the Kasha, a Russian porridge composed of various types of cereals are getting the better. Also due to the general trend towards gluten-free products.


We are used to seeing them in sushi rolls, or in ramen. It is used in doughs, in broth or to flavor salads and cold snacks.

Food trends: Amaranth

A pseudocereal among the oldest in the world, typical of pre-Columbian peoples.


Chickpeas are super transversal in the kitchen and are now used as a base for the preparation of innumerable dishes.

Happy hour: how to organize a good aperitif ?

Happy hour is an excellent initiative to increase the profits of your business.

A moment of those who earn more together with breakfast and lunch. Happy hour, however, requires a different type of service as, unlike breakfast and lunch, the customer wants to give himself a moment of pleasure. It is an aperitif to stay with friends, socialize and have fun. Drinking becomes a simple outline.

Making the happy hour profitable therefore becomes particularly decisive.

Promote your happy hour

To promote your happy hour you have to take into account some things. Unlike coffee, which the customer tastes hastily and for which he chooses the nearest place, the customer will carefully choose the location at the time of the aperitif. Furthermore, he will have no problems traveling more miles if he thinks it may be worth it.

The atmosphere is fundamental and must be communicated in a very clear way also and above all through the new social platforms including facebook, or review sites like Trip Advisor, or the social photo sharing, Instagram. Having a good performance or good reviews on these platforms can only help.

However, let’s not forget PR. Boys, often very young, who, having a strong following, can attract many more customers to the restaurant.

However, in order not to have bad surprises, it is possible to have specific companies in the sector that operate in an organized manner and allow for guaranteed success. It should be noted, however, that their rates are much higher and think about how to invest your money.

The buffet

The patrons will surely be attracted by the most particular and appetizing buffets but above all abundant.

For this purpose, all products such as:

  • Pasta and omelettes, crushed
  • Pizza and puccie
  • Barley, spelled, rice
  • Frying
  • Focaccine, focaccine, sandwiches, croutons, bruschetta

Remember to organize food well and napkins, plates, forks in order to distribute them evenly at different points of the table.

If you will have imagination and you will make your courses interesting but organizing everything in the right timing so as not to find yourself with water in your throat and zero ideas.

Happy hour: craft beers and cocktails

The new trends have changed the world of aperitifs, expanding the customer’s choice:

  • Cocktail
  • Ready to drink
  • soft drinks
  • Wines
  • Beers

But what are the most popular and requested aperitifs in the bar?

  • spritzer
  • Mojito
  • Caipirinha
  • Long island ice tea
  • Moscow mule
  • Martini
  • Manhattan
  • Bloody Mary
  • Margarita

However, imagination is important and customers always want to be amazed. A good bartender must be able to experiment with new and interesting combinations.

Tax receipt and electronic receipt

Tax receipt and electronic receipt, what can we expect?

A business or self-employment activity brings the need to produce a fiscal document testing the sum received as compensation. This document can be an invoice or a tax receipt and is necessary for any type of service.

Now let’s see what it is all about
The famous tax receipt is a document, issued by the operators, which describes the goods sold or the service performed and the consideration received. It does not contain the breakdown of VAT or the references of the person making the payment. The tax receipt is issued in place of the receipt unless the customer specifically requests the invoice. The tax receipt is generally completed in duplicate, on printed documents with progressive numbering and all the fiscal references of the issuing subject. The law allows the operator to choose between issuing a receipt or both. In e-commerce transactions the document is called a purchase receipt.

The invoice, on the other hand, is a fiscal document that is issued to holders of VAT numbers, that contains the tax information of both the person who issues it and the person who pays it. When you find yourself having to pay an occasional benefit (up to € 5,000 a year there is no need to have a VAT number), simply fill out a simple receipt. Instead, it is fundamental to report the amount net of withholding tax at 20% specifying the occasional service performed.

So what is the situation regarding the tax receipt and the electronic receipt, what can we expect?

