How to bring the dishes

How to bring the dishes. The service is  an absolutely base in restaurant. A very good kitchen, in fact, is not enough to decree the success of an activity. Preparing good dishes but forgetting the orders or even worse not being able to serve correctly at the tables, in fact risks irretrievably damaging the relationship with the customer.

How to bring the dishes

That’s why if you want to build a successful business, it’s good that you hire highly qualified staff who are able to do their jobs better. And if the current staff has some gaps, you should also consider a possible training, so as to ensure that the restaurant service can be really impeccable.

In the case of the waiter, for example, one of the most important things, beyond the orders, concerns the ability to serve the tables. A good waiter must know how to bring the dishes and then know the best techniques to do it as well as mistakes to avoid.

How to bring the dishes: what to do and what to avoid

How to bring the dishes

Placing the dishes in the right way, for example, is very important and should not be left to chance.
The dishes are  handed out and removed from the right. Also, if it is a very elegant restaurant, it is good that the waiter does not bring more than three dishes. The first two will be taken on the left hand and the third on the right hand.

It is also important to ensure that when carrying and serving the dishes, the thumbs of the hand carrying or serving the dish are not highlighted. If instead we have to bring the dishes from the kitchen to the table, the dishes must be brought in a stable way and kept parallel.

How to bring the dishes

To get rid of the table, however, and to ensure the stability of the dishes, it is necessary that they are held firmly with the palm of the hand upwards. In particular, the forearm must be parallel to the ground, so as to give the widest and most stable support possible. Furthermore, when you get rid of it, you must use the service napkin, so as not to dirty the uniform and possibly to clean the fingers, if necessary. If the waiter works for a very elegant restaurant, it is advisable not to get rid for more than four dishes at a time.

How to bring the dishes and manage the tables

How to bring the dishes

By following these simple rules, the waiters can do a great service and really make a difference, improving the perception of your restaurant by the customer. And not only that, by entrusting you to a management software you can also improve the overall organization of the room, from the dining rooms to the tables.

The waiters can take orders and manage restaurant tables in a more fluid and fast way. All thanks to an app that will allow you to automate the entire process while continuing to have everything under control. We are talking about Ristomanager, a management software for restaurants that is practical and easy to use, that will allow you to better organize every single activity, analyzing the performance but also planning all the running costs better.

How to bring the dishes

Thanks to Ristomanager your waiters will be able to manage the room in an optimal and error-free manner. Using the tablets  in fact they can take orders and transfer them automatically to the kitchen, saving time and avoiding incurring distractions and mistakes. And not only that: this software will also allow you to better manage the supply of the warehouse, the training and organization of staff as well as customer loyalty.

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How to bring the dishes

Everything will be under control and the management of the restaurant will no longer have secrets for you. By monitoring every single activity and performance you will be able to identify any critical and weak points, planning improvement actions in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Often in fact the owner can not identify them in time and, precisely for this reason, some restaurants are going bankrupt.

With Ristomanager all this will not happen. Your service will improve  day to day and with it the reputation of your restaurant. The ability to manage customer loyalty will also allow you to grow your business, leading to an assured success.

Find out more about Ristomanager and turn your small and promising restaurant into a big, successful business. Doing it will be much simpler than you think.

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