The dishes with algae

Dishes with algae

2017 has many novelties in store for the gastronomic scene, not least the dishes with seaweed.

We may have just touched 2017, but it has been an exciting year for those who love seafood and its many cousins dishes. In addition to the usual suspects like ceviche or octopus-legged sushi, we’re seeing more creative chefs experimenting with the incorporation of seaweed into their kitchen!

dishes with algae

Dishes with algae

Some of these innovations include the addition of wakame (seaweed) as a dressing in salads instead of green salads – or the making of tempura that includes pieces of fresh nori instead of flakes. As if all this wasn’t enough – be careful because there will always be something new coming.

It seems that, at a long distance from Japanese chefs, our Italian chefs have also discovered how edible seaweed is.

Plates with seaweed

Dishes with algae

The seaweed is delicious but you need to prepare it in the best way to taste it satisfactorily.

Algae may seem like an unpleasant food, but in reality they are one of the tastiest and healthiest foods there are! You just need to know how.

-Algae can be found in Asian or online grocery stores (and are frozen). They are usually sold by weight, so check the size of your package before purchase – the smaller ones are better because they will cook faster / more easily when making sushi rolls or other similar dishes; Larger sizes can last longer if all the ingredients are not used right away.

Dishes with algae

It is not possible to think of eating a dish of seaweed that is not well seasoned. It should also be remembered that each type of algae has its own specific characteristics. That is why below are presented some types of algae among the most known and widespread.

And not only: they are real “reservoirs” of nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamin B12, iodine, calcium and potassium. Eating algae seems very healthy. Then you can enjoy a good dish of algae so as to also improve their own levels of iron and the like in the blood.

Algae are also rich in fiber, which in fact makes them “scavengers” of the intestine. So it’s clear that they have different properties.

Dishes with algae

Just as “hygienic” are in their function as antioxidants: they clean the body from free radicals. In fact, if they are not reabsorbed, they weaken the immune system and even promote the onset of cancer.

But the properties of this variety of maritime plant do not end there. In fact, algae are already known to be depurative and not pollute (the risks of intoxication for those who eat algae tend therefore to zero).

From the inside of your gut to soups and side dishes, seaweed is a vegetable that you should eat. This macro-nutrient-rich superfood has many health benefits, including help in weight loss! Algae can also be an excellent addition to any dish or incorporated into foods such as tamales, where its salty qualities add flavor without adding calories.
The outer layer (reportedly) may seem bitter at first, but this disappears once cooked giving too much umami that makes these delights perfect as snacks.

Types of algae and in which dishes with the most beloved algae

Plates with seaweed

dishes with algae

Dishes with algae

But algae, in addition to being healthy, can also be tasty. Let’s see what they are and where to use them as ingredients:

nori: a black, sticky seaweed, which, however, is for you if you have a Japanese restaurant. With nori seaweed you can create sushi maki. If your restaurant is a common European restaurant, do not panic: it will still give added value to your fish broths. 

This alga also goes perfectly in basmati rice, better if in addition to soybeans and pumpkin seeds
spirulina: blue algae from the waters of Mexico. Its unusual color should not be suspicious: spirulina is an ingredient guessed in many Italian recipes including tagliatelle and fusilli. But this alga with beneficial properties and antioxidants also peeps in biscuits, coconut water, smoothies, and in tidbits with spinach
Plates with seaweed

Algae, in addition to being healthy, can also be tasty.

The texture of the algae is comparable to that of a rubber band when chewed with a full mouth; they are soft but have a certain elasticity between bites, which makes the experience pleasant! Algae contain many nutrients such as vitamin C and B vitamins that help promote good health because they are rich sources of fiber (especially laminarin), minerals including iodine intake from raw or cooked shellfish as proteins – all very important things we need every day.

Algae dishes: discovering algae

Dishes with algae

kombu: this Japanese seaweed, in addition to the already known benefits of algae, has to be alkalizing and therefore to regularize the pH of the organism. It can also be used on two gastronomic fronts: Japanese and vegan. In the first the kumbu alga is an ingredient in azuki soup, in the second it is the filling of vegan ravioli. Always on the vegan side is very popular in the dishes with algae with vegan burgers.

wakame: seaweed very popular in vegan cuisine, where it is widely used. You can taste it in all states: raw, cooked, crumbled after baking, as an ingredient in a vegetable cream. In fact, it makes a good impression in the celery cream, in the arancini, as a condiment for fish sticks, and in the sauce of roveja and mushrooms.