Recently we have had to confront the debug at the beginning of 2019 for obligation of electronic invoicing in transactions between “private”. From 1 July 2019 the Inland Revenue has confirmed that it will no longer be possible for paper receipts or receipts to be issued. In fact the perceived fees are now documented through the transmission of daily data and using electronic storage.

The customer is issued a document valid for tax purposes integrated with the tax code or VAT number of the buyer. The receipts will also be sent online to the Revenue Agency. The obligation is immediately valid for tax payers with a turnover exceeding 400 thousand euros. Starting from 1 January 2020, however, the obligation will be extended to all other subjects. For the fulfillment of these measures, taken in order to counter tax evasion, it will be necessary to have suitable Telematic Recorders which will obviously involve a cost.

However, don’t panic, you can gradually move towards these changes. You will be evaluated based on the type of activity and possible web connectivity difficulties in the area in which you operate. For the two-year period 2019-2020 traders will be able to benefit from a contribution equal to 50% of the sustained expenditure. It will be possible to obtain, within the limit of 50 euros in the case of adaptation of a recorder already in possession, and of 250 euros if a new purchase is made.

For the specifics regarding the transition from cash register to the on-line one it is necessary to read the provision of the Revenue Agency n. 182017/2016 having all the necessary technical characteristics. The operations that require certification through a commercial document are disclosed by the Art. 22 DPR 633-1972 (Retail trade and similar activities).

The Italian Academy of Cooking: All You Need to Know

Your dream is to become a chef, turning your passion into a real job? Or maybe you are already a chef from commerce but want to keep up to date? We know what the right place is for you then! The Accademia Italiana Chef is a cooking school that allows you to take the profession of chef in a safe and effective way.

Industry experts will teach you strong foundations to build your career in the kitchen field.

In addition to the theory, the practice of the Italian Kitchen Academy is also essential: within the training courses, practices are guaranteed in the qualified facilities associated with the Italian Kitchen Academy.

In fact, the great advantage that comes from this prestigious academy is the fact that you certainly will not get out of work without a job.
Thanks to agreements with more than 2400 Italian restaurants, from Osteria Francescana and Modena to Cracco, from small sweets to Knam or Sal De Riso, for many practical experiences with the presence of hotel professionals, alternating with cooking courses, pastry chefs and professional pizza maker, there is no risk of finding a satisfying job!

Italian chef academy: How it works

The Italian and Kitchen Academy is sponsored by the Italian Association of Professional Kitchens and an accredited Regional Training Institute and is awarded the new certification “Quality in Training” ISO 29990: 2011.
The Professional Kitchen Course is a 1 Day Full Time Course, that is, once a week for seven meetings, for a total of 14 training modules always composed of a theoretical and practical part.

The professional cooking school is presented in 5 cities in Italy: Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna with numerous courses of professional cooking.

Among the courses available at the Italian Kitchen Academy, they distinguish the course for a chef, a course for professional chefs, a course for chefs and a course for pizza makers.

Participating Cuisine is promised a training course that goes through all aspects related to the management of a kitchen and a restaurant.

07 July 2019
Special Price Summer Session

(Calendar of Lessons: 7-14-21-28 July, 4 August)

07 July 2019

(Calendar of Lessons: 7-14-21-28 July, 4 August)

15 September 2019

(Lesson Schedule: 15-22-29 September, 6-13 October)

15 September 2019

(Lesson Schedule: 15-22-29 September, 6-13 October )

21 September 2019

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21 September 2019

Saturday (Schedule of lessons: September 21-28, October 5-12-19-26)

22 September 2019

Sunday (Schedule of Teachings: September 22-29, October 6-13-20-27)

October 15, 2019


Food truck: Everything you need to know

Food Truck: What is it? Which are the most famous? How to open it? How should it be managed? How can Ristomanager help you?
Follow me in these paragraphs and you will discover the world of the so-called cloister-van!

What’s this?

