The best app for catering

App for catering. Managing a restaurant includes a whole range of activities, from cost planning, to personnel management, to warehouse procurement, which is always under control. But this is not so simple, as the restaurant owner often has no time and can not follow every single activity. On the other hand, enthusiasm and passion are not enough and the  management aspect can not be left to improvisation.

App for catering

That’s why some restaurant owners decide to rely on someone who serves as a restaurant manager. Others, however, choose to turn to technology. Today, in fact, the web offers apps of all kinds. For example, some of them allow to manage tables and orders, through tablets and smartphones, while others offer many more functions, aimed at managing the restaurant as a whole.

Restaurants have used apps to increase customer loyalty and sales. The first restaurant app was created in Scandinavia, where there is a large number of occasional restaurants with limited hours, for example breakfast menus or brunch offerings that can only be served on certain days because of cultural traditions that affect when people eat meals.

App for catering

App for catering. Managing a restaurant includes a whole range of activities, from cost planning.

Every day, your restaurant staff does all sorts of things to make sure customers are happy. This includes cooking food and taking orders from people who come looking for what is on their menu or making recommendations based on taste testers who have seen eating something before coming into yours! You never know exactly where you will be when a disaster occurs, but one thing is always certain: managing this business means thinking about every possible outcome so that nothing falls into the void.

To the management of personnel, to the supply of the warehouse, that it is necessary to have always under control.

But this is not so simple. Because the owner of the restaurant often has no time and can not follow every single activity.

On the other hand, enthusiasm and passion are not enough. The management and management aspect cannot be left to improvisation. That’s why food apps are necessary.

The best app for catering: which to choose?

App for catering

Among the latter, one of the best apps of the moment is definitely Ristomanager. It is in fact a software for restaurants very complete and easy to use, full of features designed to allow proper management of the restaurant, optimizing and improving some aspects. Unlike most of the apps, in fact, Ristomanager is not limited to the management of tables and orders, features that now have almost all the software in the industry, but also allows you to manage customers and retain them with marketing actions.

The best app for catering: features of Ristomanager

app for catering

App for catering

Not only that, using Ristomanager will also be possible to better manage staff, an aspect that is often very neglected and that instead has a strong impact especially on the service. A punctual subdivision of the roles and a better training about their duties will improve the quality of the staff’s work, with positive consequences on the customer’s service and experience.

With Ristomanager it will be possible to better manage the warehouse, another crucial sphere in the restaurant activities. In particular this software will allow you to better manage the products. All loading and unloading operations from the warehouse will be easier and at the same time more accurate. You can then manage the stocks of the bar and restaurant, setting for each item the quantities available.

In short, you will not have any surprises using Ristomanager. The management of tables and orders will also be optimized thanks to the possibility of transmitting orders via tablets directly in the kitchen. This will save time, avoid unnecessary waiting for the customer or any nasty surprises, such as wrong orders or lost orders.

One of the features that makes the Ristomanager app unique in the restaurant software landscape, however, remains the possibility of having a real customer database, with the order history and all kinds of useful information for any marketing or loyalty actions. In short, a feature not just that and will allow the restaurant to take that extra step necessary to achieve success.

The best app for catering: the advantages of Ristomanager

Beyond  many features  that distinguish Ristomanager,  is to say that this software has, compared things  to other apps, also other advantages. One of the most important concerns the possibility of using it without the need for an internet connection. An aspect not just that you can hardly find in other catering app currently on the market.

In order for Ristomanager to work, simply use the restaurant PC as a local server, exploiting the internal connection of the local network. In this way the management of the activities will not be conditioned by the presence or absence of the internet connection and will avoid annoying blackouts that could slow or even block the work cycle of the restaurant owner.

This is what can happen for example if you rely on an app whose use is linked exclusively to the presence of an internet connection. With Ristomanager, this danger will be absolutely averted and you will be able to avoid a whole series of damages, such as the unpaid and the lack of evidence of the tables’ accounting situation.

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