The best 10 restaurants in Toscana

Toscana is one of the oldest regions of Italy. It is clear that the dishes of this land are linked to the Etruscans. But what are the main ingredients that make up traditional dishes? We just have to find out together.

The bread, deliberately not salty, as it is often used to accompany the various meats that the land offers. This is often toasted and served with various soups in the area. It is also the main ingredient of the famous Pappa al pomodoro, which is nothing more than stale bread left to soak in water, accompanied by tomatoes, garlic, oil and chilli.

The fish used in various ways. Among the most important dishes we rediscover the Caciucco alla Livornese, a soup invented by fishermen and prepared with the leftovers of fish caught during the day.
As for meat dishes we can not forget the typical Florentine steak, thick beef steak from Chianti, which is grilled for a few minutes and served almost to the blood.
The vegetables are used in the preparation of Ribollita, a soup that was often prepared during the weekend to use all leftovers. Its name derives from the double cooking, as after having brought it to boil for the first time, the soup is stored in the fridge for the whole night and put back to cook the next day.

We have discovered together some of the savory dishes of typical Toskana cuisine, but no less are the desserts that are prepared in these parts. Among the most important are the Cantucci di Siena, biscuits with almonds flavored with citrus fruits and served with Vin Santo. Il Panforte, a spicy sweet from the Christmas period. And finally, but not least, the Castagnaccio, an unleavened cake, prepared with chestnut flour, raisins, walnuts, pine nuts and rosemary.

Well, surely you will feel like trying these dishes. For this reason we have selected for you 10 of the best restaurants in the Toskana region you must taste them.

Enoteca Pinchiorri, which has earned 3 Michelin stars, was founded by Giorgio Pinchiorri and his wife Annie Feoldé. We find her at the helm of the kitchen together with Chef Riccardo Monco and Sous-Chef Alessandro della Tommasina. It boasts one of the most prestigious wines in the world, selected directly by the master Pinchiorri. The winery has become one of the most visited places in the world. Annie Feoldé, brought the Novelle Cuisine to Florence.

The Bracali Restaurant, runed by the Bracali brothers, sees Francesco as a guide. A kitchen based on simplicity. His brother Luca, instead, takes care of the wine cellar and the hospitality, trying to put the guest at the center of everything. For these reasons they have earned 2 Michelin Stars.
The Ristorante Caino di Montemerano, led by Chef Valeria Piccinni, provides a cuisine based on the quality of the product. We therefore resort to the fruits given by the garden. The cellar goes down for several meters under the village square, creating rooms where about 20 thousand bottles rest.
The Piccolo Principe of Viareggio, located in the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, gives rise to a refined and traditional cuisine. The Michelin-starred Chef Giuseppe Mancino loves innovative cuisine, but at the same time tries to keep the taste of the product . The restaurant’s cellar has 800 labels, mostly from Toskana.

Arnolfo Ristorante, whose owner is Chef Gaetano Trovato. His dishes are focused on tradition and products from Toskana , as well as attention to simplicity and seasonal flavors. His experimentation in the kitchen led him to earn 2 Michelin Stars.
Il Falconiere, restaurant obtained from an ancient lemon house. Place where the quality of the ingredients prevails, respect for seasonality and the use of products . The kitchen is signed by Chef Silvia Regi Baracchi, who has been awarded a Michelin Star.
The Ora d’Aria Restaurant, in Florence, with the guide of the kitchen Chef Marco Stabile, takes its name from its proximity to the old prison of the place. In 2011 he was awarded the first Michelin Star. The kitchen boasts quality and transparency.
Il Pellicano, whose cuisine is led by the Michelin-starred Chef Michelino Gioia. His dishes are made with fresh fish, lamb, chianina meat and aromatic herbs. In the menu there are always pigeons, oysters, mullet, lobster and scampi. At the end of each dinner, a trolley with homemade chocolates is offered to all guests.

The Silene by Roberto Rossi, located in a medieval village where  was the inn of the post office. The simplicity of the raw materials and the strong rooting of the territory are two fundamental ingredients in the kitchen of Silene, where Roberto has been able to rediscover a deep and visceral link with the environment and its products, developing a great respect for raw materials and their processing and cooking techniques.
The Meo Modo by Andrea Mattei, embodies the philosophy ‘from earth to plate’, which combines the deep knowledge of its Toskana culinary heritage with seasonal products.