Dishes with algae
kelp: particular signs of this alga: brown, odorous sea, active support of processes of the organism such as diuresis and reabsorption of water retention. Kelp is also the active ingredient in numerous dietary supplements for its beneficial properties on metabolism. When it is dried, it is very much used in vegan salads. It is also the added value of soups and pasta and beans (of which enhances the flavor)

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How to make mini lasagna meatloaf

Mini lasagna meatloaf. If you feel like lasagna, this mini meatloaf lasagna is the right thing. It really tastes like lasagna!

Do not you have the time to make the mini meatloaf? This recipe can be cooked like a regular meatloaf.

Mini meat loaf lasagna

If you fancy lasagna, this mini meatloaf lasagna is the right thing. It really tastes like lasagna, but it’s smaller and there’s meat. It may not seem like a typical Southern dish, but that’s the basic idea.

Don’t have time to make mini meatloaf? This recipe can be cooked like a regular meatloaf.

It is a super rich dish that can strike straight to the heart both lovers of stuffed pasta, both meat loaf lovers.

The recipe is quite simple and the preparation requires only a little attention to detail. This is a real restaurant dish, but it can also be made safely at home, all you have to do is organize yourself to the fullest.

Mini lasagna meatloaf

Mini lasagna meatloaf

mini lasagna meatloaf
mini lasagna meatloaf

This is a dish that can be easily made at home, but it is also one of those dishes that you really want to try if you are in Italy. Get organized!

One of the most popular dishes in Italy is lasagna. It is made with layers of pasta, meatballs and tomato sauce in a baking sheet for an afternoon meal or an appetizer!

Lasagna is one of the classic dishes in Italy. It is made with layers of pasta, meatballs and tomato sauce for an afternoon meal or an appetizer
The most famous dish of all Italian cuisine could be the lasagna! This delicious focaccia contains various ingredients that vary from region to region, but often include items such as mushrooms, ricotta, spinach leaves – or any combination of these – depending on what sounds good on hand when preparing this comforting food. Sometimes even other cheeses can take its place depending on personal preferences.

This dish is perfect for anyone who loves Italian cuisine. The combination of flavors in pasta and sauce will make your mouth water as soon as it hits you, with an aftertaste that persists long after eating until the last bite!
I’m sure we’re not alone in saying how much better life would be if only our taste buds were always satisfied in this way: rich but light at the same time.


– 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
– ½ cup of finely chopped onion
– 2 cloves of garlic, minced or pressed
– 2 cups of minced frozen spinach
– 1 3/4 pounds of ground beef or bison
– 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
– 1/4 cup of fresh minced basil
– ½ teaspoon of dried oregano
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– 1 cup of shredded / grated mozzarella

PREPARATION mini lasagna meatloaf

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Heat the oil in a small pan. Cook the onion and garlic until soft for at least 5 minutes.

To defrost frozen spinach, put frozen chopped spinach in a fine strainer and run hot water on it until the spinach has thawed. Press the spinach with your fingers to release as much water as possible. Scrape the spinach out of the filter in the middle of a thick paper napkin (or two thin paper napkins) and fold the paper napkin over the spinach as a package.

Squeeze over a sink to remove all the remaining water (unlike a cloth towel, spinach does not stick to paper towels).

In a large bowl, use your hands to gently combine the onion and garlic, spinach, minced meat, eggs, 1 cup of marinara sauce, breadcrumbs, basil, oregano, salt and 1 cup of grated mozzarella.

Mix the mixture in each cup of the muffin pan, pressing with your fingers to flatten and level the tops.

Spread the remaining marinara sauce on top of each (about 2 teaspoons for each meatloaf) and then sprinkle the remaining grated cheese on top (this is optional and makes it look more beautiful).

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Flours for pizza: choose the one for you.

How to choose the best pizza flours.

Flours for pizza. All those who, by trade or simple passion, intend to prepare the classic pizza, will have to know the best flours for pizza on the market to be used in order to better create their product. Through this sort of guide we will list all the best flours that can be used for the dough of the most popular dish in the world: pizza.

Knowing the flour that you use will be essential for the preparation and the final success of the product, often due to failures and complaints. Buying the first flour on the shelf of a supermarket is not enough, but the same goes for professional pizza makers.

Flours for pizza

Each flour has different properties and qualities, as we are reminded on the website. They are married to certain determined, to be completely unsuitable for others. To be sure of buying the right flour you will have to evaluate a whole series of characteristics such as wheat types, strength and protein content.

Flours for pizza
Flours for pizza


Flours for pizza

FLOUR TYPE 0: the flour type “0” is rich in gluten and very suitable for the dough of traditional bread. It is coarser and less fine than the “00” flour.

