Ristomanager, software for your restaurant

RistoManager is the ideal program for modern restaurant/business operation in the food service field, thanks to the use of mobile technology you can speed up the management of reservations and orders from the first use.

Official Website: www.ristomanager.it
Manufacturer’s website: www.arkosoft.it
Alternative Repository: www.softwareristorante.net

RistoManager is available in three versions,Free, Professional and Advanced, which differ mainly on the number of PDA or tablets that can be used:

– with the Free Version, you can use only one PDA or tablet, and make up to 500 orders;
– with the Professional version you will have up to 3 PDAs or tablets available, and you will not have any order limitations;
– we have finally the Advanced version, the most powerful that allows you to use an unlimited number of PDAs or tablets.

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