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New update for Ristomanager 1.2.1

Today comes the new version of Ristomanager 1.2.1, in this version we added support for multi (currency), so you will have the opportunity to change the currency and not just use “Euro” that will be left as the default currency. Now you can also install the software on multiple machines and share the database, so you can use a PC as a “server” for managing the tables and another PC (client) for the management of fast cash and / or takeout. All these settings can be configured in the “general options” of the software:

We have also updated the version for Apple systems (OSX) that you can easily download from the apple store, fixed the operation of the server on OSX (sometimes it did not open) and added support for the currency, with the possibility to choose even on Apple Database sharing.

For this new version you must confirm the registration of our software, certifying your email and clicking on the link that we will send.

We have also made the software compatible with the European law on GDPR, so you will have the opportunity to remove yourself from the subscription by clicking on the link sent to you by mail.

Good Download

Yours sincerely


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Ristomanager Gestione Comande: from today the app is also available on iPhone and iPad.

We are happy to announce that the app Ristomanager Management Comand, our client to take and send comande to the tables of restaurants, from today can also be used on Apple devices (iPhone and iPad).

From now on you can then download it from the Apple Store or from the following link:

We remind you that with the Ristomanager Gestione Comande client you will have the possibility to manage the tables, send the order to the departments of your restaurant and send the account or pre-account. To use the app, you will need to install the appropriate server on your computer. This server, to meet increasingly large users, is compatible with both the Windows operating system and the Mac. Once you have done this, you must enter your login information to enter the server and then the client.

Ristomanager Management Comande: the functions.

Let’s now the  list of  the multiple functions of the Ristomanager Gestione Comande client:

– Add a Command
– Change a Command
– Delete a command
– Send a command in Press
– View all the tables
– Print the receipt
– Free the table
– Division of the command in groups. With this function you can also reverse the order of the orders
– Entering a Note for each product or dish before sending it
– Enter additional commands with the Add function

Today is a great day for Arkosoft that improves its products day by day!

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Making pizzaiolo: interview with Marco Stango

For the readers of Ristomanager we continue the series of interviews to discover the secrets of these beautiful craft! Today we interview a young Foggiano of 21 years, who for some years has been cultivating the dream of becoming a very good pizza chef. His name is Marco Stango and he gladly accepted to answer some of our questions.

Hi Marco, tell the readers of Ristomanager how your dream of becoming a pizza chef was born.

Hello everyone and thanks for the chance! My name is Marco Stango, I’m 21 and I’m from Foggia. My passion was born a few years ago, when I was about 14 years old. At the beginning it was my father who pushed me to start, almost forcing me to do it, because I was not very convinced that I could become good.

But from the beginning I sensed that I was good at doing this work and that it came naturally to me. From that moment on, the road to becoming a pizza chef was challenging, but I did it, even if the road to success and excellence is still long.

Have you studied in recent years to improve your vocational training or have you limited yourself to practical experience in the field?

Look, I have worked a lot in these years and I continue to do it, but I realized that forming together with other people and colleagues is important. I studied in an association of pizza chefs called Passion Pizza, and has at least 60 members, all part of Southern Italy.

For me it was an important and evolutionary experience, because it allowed me to get involved and to compare myself with other pizza makers, who taught me so much.

In your work inside the places that flour you use? Do you have any preferences?

I have no particular preferences from this point of view because I try to adapt to the demands of the place and the type of product I want to offer. At this time I use Polselli’s five seasons flours and I find myself very well.

Marco know that at this moment you work in Ancona and that in recent weeks you have participated in the Master Pizza Champion championship in Bari. How did it go?

You work in Ancona until September and some time ago I participated in the Master Pizza Champion because I wanted to compare myself with the best pizza chefs, without fear and with the awareness of being able to play my part.

I must say that it went quite well and I finished second and if I have enough votes I can go to September to record the TV program, dedicated to the event!

Marco to conclude the interview reveal your dream in the drawer and if you like, say hello to our readers.

I hope to open a pizzeria of my own and try to experience my qualities as an entrepreneur! Greetings to readers of Ristomanager, to whom I asked to vote by clicking on this link.

Inside there is a youtube video with my name and at the end of the page you can vote for me by writing your data and following the directions!

A big hug and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Ristomanager: the advantages quality / price of the software.

Ristomanager: information on costs for the user.

Ristomanager, the simple software for restaurant management, is also convenient for buyers.

In fact, at the cost of a subscription of only € 300 each year, they are guaranteed:

cutting-edge software to support unlimited time

updates, developed from month to month based on the needs that are provided by you.

technical assistance guaranteed by Remoto we enter your PC / machine and solve your problems for you.

Ristomanager and “the others”: comparisons with the pricing policies of other software.

