Cash register for your restaurant

One of the most important tools, sometime it’s necessary, for those who have a commercial activity is cash register. This tool is both mechanical or electronic and its main role is to store data about trading operations, usually is linked to a box where you can organize money and sort it by different denominations.

The largest part of cash register can print a cash receipt for the customer in which there are the details about the purchase: the amount of money, the date, and the register identification.

The history of cash register

Some say that cash register was invented by James Ritty, he was the owner of a saloon and he wanted to avoid that his employers would have benefitted from one of his mistakes and would have stolen part of his earnings.

The first cash register was named “Ritty’s incorruptible Cashier” there is no need to explain what it means, he was so clear. Nowadays cash register role is more important than ever before, the role is transmitting the commercial activity profit and costs to Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Maybe most don’t know that Italy is the first country to make compulsory this communication back in 1983

Different types of cash register

Cash register in a commercial activity is useful not only for payment but also for monitoring the inventory and for the management of cash flow. According to the type of the activity you should choose a cash register that fits your needs.

Let’s make an example. People who have a clothing store whose sells are high and that refresh the inventory each season, need a cash register able to connect with a barcode reader, a Pos and a Pc in which it’s installed an inventory management software in order to help each aspect of the activity.

Another example is a huge store with a great quantity of trade. The implementation of a touch screen cash register is a profitable investment because it allows employers to do more complicated operation at the same time and to do it faster.

In conclusion, before you choose a type of cash register you should consider different variable features otherwise there is the risk of wasting money ending up with something you don’t need.

Ristomanager and the cash register

Ristomanager is one of the best software solution for restaurant management on the market, one of the most innovative and one of the most affordable too since you can buy it throw a subscription.

This software is compatible with KUBE II F cash register but it’s important to know that it can be used separately, you can employ it as a pre-bill device then you move to the classic cash register, that is not connected with the pc, and stamp the cash receipt.


cash register

By integrating management software into your business, you’ll be able to perform multiple features that facilitate operations, regardless of whether it’s food or clothing. The cash register was first explained how to be connected wirelessly through wifi which offers many benefits including greater efficiency and safety concerns with reduced risks involved when handling money directly in the spaces commercial.

Sometimes inventory management can be difficult, especially when trying to keep track of everything. It is possible that some missing products come out of your warehouse while you work at an intense pace or even have unnecessary items present that only add more stress on what already exists because these things do not make anyone happy!


Cash register

You can monitor the performance of your business in real time with this management software. It is integrated cash, which allows you to collect and store data on each transaction carried out – providing specific breakdowns such as sales of products according to the category or operator document issued . You can also remotely view all receipts transactions, making sure everything is recorded accurately!

When using data and smart computing, managers can make quick decisions that accelerate the overall workflow. It is important to monitor warehouse stocks as well as sales trends so that companies provide correct answers when customers ask for product information or return an item; This will help them better plan future requests because there is no conjecture!

The customer experience is improving in today’s society. With the rise of social media, people have more access to information about products and services than ever before; thus creating a better opportunity for companies that can meet their needs quickly with quality materials, keeping good relationships through thoughtful gestures such as discounts or giveaways on special occasions like birthdays!

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