Open a bar? 4 good reasons

Open a bar. Are you thinking of setting up on your own to give a quality leap to your life? Or have you already started an activity in the sector and do you need to find some motivation again? Here are some points for reflection on the life of a bar owner and their advantages.

Open a bar

What would you say to someone who asks why they should open a bar?
The advantages of being your own boss are endless. For starters, there’s no limit to how much money an entrepreneur can make – and that includes me! Plus, I also get all the glory, since everyone loves bars more than ever these days (you know what). And speaking as someone with extensive experience of owning their own business from start to finish, this may not come as a surprise, but running a bar does have its advantages outside of just cash flow.

Open a bar

The key to opening a bar is to limit the possibilities.
I know that’s not what you’re thinking, but your beverage menu should be limited and simple with an emphasis on quality instead of quantity or cheap prices that will lead people astray when they enter in search of something new and interesting without having any idea where it comes from exactly their next shot (or how much those cocktails cost). It takes time to develop relationships between the bartenders and the patrons of each establishment; make sure everyone knows who works behind the counter so there is no confusion!
The first step would be the search for all local regulations.

Open a bar

The idea of entrepreneurship is intriguing. And if I told you, though – and this may seem unrealistic – that it is possible not only for some people, but everyone on earth, at some point in their life, to own their own company as entrepreneurs! There has never been so much opportunity as now, with technology changing so rapidly and social media becoming such an important part of our culture, where individuals build brands through content marketing campaigns… And all without spending large sums of money like advertisers did.

Open a bar

Why open a bar or a restaurant?
The answer is simple: to make money. You work hard for your business, but it’s never enough as soon as you’ve made the decision and sunk all those resources into something – you need customers to keep your profit margins high. The best way I know to make sure people come in again (and again) from those doors every time – they will not only spend more this time than the last; but they will also tell their friends what a great place this was before!

Open a bar

Why should you want an activity on your own, when it can be so difficult and time-consuming on the same days you sleep! But if ever there was something worth doing – opening a store as an entrepreneur could be at the top of the list of things people should do in life (or at least as long as they are young).

  1. You are the boss
    You don’t work to enrich someone else. This means that if your business works, the first beneficiary is YOU. It is the right reward for taking responsibility, the most rewarding form of meritocracy that exists. Having the right ideas and the freedom to put them into practice is the perfect cocktail for enthusiasm. And more enthusiasm translates into more productivity.
  2. You are a customer in first person
    Anyone needs it, you understand. Do you know at least one person who has never entered a bar? Excluding hermits, bums and terminally ill patients (and probably they have been there at least once in their life) all the other human categories are part of your target, characterized by a frequency of use of the service at least once a week. The door opens for the most varied reasons: hunger, cold, rain, the primary need for a coffee or someone to have a chat with, try the barista. But above all, the bar is the place of excellence for meetings, both work and between friends. You think of selling coffee, croissants and sandwiches but in reality you offer a space, that if you can adapt to the needs of a specific target segment, you will be able to create a consistent tour of habitués.
  3. Live in Italy, that is:

Open a bar

where the total business volume of the sector under consideration exceeds 18 billion euros

where every day 5 million inhabitants have breakfast in the bar

the ninth coffee consumer in the world, with an average annual cost of 250 euros per person (and guess who makes coffee!)
-the country where, despite the economic crisis, bars and restaurants increased by 10% in number between 2011 and 2015

4.The merits of being behind the counter:
-you don’t need to go to the gym, since you’re on your feet all day

  • You can dress like that
  • Develop your creativity in the kitchen
    -it is not an alienating profession: you are all the time in the midst of people and this allows you to know many human events
  • You don’t have to move for meals

I hope the article has succeeded in highlighting the positive side of managing a bar and, why not, it has given you a bit of positivity. See you soon!

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