Naval Catering

Naval catering. When it comes to catering, we mean a real commercial sector that concerns the production and distribution of meals for customers, as well as also the automatic distribution.

In this context, the companies that operate are different: Read more


Used Equipment for used restaurant

Used Equipment

Equipment for used restaurants

One of the working sectors that still defends itself in Italy is certainly restaurant. In fact, despite the economic crisis, which is still putting our country in serious trouble, many entrepreneurs decide Read more


The best 10 restaurants in Emilia Romagna

Restaurants in Emilia Romagna, a region known for its kilometer beaches crowded with tourists, but also important for its local cuisine, at the forefront of national gastronomy for the variety and goodness of tasty and generously seasoned dishes.

The Read more


Top 10 Trattorie And restaurant in Veneto

Restaurant in Veneto. Intense and delicate flavours are the bases of cuisine of Veneto, they find their roots in the history of the region and in their geographical characteristics. The main food that characterize traditional Veneto’s dishes are Read more


What is public catering with direct administration

Catering with direct administration. One of the most important working sectors, as well as it is  discussed, is certainly that of catering. There are many people who dream to  work  or invest as entrepreneurs in this Read more


Interview with Roberto Gallo

Roberto Gallo. There is no doubt that in Italy, in spite of the terrible economic crisis, there is only one sector that continues to operate and to give professional possibilities, the kitchen and the catering sector. Our kitchen is Read more


How to be a good waiter: 10 rules

Being a successful waiters is not difficult, but many do not know all the secrets, so here are our tips.

Good waiter. It will not be hard to be an astronaut or circus acrobat; but that of the waiter Read more


Some annoying problems in running a restaurant

Among the most widespread entrepreneurial activities in our country, it is easy to imagine that the most numerous are those  dedicated to Food & Beverage. Less easy is finding that local that has achieved success and has been able Read more


How to manage a restaurant with bar.

Restaurant with bar. For many full-service restaurants, the bar or restaurant is where customers gather to eat and drink, while wait staff pick up their drinks and cocktails. The set-up of a restaurant bar depends on the size, theme Read more


How to open a small restaurant.

Small restaurants have many advantages over larger establishments. Small restaurants offer an immediate environment and comfort and are ideal for a concept like a bar or bistro. They require less start-up capital for equipment, less personal maintenance, and cost Read more

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