You know those American movies where men in suits go out of their office, take a hot dog and sit on a bench?
Or, again, those cartoons where the children are given a coin because the ice cream truck has arrived?

Although its origin is Californian, nowadays also in Italy there are numerous examples of Food trucks.
If once the motto was “let it all go and I open a kiosk in the Caribbean”, now it’s “I close my restaurant and open a food truck”.

Lately the initiatives involving these trucks are multiplying.
In almost all Italian cities, fairs dedicated to Street Food are being held, that is, food purchased and consumed literally in the street, outside the supermarket, bars and restaurants.

We can define food trucks just like this: they are itinerant vans equipped with a kitchen for preparing and selling meals of various kinds, as well as snacks and typical specialties.
But let’s not be fooled by the appearance: there are very high quality food trucks that prepare top quality foods.

The most famous food trucks in the world

  1. Le Camion à Pizzas al Centquatre, located in Paris. It offers pizzas with various types of seasonings in a super chic truck.
  2. Die Dollen Knollen-Puffermanufaktur. It is located in Berlin and offers delicious potato rosti with smoked fish and cottage cheese seasonings.
  3. Emerson Fry Bread (Phoenix, Arizona) is the only one in the United States to specialize in Native American cuisine with a pinch of Mexican.
  4. Lembo Bistrot, an Italian example. It is located in Turin and offers choco-kebabs, waffles and marshmallows aboard an English Bedford. What makes it unique is the fact that the owners have created Beer Bike Baladin, a 12-seat rickshaw on which you can drink excellent beer while pedaling, and Moto Grill Guzzi, a motorbike heirloom from which come out smoldering Apulian bomblets

How to open a food truck? Everything you need to know

The fundamental thing in this activity is having a defined gastronomic idea.
From the concept, it will be possible to develop a marketing plan and a business plan that fixes a budget and commercial strategies, such as advertising through social media.

The great advantage of the food truck is the abatement or reduction of most of the typical costs of a restaurant, starting from the rent of the restaurant, which in big cities becomes more and more expensive when inflation increases.

However, the set-up difficulties should not be underestimated.
The initial investment is around 35 thousand euros, mainly due to the purchase of the truck, or truck.
In fact, the first thing to do is find the right gusto.

You can play around with colorful vintage vans and small Ape cars, but consider that they are unsuitable for long journeys and you may need a support laboratory.
In this regard, there are companies that specialize in selling modern and complete vans.

Besides the contained costs, another point in favor of food trucks is the fact that having itinerant itinerant licenses is easy.
They are obtained by applying in the municipality of residence and have national value.

To carry out food and drink administration activities, you must have worked at least 2 years in catering, attended the hotel school or similar degrees and diplomas, otherwise you must follow a 130-hour course.
A certification is also required to have all the moral requirements in order.

Being a retail trade activity on a public area, to start with it also requires a SCIA – Certified Activity Start Report – a statement that allows companies to start a business without having to wait for authorization from the competent bodies. It should be made for the foodtruck, for a laboratory if one has it and if catering services are also provided for that.

How to manage it
Here I can help you: with Ristomanager, managing everything related to stocks and orders will be a real breeze!

Thanks to the fast cash option, you can easily manage your accounts.
Here is how it will appear on the screen:

Online restaurant management games: the best to download

In vogue for several years now, the management games of restaurants are among the most searched and downloaded online games. Maybe because playing with food and cooking is always a pleasure, it will perhaps be due to television broadcasts like Masterchef, the fact is that these games have obtained and still get great success. To test oneself with the management of a restaurant kitchen, the management of the warehouse or the tables, it seems, is fun and at the same time compelling.

Online restaurant management games: why do they like so much?

A way definitely to know a reality that those who frequent a restaurant often do not even imagine, and that instead is made up of many small activities to which you must be careful. And these games do nothing but highlight this: that is the need to have a management to get everything under control. In this case it is just a game of course, but the reality is that managing a restaurant is really very complicated.

