How to manage a bar: 4 rules to succeed

How to manage a bar. Have you just decided to open a bar and would you like to understand how to make a difference and be successful in a short time? Let’s start by saying that the bar, compared to the restaurant, is a place that we tend to frequent more often. If in fact the restaurant is only possible to have lunch or dinner, in the bar we can also buy a sandwich, drink a cappuccino or a simple glass of water.

All this, however, makes the bar a more anonymous type of place than the restaurant and to which, precisely for this reason, it is necessary to dedicate more care and attention. The bars seem all the same, or so it seems, and for this the owner will have to keep in mind a number of aspects on which it will be necessary to leverage to succeed.

How to manage a bar: the rules to follow

Studying the competition

One of the first things to do, for example, is to study the competition, trying to take a look at the bars already present in the area and evaluating any strengths and weaknesses.

If it is true that the bars can all seem the same, knowing what goes or does not go between their currents can help us to put on a more focused offer to the needs of our potential customers. For example, if a bar has some shortcomings in the menu, we could think of compensating them by offering them in ours.

Point on the location

How to manage a bar

A mistake not to be made, even if many tend to do it, is to  not pay much attention to the location, which is why many bars are anonymous. One more eye on furnishing does not hurt and, perhaps, evaluating greater personalization of the environment could represent a distinctive element that can make the difference compared to the other bars in the area.

Friendly service

How to manage a bar

This is another very important key and that should not be underestimated at all. How many times have we preferred one bar to another because the barman is nicer or maybe he would offer us a coffee from time to time? These are all small things that a customer notices. That’s why a good barman can also build a relationship with his customers, he will always be friendly

., approaching them with confidence but without being too intrusive. In this way it will succeed in making sure that customers become attached and loyal. In fact, the bar is not just a place to drink coffee, but it is also a meeting place, where it is nice to have a chat. For this reason, to offer a friendly and kind service can only play in favor of the business, influencing its success in an important way.

Relying on a management system

How to manage a bar

Beyond the initial analysis of competition, which can guide us in understanding what to offer and the elements on which to focus, over time will be the opportunity to have a management to make the difference.

How to manage a bar

A bar, in fact, however small it may be, includes a series of activities to be planned and monitored constantly, which with the help of good software could be automated. You can therefore evaluate to download an open source management software, such as Ristomanager for example, which will allow you to have every single activity of the bar always under control. From the management of the tables, to that of the orders, to reach the staff and the customers. Every aspect will be under control: you can, for example, speed up the orders thanks to the possibility of taking the orders via the tablets and automatically pass them in the kitchen.

How to manage a bar

And not only that, with Ristomanager you can automate the supply of the warehouse, better manage your work group and develop marketing and customer loyalty actions. Yes, because thanks to this software you will have a real customer history available. You will better understand the tastes and habits of your customers and, based on this information, you will be able to study new strategies of promotion and loyalty. Moreover, unlike most restaurant management, Ristomanager does not need an internet connection.

This makes the software independent of any blackouts that could put the business at risk  All this is possible because it is sufficient to use the PC as a server, in order to exploit the connection of the local network. The software is also really easy and intuitive and can be easily downloaded on mac or pc.


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