FLOUR TYPE 00: it is the most common flour in the kitchen, as well as the most sold. Its fine granulation derives from the processing to which the innermost parts of the soft wheat seeds are subjected. During this process, however, a whole series of nutrients are eliminated such as mineral salts, fibers and vitamins contained in the grain. The result is a flour that, despite the simplicity of use, is devoid of essential nutrients. This means that it is richer in sugar and less digestible than other types of flour.

FLOUR TYPE 1: this type of flour has a high concentration of wheat germ and bran, useful for the body. Its consistency goes perfectly with the preparation of pizzas, baked desserts and bread.

Flours for pizza

FLOUR TYPE 2: this type of flour makes it a semi-integral product due to a coarser grinding, with a high fiber content. Compared to totally wholemeal flour its consistency allows a simpler processing, but the leavening of the dough will take place much slower than a traditional flour of type 00 and 0. The flour of type 2 is commonly used in the preparation of pizza, bread and baked sweets.

INTEGRAL FLOUR: the processing of this flour is more difficult than the other types analyzed so far, but its content of essential nutrients remains the highest thanks to the whole grain milling. Its consistency to the touch is grainy, while its processing requires an expert hand, but it is possible to buy the stone-ground product, to allow more homemade dough processing, also ideal for the preparation of pizzas.


The flours are classified according to the strength, calculated in “W”. The “W” is a unit of measurement that indicates the ability to:

1.absorb liquids during the dough processing process

2.retain carbon dioxide useful for leavening. This capacity depends on the presence of gluten in the flour itself.

The different flours are then divided into strong and weak, from the strongest to a value reported on the label of 500 W, the weakest by 130 W.

FLOUR FLOURS: they reach 170 W and absorb about 50% of the liquids during the dough process. They are especially indicated for the preparation of biscuits.

MEDIUM FLOURS: these types of flour reach 180 W up to 260 W, absorbing 65% of the liquids during the dough, associated with the preparation of sandwiches.

STRONG FLOURS: they reach a capacity between 270 and 350 W, absorbing on average 70% of the liquids during the dough process. They are therefore ideal for the preparation of pizzas, especially the Manitoba flour, which with its capacity to absorb liquids by 90% compensates for the weakest flours.

VERY STRONG FLOURS: these flours exceed 350 W, absorbing 90% of the liquids during the dough processing process. They are mainly used in confectionery for sweets such as panettone and pandori.

MEASURING OF THE FLOUR ASH: every flour has its own mineral content intact after the grinding process. The ashes represent the unit of measure of the refining of the same flour, the more their contribution will result lower the greater the refining suffered. In the same way the values ​​of the proteins of the different flours, corresponding to Gliadin and glutenin, will also be reported on the label.

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Food storytelling

Food Storytelling is the ability of a brand to engage and excite the consumer by creating and telling a story. This story can talk about the product, its creators, or even tell the life of the consumer himself. Whatever you’re talking about storytelling, the important thing is to capture the attention first and then the heart of the beholder.

The intent is to arouse strong feelings – surprise, emotion, joy – telling the story of the activity and to those who are part of it. This helps the brand to establish a privileged link with the consumer, who becomes aware of details and anecdotes that will make him feel a participant and not just a recipient of the narration.

It’s necessary to make food storytelling because in this way you can engage your customers more.

It’s important to make food storytelling because this way you can engage your customers more and make them feel part of the experience.
Cake sales have proven to be a way for business owners – especially those who work at set times – to generate revenue and at the same time get creative by telling stories through their baked goods!

The power of storytelling is undeniable. It can take you places and make your life more interesting than ever!
A study from University College London found that we are much more likely to buy something if it’s stories involving food than just reading or viewing them online – so what better way for restaurants/bars that Do they want people to enter their doors again? The stories allow them a platform from which customers feel involved.

Food storytelling: what to tell.

First of all, identify what you want to tell and what customers want to hear. The options are many: you can tell the story of your family, where the name / logo of your restaurant is born, how you choose your dishes and ingredients, what are your ambitions and so much more. Get Creative.

Food storytelling is a trend that has been catching on in recent years. The idea behind it, as you may have guessed from the name: telling stories through food and drink in your favorite restaurant, so that guests feel something when they leave – whether they are elated or sorry
It’s about creating an experience for customers with every bite of nourishment in their plate. You want them back right after because this place was too good!

At the same time, consult the web (specifically reviews on Trip Adivsor, Facebook, etc.) to see what is the trend of customers who frequent your areas.

If your business is located in a historic district, your customers expect a restaurant link with the local tradition: tell them about your origins, your choice of location, and so on.

food storytelling

Storytelling is a type of versatile and customizable advertising campaign that can permeate much of the communication of your business. The important thing is to be able to involve the loyal customer and intrigue and fascinate the potential new consumer.