A good management software to download on your PC and on your tablet can in fact facilitate many operations and ensure that everything is monitored and controlled: from the supply of the warehouse to the management of the tables, the staff and even customers. The management of the restaurant, in fact, is not limited exclusively to the dining room and the kitchen, but also includes all those activities aimed at promoting the restaurant and retaining its customers.

That’s why, if you want to make a difference and bring your business to success it would be advisable to rely on such an instrument. Thinking that you can do everything yourself, maybe concentrating on one person different roles, risks creating a lot of confusion and increases the possibility of making mistakes, leading the restaurant to a more than insured failure.

Online restaurant management games: the best for i-phone and android

And if a management software will give you the opportunity to improve and grow your restaurant, an online game can certainly help you understand how this world works and how you need to approach it. The games that fall into this category will put you in front of the classic responsibilities that a director or a restaurant owner have.

You will also have to manage the warehouse, provide for the expense, think about the modernization of the premises and also the necessary cooking facilities. And not only that, to all this, there is also another not less important aspect, both in the game and in reality, which is that of personnel management and training. In fact, you will have to take care of selecting and recruiting all the staff members necessary for the correct operation of the premises.

In short, a real simulation of what really happens behind the scenes of a restaurant. But let’s see what are the best restaurant management games to download on both iPhone and Android.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories
This is a real management game, where you have to take care of everything, from the organization of the tables, the preparation and care of the room, the recruitment of staff, up to the choice of menu and prices. In short you will have to take care of every single aspect and activity of the restaurant, from the kitchen to the commercial actions, just like a real owner. This is therefore not one of those games where you cook and test your skills as a chef. In this case, you will take on the role of a manager who must have everything under control and bring his restaurant to success.
Kitchen Craze
Kitchen Craze is, compared to the first, a more refined game that even allows you to choose between various types of restaurant. You can then decide to open and manage an Italian restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, etc. Even in this case you will not have to cook the dishes, but you will have to take care of buying the ingredients,
the supply of the warehouse and the management of staff and cooks who will follow your instructions to the letter. The advantage of this game is that you can try out very different activities, discovering the various peculiarities and touching with hand all the difficulties that every owner or restaurant owner faces in everyday life. You will find yourself managing a pub or a pizzeria, or even a restaurant. You will know the differences between the various activities and you can have fun experimenting with new ideas and solutions to grow your restaurant.

Street food: what it is, to whom it is addressed and how to start a business.

Street food: what it is, to whom it is addressed and how to start a business.

What is street food?

With  “street food” we mean the sale and  also the preparation of foodstuffs for street consumption. Food preparation and trade take place on the board of a  food truck. For those who are fasting in English, a food truck is the classic traveling van that operates in public and open spaces like streets, parks or squares.

Street food is part of the informal food sector (informal food sector), which revolves around the food eaten  that isnot at a restaurant table but standing up and taking away the formula (typical, as well as the kiosks of hot dogs also take away pizzerias).

Street food: the target audience.

The public to which the street food refers is various, this is thanks to its comfort. Young people and students are attracted to low prices, workers for the convenience of its consumption in lunch breaks.

But street food, as well as a food “fallback” for those with little time and money, can also be a fair attraction. There are countless street food events that, especially in summer, crowd the Italian streets and delight the patrons with regional delicacies. This attracts an audience of all ages and types: from the young lover of informal and unconventional events to curious families. The latter, as well as the over 50 patrons, rediscover regional food in a younger, newer light, unrelated to classic restaurants and trattorias.

For the reasons listed above, street food is an interesting segment of the food sector, and we will see soon  how to open an activity in this area.

How to start a street food business.

The informal and “reassuring” air of a food truck should not make us believe that starting a business in street food will be a walk. Here is the process that, step by step, will start your business.

The requirements.

