Catering equipments: tips

Catering Equipments: Do You Have a Bar or Restaurant?

What are the best tools that make you win?

Catering Equipments

Catering equipments were the emblem of consumer development in the 1960s: homes are packed with refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, fruit juices.
Similarly, restaurants and bars have equipped themselves with some technology to prepare more and more dishes in less time.

Catering equipments

Catering Equipments

Let’s see together some interesting equipment of which you could equip your restaurant business.

Catering is an industry that requires a lot of care and attention. As such, it is important for you as owner or manager to consider which equipment will best meet your needs in order not only to provide good service, but also to maintain reputation among customers who visit frequently! Here I have compiled some tips based on common choices:
I) plates – metal utensils are better than plastic because they do not retain the odors of cooking foods; II) pots and pans – stainless steel retains heat well and therefore foods cook more evenly on its surface than aluminum.
Let’s see some interesting accessories that you can supply to your restaurant business.

Catering equipments

There are many reasons to choose a restaurant equipment that best suits your needs. You want an efficient system for cooking, serving and cleaning dishes that is also convenient in the long run!

Some people say that the best restaurant equipment is a great cook, and if you have one it’s time to retrain. Here are some of our favorite kitchen equipment:

Catering Equipments

A whisk makes all the spices worth using because they can give depth to any dish, from curry powder to fudge sauce, without adding anything but flavor! You’ll find them useful in recipes where heavy cream or milk could be used just as easily – I bet even mashed potatoes won’t know what hit them once those delicious bubbles start popping back on top after you’ve been Cooking The low sugar cooking spray will keep your food healthy by masking unwanted flavors and still making everything look appetizing…

I’m sure you’ve had a bad experience with some kitchen appliances. But what about all those times when they were perfect and they cooked impressively a fantastic meal for us, or for our friends! Or even just made toast, because it’s always nice to wake up after eating something hot and not cold like before – right?

Let’s see now what are the best catering facilities. Such as those that can not miss in the kitchen of a successful restaurant…


Catering Equipments

More and more people are obsessed with the idea of ​​eating healthy. In our country, vegans and vegetarians have grown by a few percentage points in just one year.

Thanks to the centrifuge, you can make delicious fruit and vegetable based drinks
With different types of centrifuges, including some stainless steel, you can easily prepare different types of drinks without losing the vitamins and other nutrients used in the ingredients.

Catering Equipments

Starting to prepare natural extracts will increase your revenue for two reasons:

consumers are attracted to natural drinks

centrifuges are expensive (on average from 3.50 to 6 euros)

The other good reasons for driving the machine are:

The fact that the centrifuge is not expensive (figures start at 50 euros)
many international chains like Dersut offer this kind of product


The fried foods are delicious, good and everyone likes!

In the market there are different types of deep groove: there are air blows, oil cooler, more or less professional bounce, each of them can be for you.

But what are the good reasons to think about buying one?

the ability to have the oil always at the right temperature, avoiding the fry to be too fat and heavy anti-odor filter lets you not smell saving too much oil speed with which they cook food

Here are some points to pay special attention to purchasing your device:

Heating speed, to save on consumption and time Solid and non-stick coatings Removable filter, bowl and basket for full cleaning even in a dishwasher) Adjustable thermostat Power cord for a long time to allow you to put it in every corner of your kitchen Should not become too cloudy during cooking to keep an eye on food levels

In particular, I suggest you choose a model that is completely removable for easy cleaning: you can generally put all parts (except electrical components) directly into the dishwasher.

Ice Cream Maker

Do you think there are specific activities to make ice cream? You, being wiser, can offer this service in addition to your normal restaurant’s business.

Today in Italy there are 39,000 ice cream parlor, the competition is fierce. The classic “puppy and cup” ice cream shop is disappearing, today is also proposed as cafeteria and bars , along with ice cream is also pastry and chocolate.

Of course, we should think that in these areas it is impossible to improvise, so it is necessary to continue training by learning new skills.

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