Very often we   consider that € 300 a year is an “excessive” expense, but it is not, especially in light of the market prices of restaurant software and the fact that it is not calculated how much assistance can be requested a software that carries on your room every day.

In many cases, in fact, the cost of a software “that you buy once and for all” also comes to € 5,000. So we are talking about exorbitant figures that, even once amortized, do not guarantee users anyway “finally” my software.

To the expensive cost of the installation is added of the software updates. Updates that are made and released on the market by software houses on a monthly basis. Updates that you are free not to install, but an “older” version of a software is more susceptible to viruses and bugs. They make your application unusable, and force the user to buy the license again.

This with Ristomanager and other Arkosoft home programs does not happen: the updates, as we have seen, are ALWAYS free.

A third item of expenditure is assistance. A “one-off” expense item, this is true, but it is also here that you notice the Arkosoft ethics. Other software houses, when a user calls for assistance, they charge both the intervention and the simple call. Not so Arkosoft: in its subscription of 300 € a year to Ristomanager the cost of assistance is included.

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Ristomanager: the benefits of quality software

There is no doubt that one of the working sectors, which works most at this historic moment, especially in Italy, is that of catering and therefore more and more often many entrepreneurs decide to embark on the complex adventure of opening a restaurant. Obviously, the management of a restaurant is not easy under many points of view, such as the economic and fiscal, but even the difficulties from an organizational point of view should not be underestimated, especially if the place is very large and frequented. .

Fortunately, technology is often a great help and support in organizing daily work. An emblematic example is represented by software for catering, which are now becoming of fundamental importance from the point of view of the optimization of work processes, as they allow to speed up those daily operations, which usually take place manually, and consequently reduce considerably the margin of error.

From this point of view ristomanager represents an instrument of remarkable quality and great effectiveness, by virtue of its many services and above all for its simplicity of use, which makes it suitable for everyone and therefore also for those who are not very practical with technology.

The advantages of having Ristomanager

There are countless advantages of having ristomanager for the management of your restaurant business. Let’s see them together. A really important service is the function of the statistics of your activity. In fact, often one of the difficulties for those who run his restaurant has to do with analyzing the results of their business. But thanks to ristomanager and its statistics you will know every single piece of data useful to monitor your work.

Another important element of this innovative software concerns the management of products and tables, which if done manually becomes very complicated and with large percentages of error. Through our software for the products, you can accurately set the quantities available for each item. Instead of the tables, you can download on your tablet the fantastic app of ristomanager, useful to see the situation of your tables, in real time.

The various versions of Ristomanager

If you connect to our site you will benefit from various options to start using our fantastic software. In fact you can choose to download the free version of ristomanager, which will allow you to experience the service up to 500 orders. If you will satisfy the software, you can choose between the Professional and Advanced versions, with which you will be able to make a qualitative leap in your work of managing the restaurant business.

The service of the two versions have similar characteristics, that is one year, no advertising banner and free assistance for one year from our technical sector. The Advanced version, however, has a big plus plus that is the great possibility of connecting an unlimited number of tablets to a single installation.

You just have to put aside your perplexities and your doubts and try ristomanager!

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Ristomanager: how to insert photos of products.

Welcome back to the usual appointment with our Vlog by Ristomanager, focused this time on a particular aspect of the management of products and dishes within the software, namely the insertion of images of the products, to facilitate the functions of Cassa Fast and inclusion in the orders.

Let’s find out how to make the most of the opportunity to insert our images of the products that will accompany our dishes

As we have already mentioned previously in Vlog number 7, in which we have dealt with product placement, in Ristomanager it is possible to assign a specific image for each product, regardless of its Type (which as said are Warehouse or Dish). This function proves extremely useful for the immediate recognition of the various products inside the Cassa Veloce, a mode specifically designed for take-away service, but also useful in bars for ordering consumer products or why not, for example in the case where offer a list of the different cocktails available.

You can easily assign an image to the products, both in the moment in which they are created through the function dedicated to this purpose, and add them later to existing products; in this second case, simply access the product management function starting from the main interface and then modify the product or dish of your interest, then view the “Images” tab, within which you will have two comfortable options for assigning the image to the product.

The first option allows you to select one of the images already present in Ristomanager, with a wide selection of images divided into product categories and dishes, but you can also in any case choose images of your liking, carefully selected by yourself.

You can find more information, among other things easier to use, in the Vlog number 7, or you can always see our Official Guide, as always at the address:

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Some annoying problems in running a restaurant

Among the most widespread entrepreneurial activities in our country, it is easy to imagine that the most numerous are those  dedicated to Food & Beverage. Less easy is finding that local that has achieved success and has been able to maintain it over the years.