If your restaurant offers excellences (from craft beers, to the dish with this ingredient, to pizza with special grains, etc.), do not forget that those who choose you probably do it because they have read about you online. Tell us about your specialties to those who still do not know you or who wants to talk about you in a post and share it on social media.

It does not matter if you do not have a legendary story behind your back: emphasize the values ​​you want to convey in the narrative.

Focusing on values ​​rather than on the actual history of the venue should not, however, make your storytelling a foregone conclusion. Even everyday life can be effectively self told with transparency and sincerity and with a language appropriate to your recipients.

How to make food storytelling online and offline.

food storytelling

On social networks, for example, the story can be told episodically through a series of publications of images and texts that enhance, post after post, your origins, your characteristics, your mission. An advice:should  contents better than pointing to short texts as long as they are incisive and effective images. To avoid the long , verbose and tiring posts.

Food storytelling

A local, however, can also be told off the web. For example, with short emotional and / or captivating texts printed on tablecloths, napkins or walls of the room. They will take hold on who enters and consumes. You can also make storytelling on the same promotional material (such as flyers or posters), and finally also on the menu. Speaking of “menu” have you ever thought of giving the dishes the names of your staff, the streets of your neighborhood or anything else you characterize and identify?

Unleash your imagination and have a good storytelling!

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Recipes based on melon

Recipes based on melon. Summer recipes for a unique and tasty menu based on seasonal fruit: melon.
We offer you three easy-to-prepare dishes for a complete but fresh, light and multi-colored meal ... and flavors!

recipes based on melon
Recipes based on melon

Recipes based on melon

Melon recipes: summer and fresh for a unique and tasty menu based on seasonal fruit.
We offer three dishes easy to prepare, for a complete meal but fresh, light and with a thousand colors… and flavors!

Melon is a wonderful fruit that has many benefits for your body.

Melon is a delicious fruit and has many benefits for your body. They help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce joint inflammation thanks to their water content (which is great, because who doesn’t want more?), as well as other things!
Many people think that melons taste better than they actually do, but most fruits can still be eaten without worrying about how many calories you take each day, since all varieties give a boost of energy when eaten, which makes them perfect not only during workouts or at work, but at any time!

Recipes based on melon

A cold, crunchy diet can work wonders for boosting energy levels and improving mood! For those who experience the feeling of sluggish or depressed due to winter blues- try to eat more of this delicious vegetable with an emphasis on melons because they contain serotonin that helps regulate emotions.

Recipes based on melon

In addition to being a great source of vitamins and minerals, melons are also known for their refreshing flavor. They are available in many different varieties, such as melons or cincinnati!

Recipes based on melon

Melons are a great source of vitamins and minerals, but their refreshing taste is what makes them special.
In addition to being rich in healthy things like vitamin C, they also have other amazing benefits! According to this article, eating one can actually make you smarter because of the scopolamine found naturally inside melon seeds that assists with cognitive function.

You will be surprised how easy it is to make your sweet and savory melon recipes with this guide. From cobblers, to cobbler-ques of all kinds (even vegan!), to galangal ginger scones that are sure not only of pleasure but also of giving energy! These loaves will quickly become a new favorite in any home or kitchen”.

First dish: risotto with melon

Recipes based on melon

Let’s start with the first course: rice with melon.
To prepare it you need:

250 grams of basmati rice;
200 g spicy provolone;
150 gr bresaola or raw ham;
2 melons;
mint, oil, salt and pepper to your liking.

It starts from boiling the rice, which is then drained and put aside to cool. Cut the two melons in half, clean them from the seeds and empty the two halves with one to dig – trying not to spoil the peel – to pull out the pulp.
Cut the bresaola (or the raw, less light but more tasty alternative) into strips and the provolone and the pulp of the diced melon.
Add everything to the chilled rice, along with mint and a sprinkling of black pepper. A little oil and ready on the table.

The original idea for your reach? Serve the rice in the melon skin like a bowl!

Main dish: chicken strips with basil and melon

Recipes based on melon

As a second course, we propose chicken strips with basil and lemon. You need:

500 grams chicken breast;
half melon;
juice of a lemon;
a bunch of basil;
salt, pepper and oil as required.

Cut the chicken breast into thin slices and marinate for thirty minutes with lemon juice, salt, pepper and 6-7 chopped basil leaves. Meanwhile, clean the melon from the seeds and peel and cut into cubes.
Heat a well-oiled skillet and cook the chicken with the marinade over high heat for five minutes. When the process is finished, reduce the chicken to “strips”, frull it with a little basil leaves and add it to the melon.