We assume that food trucker is not improvised, and therefore requires one to choose from the following requirements

1,.have a culinary  diploma
2.have at least 2 years experience in catering in the last 5 years enrolled in the REC (Commercial Executives Register) as “food and drink administrators”
4.having attended regional courses on food trade and having passed the related final exams
5.have a member who possesses one or more of the requirements listed above

The license.

Once you have completed  at least one of the 5 requirements,  you should proceed with requesting the license. Depending on the type of activity you have in mind, there are two types:

1.type A: that is, a license granted by the Municipality of its own membership to carry out its activity at a fixed point. This license is valid throughout the region of reference and allows a food trucker to participate in fairs throughout Italy. It can be requested up to 30 days from the publication (in March-April or September-October) of the list of vacant seats. However it can be lost if the trade is not exercised regularly and too many absences accumulate.
2.type B: it is a license for traveling food trucks, which do not have  a fixed point. It allows you to practice your business in all the fairs in Italy, but as long as the trader informs you and agrees with the City of duty for any free parking (to be occupied in limited time frames). The B license, unlike the A, is free, with no issue or renewal fee.

Bureaucratic Iter to start the business.

Today, with the Unica Communication, it is possible to fulfill all the steps necessary to start a business:

1.opening of the VAT number to the Revenue Agency
2.registration with INPS and INAIL
3.registration in the Chamber of Commerce Register of Companies

Choice and authorizations for the food truck.

In addition to the whole process of ordinary administration to start a business, we must also take care of another die: that for food trucks.

It is the transport medium and “travel companion” in your adventure food. The first thing is to first choose the appropriate size and appropriate to your type of activity.

If it involves shifts of short stretches, within the same city, the ideal is the ape-car, small in size and easy to assemble and disassemble.

If, on the other hand, you want an “itinerant” vehicle, which allows you to move from fair to fair within the region, opt for a “medium” format porter. It will allow you to carry with you everything you need for your business on medium and long haul routes.

Finally, if  your food truck “think big” you will have to focus on mighty FIAT Ducato food truck.

Once you have chosen the right vehicle for you, you will have it tested and registered. In addition, as a food and drink provider to consumers, you will have to ensure that your food truck has a health authorization from the local ASL.

Food News: Las Bravas, two Spaniards in Italy on board a food truck

What is a food truck? It is the home of street food.

Valentina and Mireja had made their profession and, they have  traveled far and wide for Spain, they arrive in Italy on board their blue trailer: they are called Las Bravas and their specialty is tapas.

They arrive in Milan and from there they will leave to be known throughout the boot. There is a wheeled kitchen in which they prepare in a revisited version the culinary specialties of the Iberian Peninsula. Mireja is of Spanish origin, Valentina has lived in Barcelona for so long to fall in love with her. Their project stems from the love for the Spanish culinary culture and the desire to share and export it: hence the idea of ​​reviving Iberian recipes in the street food version and putting them on their traveling business.

But which  are  the steps to put on a tapas bar, or in general a food truck, on two wheels?

The process is long and always starts from a good idea and a lot of work needs  to implement it. We need to be clear about our goals and the identity of our business, evaluating their expenses as well as possible earnings.

Next, you have to deal with the bureaucracy: first of all ,the certificate of the Food and Beverage Administration course is required. Another fundamental step is the opening of the VAT number at the Inland Revenue, registration with INPS and the Chamber of Commerce. You must then go to the town of residence to obtain a license to the traveling trade, and find out which roads are allowed to stop and sell and in what time. Each municipality has its own regulation and knowing the rules that allows to avoid problems of any kind and penalties.

What are the advantages of a food truck?

The initial costs are certainly not those of the opening of a real restaurant and it is easy to amortize them quickly.

You can more easily retain the customer: the relationship with those who “eat” is more directed and informal than in traditional restaurants. Even the sale is simplified and fast: the street food format is more practical than the classic “courses”, and helps the growth of profits.

You can move around and participate in festivals, events or even to  choose the best places that offer more sales opportunities: if a place does not work, turn the engine on and off!