The best 10 restaurants in Toscana

Restaurants in Toscana is one of the oldest regions of Italy. It is clear that the dishes of this land are linked to the Etruscans. But what are the main ingredients that make up traditional dishes? We just Read more


New update for Ristomanager 1.2.1

Ristomanager 1.2.1 Today comes the new version of Ristomanager 1.2.1, in this version we added support for multi (currency), so you will have the opportunity to change the currency and not just use “Euro” that will be left as Read more


Ristomanager Gestione Comande

Ristomanager Gestione Comande. We are happy to announce that the app Ristomanager Management Comand, our client to take and send comande to the tables of restaurants, from today can also be used on Apple devices (iPhone and iPad).

Ristomanager Read more

Making pizzaiolo: interview with Marco Stango

Making pizzaiolo. For the readers of Ristomanager we continue the series of interviews to discover the secrets of these beautiful craft! Today we interview a young Foggiano of 21 years, who for some years has been cultivating the dream Read more


Ristomanager: quality / price

Ristomanager: information on costs for the user.

Ristomanager, the simple software for restaurant management, is also convenient for buyers.

In fact, at the cost of a subscription of only € 300 each year, they are guaranteed:

cutting-edge software Read more


Some annoying problems in running a restaurant

Among the most widespread entrepreneurial activities in our country, it is easy to imagine that the most numerous are those  dedicated to Food & Beverage. Less easy is finding that local that has achieved success and has been able Read more

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