Dessert: melon and amaretto semifreddo

Recipes based on melon

recipes based on melon

Last but not least your summer recipes, semifreddo with melon and amaretto:
400 grams of melon pulp;
150 grams powdered sugar;
12 grams jelly in sheets;
3 egg yolks;
6 tablespoons amaretto liqueur;
4.5 dl cream for desserts.

Soak the gelatine in cold water for five minutes; in the meantime, blend the melon until you get a pure one.

In a saucepan, heat the amaretto liqueur, adding the well-drained and squeezed gelatine. When the heat is off, stir until the gelatine has melted.

Using electric whips, whip the cream first and then the egg yolks, adding the sugar to them, until they are frothy. Add, continuing to mix, the melon, the jelly and then the cream. Spread the cream into the molds and put it to harden in the freezer for at least three hours; before serving, leave in the fridge for an hour.

Enjoy your meal!

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How to advertise on Facebook for your restaurant

facebook for your restaurant

Facebook for your restaurant. is becoming more and more a window for advertising: discover how you can use it to make your restaurant wellknown.

Advertising on facebook restaurant. How to advertise on facebook for your restaurant. Facebook is becoming more and more a showcase for advertising: discover how you can use it to make your restaurant known.

Facebook for your restaurant

Facebook for your restaurant

In a social and technological context like this, being able to advertise on social networks could be an excellent way to increase the success and visibility of your restaurant.

In today’s society, a restaurant may not be able to get much exposure without using some kind of advertising strategy on Facebook or Twitter
A quick Google search will show you that there are over 500 million global users visiting these platforms at least once a month! Along with this increase in population comes increased competition between businesses vying for the attention of potential consumers – but what is needed? Advertising your business can make the difference between success and failure, attracting people through various channels they are already interested in exploring: blogs/food magazines (e-zines), online review sites like Yelp!

Obviously it is necessary to implement some strategies so as to obtain good results. Below are some useful tips to help you benefit from each sponsorship page on facebook.

Facebook for your restaurant

Online advertising is a great way to introduce your restaurant to a wider market.

The best advertisement for your restaurant is word of mouth. You invest time, effort and money to build a niche following that will be loyal to you throughout your life, but how do people know without paying attention? The answer: Online advertising!

Facebook is becoming a platform for more people to know their name than ever before. With the new See First feature, you can post exclusively on their site without having an account and they will show it first if relevant!

This means that even if someone who is not yet following your company has enjoyed or commented something posted elsewhere online – such as Twitter – then now all those posts with links here will appear on the top right right just below the related articles (and especially within a research). This allows customers to explore products using different points of contact rather than being informed about what might be good for them.

Facebook for your restaurant

Things to know about using Facebook for advertising purposes:

Facebook for your restaurant

– Facebook pages are indexed by Google as  traditional sites: the potential customer will have no trouble finding you by typing the searching engine;

– Facebook is a fast “pocket” sharing and communication system: you can also update your page via your mobile phone – for example, you can photograph the dish of the day, use filters to improve the shot and publish it instantly – and just as quickly respond to any requests or comments from users, even if you are on the move and not in front of a PC;

– you can achieve excellent results without paying any amount, but if you want to upgrade the tools at your disposal you can also invest in post sponsorships or page promotion, depending on your needs.

How to advertise  your restaurant on Facebook 

Facebook for your restaurant

The starting advice is always to create a page rather than a profile: the likes are more immediate than friend requests and moreover, while the number of friends is subject to limitations and there is a risk that Facebook will notice that the profile corresponds to an activity instead of a person, the number of fans on a page is unlimited.

Suggest your page to your friends and invite them to do so with their contact list in turn. If at first you are interested in making yourself known, you can also make a small investment to bring new likes to your page, but remember to target the public to whom you want to advertise: define age, interests and geographical area in the first place.

Facebook for your restaurant

Create interesting content for your page. Users use Facebook especially to entertain themselves. For example, a video in time lapses showing a dish, the menu of the day with appealing graphics, interesting quotes on the world of cooking combined with images, a shot in which you present your team at work, and so on .

Engage the audience. You can create a survey in which you ask, for example, what course they would like to find in the menu or which variant they prefer for a plate, giving them a couple of options. If you receive positive reviews, do not forget to highlight them: it is as rewarding for your business as for the customer.

Finally, you can create an “Action” button that refers to your restaurant’s website, or invite them to register for your newsletter, reserving a new promotion (like a coupon for your restaurant), that will take them to visit you for first time.

