Head chef of the restaurant

A restaurant, small or large, is still a company and like any organization of this type presents its employees and their hierarchies. So we have the owner, who often plays the role of restaurant manager, the chef who directs the kitchen, cooks and waiters. As the structure becomes more complex , so the other figures take over, which have the task of coordinating teamwork and managing the staff.

Head chef restaurant: who  is he and what  does he ?

One of these is the figure of the head chef of the restaurant. In this case it is a very important role, which  surely it is  covered by a person who has experience in the sector and especially in the management of the room. In particular, the correct management of the hall staff is one of the most critical aspects of the management of a restaurant and often represents the litmus test.

In fact, bad management is manifested above all in a bad service, which is then the crucial aspect concerning the room staff and, consequently, also the head nurse. A defaulting service often derives from disorganization and mismanagement of hall staff. This personnel must be adequately trained in their role and duties and must be coordinated by a person supervising their work.

Head chef restaurant: the skills

This is just what belongs to the head of a restaurant, which must therefore always have everything under control. A good head nurse, for example, must have an eye and be able to monitor everything that happens in the room, check that every waiter does his job properly and intervene if it is necessary.

An important and certainly incisive figure, which must surely have a good knowledge of the sector behind it, but above all of the role of the waiter. Not surprisingly, in fact, most of the capillaries are often former waiters with several years of experience. Only those who know and have experienced this work on their skin, can indeed understand all the problems and be able to solve them if necessary.

At the same time, however, the head nurse is a different figure and closer to that of the coordinator than to that of the waiter. Here is a  a good head nurse that must also have good organizational skills and leadership skills, so as to be able to coordinate better  the work of his staff.

The role of the waiter, in fact, is rather delicate and must be managed correctly, as his work is reflected in the service of the restaurant, which together with the kitchen is the heart of such an activity. A poor and rude service, for example, could drive customers away, presentating the image and reputation of the restaurant.

Head chef restaurant: how to manage it

At the same time, confusion and disorganization could generate forgetfulness and errors in the orders, thus creating long waiting times and inconvenience to the customer. Precisely for this reason, a good head nurse must also equip himself with the right tools and make sure that everything is controlled.

A help in this sense definitely comes from software for restaurants, such as Ristomanager for example. It is a program that can be downloaded to PCs and tablets and allows you to manage and monitor all aspects and activities of a restaurant: from the management of the warehouse, to that of the staff, to that of the orders, the tables until you get there to the possibility of retaining customers.

Handheld for orders: find out which one to choose!

A software easy to use and very completed , unlike most of the management in circulation, really offers many possibilities to restaurant managers. Ristomanager, in fact, is not limited to automating orders , but is also able to provide information on the performance and quality of the restaurant, identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing it to formulate actions  plans.

Management of orders: find out how to optimize orders!

Using this practical software, the head chief will be able to control everything that happens in the restaurant and this avoid forgetfulness and ugly figures. Within the program you can also build a database of customers, with the history of orders and all the information needed to plan marketing and loyalty activities. In short, a kit that will allow you to optimize and improve the management of your restaurant, so  to transform it in a short time into a successful business.

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