Speaking for  the management of a restaurant, in fact, there are many errors and problems that are commonly encountered. Moreover, it is often believed to be rather acting in the interest of one’s own business. Do we give an example?

Problem # 1: A menu for all tastes, is it OK or not?

No. To present a menu of pages and pages, with dishes that are meant to satisfy the taste of any customer, sit at the table, it’s wrong. Or anyway, we need to differentiate. This solution could work, even if relatively, in a purely tourist destination; there it will be possible to find the customer who wants the hamburger and what the sushi wants, and to think to satisfy them both.

The trend of recent times shows, however, that in order to retain customer loyalty, it is better to specialize on a particular proposal (whether it is sea food, traditional local recipes, mountain dishes and so on); customers, tourists included, are often demanding, looking for excellence or typicality; better to be experts in that proposal that with so many dishes to choose from and mediocre in quality. It also goes to the identity of the place, so …

Problem n.2: having an “anonymous” place

When managing a restaurant, remember that the eye wants its part. Therefore, as well as good food, to retain the customer must be welcomed in an environment that has its own character. The decoration, the details, the colors, are important to create the right atmosphere that accompanies your dishes, and they must be in line with your proposal. Creating an inhospitable environment can drive away the customer as much as finding a hair on the plate.

Problem # 3: … and the competition?

As already mentioned, the premises like (restaurants, pizzerias, pubs) are many and one can not fail to take into account their presence and offer. Monitoring competition, on the other hand, serves on several fronts: see what works or what does not in your sector; what are their strengths or weaknesses, and therefore how to improve their service, and so on.

It also serves to stay alert and never gain excessive security about your business. Being sure to have reached a certain standard, it ends up limiting the initiatives (activities, improvements, marketing strategies etc.) and making the business run aground.

Problem # 4: how can I keep up with the times?

Keeping up with the times today, in managing a restaurant, also means being social. It should not be overlooked that part of marketing that binds, in fact, to digital tools.

It also means using support technologies in the management of your premises: there are software that can manage reservations, keep the warehouse under control and much more, speeding up and automating some processes. The use of these technologies, which in fact simplify the work of restaurateurs and others, improves the quality of service in terms of speed and accuracy. As? Do you think you can do everything yourself?

Problem # 5: Are you the business owner or is it the business you own?

In managing a restaurant, the owner often feels compelled to perform an endless series of tasks on his own. We find it so to welcome customers, take orders, check the kitchen, prepare the bill, give change to the checkout, check the goods and much more. This is also a management error: an overload of work and responsibility that damages the quality of the relationship with customers and with those who work with you.

Learn to delegate and enjoy your time and the fruits of your work more. Choose competent staff and make use of technology help.

A suggestion? Discover the advantages of RISTOMANAGER, the perfect management software for every restaurant owner. Download the trial version for free. Find it here

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Ristomanager: the importance of software for restaurants

The modern catering sector has to deal with an increasingly numerous and demanding clientele, especially in terms of speed and quality of service. Software for restaurants respond at least in a part to this type of needs, providing an effective solution in all phases of everyday activity.

For example, think of Ristomanager, one of the latest software for restaurants out on the market, the result of the experience gained by Arkosoft in almost ten years of activity, in the information technology sector oriented to companies.

Ristomanager takes advantage of the latest news and information technologies; for example, the room staff uses the tablets with an Android operating system to manage the commands that are updated automatically and in real time on the pc  server on which you manage the Map of Tables.

Practically all staff, whether room ,  designated to the case, will know which tables are occupied, existing bookings, orders in progress and what have been processed, while the orders come directly to the kitchens or their departments, even for those activities that have different cooking plans, arranged away from the main kitchen, such as pizzerias, bars.

This is because the software offers the possibility to assign different printers for different products; all you need to do is simply configure the process to add all the necessary printers, and each time a new product is created, one of the printers can be assigned.

All thanks to a wireless network, connected to the main computer called Server that manages all the activity, from the hall to the kitchens, up to the warehouse with all the stocks.

Speaking of the Warehouse, we all know how important it is always to know the status of food stocks; it will be possible to insert both “in stock” products and “real” dishes, that the “ingredients” of each of them. To avoid confusion, this software for restaurants allows you to operate safely on the warehouse, blocking the execution, modification and creation of new orders during its use.

Ristomanager was born as a software for restaurants and pizzerias, but can be used by any activity in the sector, such as takeaways, bars or pubs, thanks to the possibility of using the “Cassa Veloce” function, specially designed for all take-away activities.

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