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Food truck: Las bravas

What is a food truck? It is the home of street food.

food truck

Food truck. Valentina and Mireja had made their profession and, they have  traveled far and wide for Spain, they arrive in Italy on board their blue trailer: they are called Las Bravas and their specialty is tapas.

They arrive in Milan and from there they will leave to be known throughout the boot. There is a wheeled kitchen in which they prepare in a revisited version the culinary specialties of the Iberian Peninsula. Mireja is of Spanish origin, Valentina has lived in Barcelona for so long to fall in love with her. Their project stems from the love for the Spanish culinary culture and the desire to share and export it: hence the idea of ​​reviving Iberian recipes in the street food version and putting them on their traveling business.

Spanish food truck

Food truck

Spanish cuisine has a long and rich history. When Columbus landed in North America, brought with it not only microbes but also food traditions from Spain such as potatoes that would eventually become one of the most popular vegetables grown throughout Canada as well as in parts including Arizona France India Ireland New Zealand Russia Utah Virginia USA Venezuela Wales Yugoslavia or even Hawaii!

The Spaniards are good with food. They are known for their flair and creativity when it comes to cooking, which can be seen as one of Spain’s most distinctive contributions to world culture (along with literature). The cuisine of the southern regions uses more spices than other parts of the Iberian Peninsula; this includes things like chili or garlic – additions that are common throughout the region, but not in all areas of each country itself.

Food truck

Food truck

Las Bravas. Valentina and Mireja have made it their profession and, after having traveled far and wide for Spain, they arrive in Italy aboard their blue trailer: they are called Las Bravas and their specialty are tapas.

They arrive in Milan and from there they will leave to be known throughout the boot. Theirs is a kitchen on wheels in which they prepare in a revised version the culinary specialties of the Iberian Peninsula.

Las Bravas

Food truck

Mireja is of Spanish origin, Valentina has lived in Barcelona long enough to fall in love with it. Their project was born from the love for the Spanish culinary culture and the desire to share and export it: from here the idea of proposing Iberian recipes in street food version and put on their traveling enterprise.

What all these countries share is an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients rather than on stocks prepared months in advance so that they can last longer during the required storage times just before winter sets foot again.

The cuisine of Spain is rich, varied and full of flavor. There are many different regions with their unique style to it making for a truly global experience when exploring what Spanish food has to offer! The most notable features common in all dishes around the country include: tomatoes as an ingredient; red meats as spices like ginger or cinnamon – but there are also thinner flavors that you will love (think almonds).

This is not just about tapas, but also about complex sauces that can take hours to prepare! For this reason we wanted our recipes in Iberian style: simple and sophisticated at the same time, with an elegance of the past that is combined with grace in the modern street food for all”.

But which  are  the steps to put on a tapas bar, or in general a food truck, on two wheels?

The process is long and always starts from a good idea and a lot of work needs  to implement it. We need to be clear about our goals and the identity of our business, evaluating their expenses as well as possible earnings.

Next, you have to deal with the bureaucracy: first of all ,the certificate of the Food and Beverage Administration course is required. Another fundamental step is the opening of the VAT number at the Inland Revenue, registration with INPS and the Chamber of Commerce. You must then go to the town of residence to obtain a license to the traveling trade, and find out which roads are allowed to stop and sell and in what time. Each municipality has its own regulation and knowing the rules that allows to avoid problems of any kind and penalties.

What are the advantages of a food truck?

The initial costs are certainly not those of the opening of a real restaurant and it is easy to amortize them quickly.

You can more easily retain the customer: the relationship with those who “eat” is more directed and informal than in traditional restaurants. Even the sale is simplified and fast: the street food format is more practical than the classic “courses”, and helps the growth of profits.

You can move around and participate in festivals, events or even to  choose the best places that offer more sales opportunities: if a place does not work, turn the engine on and off!

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Avoiding negative reviews

Avoiding negative reviews. Your customers are your best friends, they pay your bill and your paycheck. That’s why when they leave your room they have to go away happy, satisfied, with a full stomach but above all with the desire to share this moment of joy.

Avoiding negative reviews

Don’t be discouraged by negative restaurant reviews. Here are some tips on how to avoid them in the future:
Conduct an online survey before opening, ask your guests if they want their opinion on certain issues, and take note of any issues before they occur; always present well when customer service is involved so that people feel appreciated or at least listen even if it does not go perfectly; offer incentives such as complementary food, discounts on menu prices, etc; even handwritten notes after each shift to tell managers the problems encountered while working in the premises work better!

But how to avoid negative reviews?

Avoiding negative reviews

Your clients are your best friends, they pay your bills and your paycheck. For this reason, when they leave your place they must go away happy, satisfied, with a full belly but above all with the desire to share this moment of joy. Reviews are the focus of every restaurant business, there are many sites and apps that collect the testimonies of those who choose you at every lunch and dinner.

Raid their experience with others by reading through Yelp, Reddit’s r/restaurant forum comments and more; just one good review of an enthusiastic customer who left immediately because the publicity of word of mouth with friends circles out until everyone knows where to go when hunger strikes again, which will inevitably make them come back soon after.

But how to avoiding negative reviews?

Avoiding negative reviews

Negative restaurant reviews can hurt your business, especially if you are new to the scene. Here are some useful tips to avoid them
-Don’t be rude or discriminate against other customers in public posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – Negative word-of-mouth spreads faster than a virus, so make sure all staff members follow proper professional behavior on every single occasion!

The reviews are the focus of every restaurant business, there are many sites and apps that collect the testimonies of those who choose you at every lunch and dinner.

Before you call to make a reservation it is very likely that your potential customer will do a quick search on Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc. to read how to eat, what services you offer and much more.

The world of restaurant reviews is a complicated world, as it can make or break your business. The key to success in this area is getting good feedback from customers and critics, so you don’t have to wonder what people think of your food (or lack thereof).

You should know that reviews are the heart of any restaurant business. It makes no sense to open a store if people don’t like your food or service!

Do you know that one of the most influential parameters for the reviews is the speed in taking the orders?

Avoiding negative reviews

Leaving hungry customers to dream the dishes written in the menu is seen as a sign of disinterest and we absolutely must make this happen.

A negative impression leads to writing a negative review, which may be why a potential customer abandons the idea of ​​booking in your room and keep looking for another place.

Avoiding negative reviews

Your focus on customers is the difference between being a successful business and failing. Make sure you provide them with everything they need both when you have their undivided time at your table, and after
Many things can happen during a single meal, whether you discover a problem or make life-changing decisions that affect us all forever! You want every customer not only to leave satisfied, but to think fondly about what you have done for him/her in general, so make every effort important by providing excellent service for everything.

A negative impression leads to a negative review, it can be the reason why a potential customer abandons the idea of booking in your local and keep looking for another place.

How can you avoid this catastrophe?

If you integrate RistoManager into your work cycle, you will make customers happy and your employees more satisfied.

Avoiding negative reviews
Choose the right method:

Avoiding negative reviews

– If you are a traditional restaurant, where the waiter comes to the table and pen on a white sheet the command, maybe it’s time to save paper (you will do good to the environment) buy a tablet to be used by  your employee.

– If instead you love automatisms and all that is iTech you use the tablet directly to customers. They will be happy to be able to use the “instrument of power” to order and make all the changes they want on their plate, without seeing the annoyed and confused face of the waiter.

You can download FREE RistoManager from our site, continue browsing our blog to read many other strategies to avoid negative reviews!


Ristomanager Statistics to monitor activity

Ristomanager Statistics. The new installation  of our blog will treat the function of the Statistics of Ristomanager, the best method to monitor the results of your activity. Thanks to its powerful filters, you will be able to know the trends of sales even from  a single table, in a precise period.

ristomanager statistics

Ristomanager statistics. The new episode of our vlog will deal with the function of Ristomanager Statistics. This is the best method to monitor the activity of your restaurant. Thanks to its powerful filters, you will be able to know in detail the sales trend of even a single table. And also you can do it in a specific period.

Ristomanager Statistics.
You need an easy way for your staff and customers to see how successful it is, so that their efforts towards the same goal are more effective! This is where control statistics come into play – being able to recognize statistical trends helps everyone, from managers to waiters, to understand exactly how each activity is going according to business objectives, as well as providing valuable feedback on potential areas that need improvement or growth opportunities within a given business model.

Ristomanager Statistics are critical to understand the strengths and risks of your business.

Ristomanager Statistics.

What immediately jumps to the eye when you view the Statistics of Ristomanager, is the completion of the data, which are displayed in a table of clear reading and easy consultation, accompanied in the lower part, by a graph with the trend of sales of a given period, which you can decide before generating the statistics.

Statistics of Ristomanager

The key to success for your restaurant is not only checking statistics, but also paying attention and monitoring what is happening.
Are you curious about how well people are enjoying food? Check out some of these statistics!

1) If customers order more than 30 minutes before closing time, they will get significantly cheaper prices – up to 60% at midnight against 11 pm

2) Seating capacity should be around 48-50 if you want low employee turnover

ristomanager statistics

The Ristomanager statistics allow you to filter data in various ways: you can first choose the type of “Sales” you want to consult, or “Fast Cash” or “Ordinations”, filter sales for a single table (option not available if you choose sales from “Cassa Veloce”), or consult those of a specific “Year”.

It is also possible to establish that the trend should follow the chart below, so you can know the sales of a whole year (previously selected from the appropriate menu) divided by month, or those of a specific month  which are selected  from the menu that appears choosing the ” “>” Monthly “trend.

All these filters can be easily combined, allowing you to know every detail of your business, for example getting to know the sales and even what was ordered by a hypothetical table called “Fantasia” in a single day of March 2015 .

You can finally choose the type of graph between “Histogram” and “Linear” depending on which you find easier to understand much better . Next to the graph, you will see a list of sales broken down by Months (if you have chosen the “Annual” Trend) or by Days (by choosing the “Monthly” Trend) with the total sales for that period.

In the blog you will find all this information along with many others, so we suggest you to take a look at it by clicking on the image in this same article.

Wishing you a good view, we will meet you at the next episode of our blog!

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How to protect your health at work

How to protect your health at work. How to protect your health at work. Staying healthy, whether physically or mentally, is a difficult and challenging task for restaurant employees. For this reason, it is always necessary to make healthy choices, adopting the right lifestyle in order to protect your health at work. Let’s find out how to protect your health at work.

How to protect your health at work

Many people are poisoned at work because of poor hygiene and lack of safety precautions. What is the most important way for a restaurant employee with access or contact in food preparation areas, such as non kitchen staff members who can enter during cleaning time after closing? The answer is simple: wash your hands!

How to protect your health at work

It might seem obvious, but many restaurants don’t apply strict rules on hand washing, which leaves you vulnerable when there could easily be germs lurking on any surface – from the utensils used by cooks near boiling pots/sauces stored without protection against contamination; cleaning the tables that haven’t been cleaned since last night the soapy water was drained all over a few moments ago… the list goes on…

In the context of the Florida hemp industry, being healthy, both physically and mentally, presents a challenging task for restaurant employees. Therefore, it is crucial to make healthy choices and adopt the right lifestyle. This consideration is especially critical because many people are at risk of poisoning due to poor hygiene and a lack of safety precautions in the workplace.

Making healthy choices is convenient for everyone, especially for those who do heavy work such as chefs cooking in restaurants or other industry activities.

How to protect your health at work

Often , overeating, insomnia, the abuse of especially chemical substances, and simply destructive life choices are all too commoni in  a topic in kitchens. Addressing this problem is crucial early , especially with today’s millennial generation that has been growned by receiving electrical and typically passive stimuli.

Our advice is simple: make the right choices. You can take two opposite directions in this area, which leads to extremely different results.

Let’s start with food: we often see young employees who bring along a large pack of energy drinks, thinking that those ones  can help them forget the whole working day. As athletes know well, however, this is certainly not the type of boost that helps you survive from a  busy day of physical activity as is the work inside a restaurant kitchen. By drinking lots of water and making the right healthy choices, the results will be seen.

How to protect your health at work

Another problem concern is  the use of alcohol. Often, the temptation to have a drink or two, with their colleagues, after a difficult night. This is especially true for younger employees, who are trying to integrate themselves into the group. Rather, after spending the last 16 hours discussing and perhaps arguing with their colleagues, it is better to turn back  the invitation and to go for something constructive to get distracted, and to come back after a while.

how to protect your health at work

How to protect your health at work

Like any other life commitment, it is necessary to start with small steps. It is not necessary to spend the half of the day in a kitchen and the other half to climb mountains or run a marathon. Better to enroll in Pilates or relaxing yoga classes; go to the gym and run on the treadmill or lost  some weight.

All this to balance an otherwise too hectic life. In fact, even small healthy choices are enough, such as parking away from the entrance and then be able to walk to the place of work, or take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Over time, these types of decisions will be completely repaid, creating the basis for being able to take more demanding ones.

Of course, diet is also a choice to take  consciously. A study was done a couple of years ago, during which some chefs were followed inside the kitchen, checking everything they tasted. The study found that cooks consume 3,500 to 4,000 calories every day only during the tasting work. This is a necessary part of the profession of cook, so there is no way to avoid it, but when it comes time to choose your daily meals, it is always good to remember. There is a real danger of accumulating pounds on the body .

Habits are formed in the initial phase of one’s life, and tend to be followed for the rest of the it. This includes sleeping, so some chefs tend to rely on different medications to overcome insomnia and other stress. Once this spiral begins, it is difficult to go back. Making the right healthy choices outside the kitchen can ensure that these problems will never start.

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